Diversity is the US Military’s Greatest Weapon! It Makes us Invincible! By Charles Taylor (Florida)


As an ex-US marine, I missed out on all the benefits that a diverse non-binary military can have as a supreme fighting force. It is not well known that diversity can repel even nuclear-armed hypersonic missiles, can detect the latest ultra-quiet Chinese subs, and gives the foot soldier, super-soldier like abilities, like Captain Diversity, if that is what Captain America has now become, but I am not sure on that one, but if Steve rogers is not transitioning, he should be. China better surrender now, because the Woke US military is the greatest fighting force in history, yes sir.

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The Trans Chest Feeding Journey By Mrs Vera West

This one is from Australia, although I first thought it had a US flavour, which it does, because of globalism, for what is in the US gets here pretty quick now. It looks like traditional breast-feeding organisations need to get with the times and start focusing on non-binary people on their chest feeding journeys. If additional training is required, well that is what it is. There need not be real babies involved, as babies, like everything in the universe, are social constructions, made of solidified sociology and great conceptual slabs of cultural Marxism.


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The Zuma Apocalypse; South Africa Tears Itself Apart By John Steele

The riots in South Africa that have been going on, at the time of writing for six days, are not in any way parallel to the BLM, antifa situation in America. There are no white leftist forces driving the violence; rather it is a revolt of largely poor Blacks, motivated on the surface by the imprisonment of former President Jacob Zuma, but deeper, by poverty, unemployment and the culture of resentment. The vicious attacks upon property can only be by a people aching with resentment. But, if these people are so poor, why take expensive TV sets and electronics, rather than food? Well, food is being taken too, but the looting of the expensive gear is an opportunistic thief by people who will never otherwise have the money to buy this stuff.

However, the looting is totally indiscriminate, and Black businesses get looted and burn as easily as white, so there is equal opportunity violence here, beyond race.

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The Sneaky Delta Variant By Brian Simpson

Here, this is from the media as mainstream as any stream can be, New York Times.com. they report that a  “new study found that Delta was barely sensitive to one dose of vaccine, confirming previous research that suggested that the variant can partly evade the immune system.” The mainstream view will be to increase the dose, turn up the volume, and hope for the best. Good luck with that one.


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Monthly Covid Shots? By Brian Simpson

People with chronic health conditions may be the lucky duckies to get a Covid shot every month. My prediction is, that it will soon be every day, then every hour, and finally, people will be injected by machines, multiple times every second, until they become one vast Covid injection themselves in the Covid multiverse.


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Taking Tyranny to the Next Level By Chris Knight (Florida)

The Biden administration intends to fact check private SMS messengers. Now wait a minute! People pay for that service, and they have  consumer rights to privacy. So, let another million law suits bloom!


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Election Fraud Update By Charles Taylor (Florida)

There is now evidence of duplicate scanned batches from the Georgia ballot, indicating counting of multiple times. As well at least 10,300 illegal votes were cast and only 12, 670 votes separated Biden and Trump. It is unravelling, but the Trumpers will not legally act even if evidence of fraud is handed to them on a dinner plate.


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China Throwing its Weight Around By James Reed

The US has denied the report, but the story goes that the Chinese forced a US warship out of the South China Sea. If so, it looks like the US is going to get whipped badly. Pity that so much effort has gone into diversity training, and so little into combat.


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Left Censoring Even the Left By James Reed

Leftist, feminist, and former Democrat Naomi Wolf bravely spoke out against the present Covid totalitarianism, biofascism she called it I think. And now she has been cancelled by Big Tech, with the usual suspects shutting down her accounts, and thus censoring her. She is considering legal action, and hopefully people will support her, even if they disagree about feminism. In fact, things have gone so far now that gender and race issues are becoming much less important. It is a question now of survival.


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Hitting Google Hard! By James Reed

It is a good start. At long last google is being hit with antitrust lawsuits by the US states. These are related to its Android app store, but hopefully once the litigious animal spirits start to flow, an exponential number of law suits will be piled up across the globe. Then the rest of Big Tech needs to be cut down to size, and soon.


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Covid Cases in the Fully Vaccinated By Brian Simpson

These cases are called “breakthrough’ cases, which puts a positive spin on the fact that there are Covid cases in fully vaccinated people. As of June 28, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported 4,686 such cases in the US, resulting in death and hospitalization. The question to be asked is, if the vaccine is so good, why should there be so many breakthrough, or should it be called, breakdown, cases?


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FBI No Interest in Hunter’s Kiddie Porn! By Charles Taylor (Florida)

If one wants to know exactly how corrupt a so-called law enforcement agency is, just examine the crimes that they will not investigate. The Hunter Biden laptop data indicates that this cocaine user has committed crimes, but as daddy Beijing Biden is still useful to the Deep State elites, Hunter gets a pass. It would not have happened to the Trump family, where the media pounced upon even casual remarks to attempt to crucify him. It all happens because good men always do nothing, or not very much at all.


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Behind Biden’s Domestic Terrorism Rhetoric By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Brandon Smith has given a precise analysis of Beijing Biden’s domestic terrorist rhetoric. It is an ideological device based upon Big Lies, to declare war upon his political opponents. It is about time Trumpers realised that they face cultural and physical extinction. What does it take for conservatives to move ? Are they so sleepy to conserve energy ? For what purpose ? And, why did Word indicsate that every single word just typed, was an error ?


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Rebelling Against Extinction, or Fighting for Socialism? By James Reed

When one looks at the climate change apocalypse movement, the common theme is not so much saving the planet, although that aim is pushed, but to dismantle the West and obtain some sort of ecological justice. How exactly this will work without the world spiralling into the sort of chaos we see now in South Africa is not detailed. But remember, the young now are gravitating towards socialism and total globalism, as covered in other blog pieces at this site, so if people can accept that stuff, given the lessons of history, and present socialist crisis zones such as Venezuela, then anything goes. And people wonder why I am black-pilled!


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How Zerohedge.com Views Our Covid Freak-Out By Brian Simpson

It is worthwhile having a look at how journalists from America view our almost nationwide lockdowns. I think a lot of people are laughing at us, or at least our puppet leaders. No doubt though, we will be ahead of the curve then the next Big Thing of cyber-attacks occur in a few months’ time.


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So, What did Go On Behind the Scenes Prior to the January 6 Deep State Setup? By Chris Knight (Florida)

It has now been revealed that the Pentagon, nothing to do with Satanic symbols of evil of course, offered National Guard troops two days before the January 6 peaceful protests that peacefully occupied the Capitol Building, the cesspool of evil where the traitorous politicians dwell, but the kind offer was rejected. Of course, the idea was for a few Leftist antifa Judas goats to urge frustrated Trumpers into the building for a protest, just the sort that Leftists in the past had conducted. Then there was the excuse on paper for jailing, torturing and murdering Trump supporters. As Charles, ex-military tells me over a depressed beer or ten, it was a waste of time fighting for this country. All it gives one is PTSD and psycho-political depression.


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Cyberpolygon: If the Internet Goes Down By James Reed

Brandon Smith has a comprehensive piece about the globalists of the World Economic Forum, which has the event called “Cyberpolygon,” held on July 9th, and it’s allegedly designed to simulate a massive cyberattack that  disrupts the ecomomies of the world, such as the internet. Dissents are concerned, as one such event of this crowd involved a coronavirus pandemic, and a few months after it, there was the Covid freak-out, as we call it here at this blog. Thus, the new Big Horror could well be a cyber attack upon the IT and electric infrastructure.


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January 6, Worse than Almost Anything! By Chris Knight

The Left are milking the January 6 peaceful protests for all they are worth, claiming that these protests will lead to more deaths than 9/11. Well, that can be looked at various ways. The stolen election could lead to movements to break up America, which the Left may try to fight. It is possible that Civil War 2.0 could occur. So, maybe those who think 1/6 may prove to the worse that 9/11 could be right, but not for the reasons they give. Personally, I don’t care anymore, America makes me existentially ill, Satrean nausea.


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Abortionism Frenzy! By Mrs Vera West

The champions of abortion like to take the fight home to conservatives by measures such as draping “God bless abortion” signs over statutes of Christ. That is their level of respect. Yet in many jurisdictions, it is a criminal offence to have protests outside abortion clinics. Still, at least acts such as this put things in perspective, so conservatives know exactly where they stand.


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Unvaccinated Children to Wear Masks Forever; Separating the Sheep from the Goats By Mrs Vera West

The CDC of the US wants children to go back to school, but the unvaccinated must wear masks. Children in the US under the age of 12 years have not been cleared to receive a vaccine, so masked they will be. Just imagine what it is going to be like out on the playground there will be two classes of people, the masked, who are older than 12, and the unmasked. Then, when vaccinations are available, children unvaccinated will be distinguished by their mask, which will leave them open to bullies, Covid bullies. Dreadful stuff.


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