No More White Authors: Destiny of the Universities By James Reed

     Here are the US universities, as usual, on the leading wave, getting down and taking the present culture of banning whitey to the next level:

“I can clearly recall the first day of class a few semesters ago when I eagerly began a course called “American Political Thought” at the University of Colorado, Denver. My excitement quickly soured, however, after Professor Chad Shomura explained to the students in the room that most traditional “American Political Thought” courses are too focused on the achievements of white men. As a consequence, he told us he had removed every single white male and their theoretical perspectives from the entire course curriculum. This is echoed in the syllabus:

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Letter to The Editor - The House of Commons appear ready to ensure continued subservience to the EU

To The Age        There is more than mere subterfuge in the UK government's manoeuverings in the Brexit confusion ("'Trickery of the highest order': May splits votes to get the deal done"). There is corruption at the highest levels as financial elites, aided by "useful idiots", seek to frustrate the 2016 referendum decision to leave the EU. The EU itself is the creature of those elites, which are globalist rather than nationalist. They are more than willing to stamp on traditional British liberties, via the European Court of Justice, as their real interests are control of populations in order to add to their own power and profits. It is astonishing that a Conservative leader (Theresa May) and a majority of members in the House of Commons appear ready to ensure continued subservience to the EU rather than allow a "no deal" exit. Their behaviour is an anti-democratic disgrace.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

Letter to The Editor - The Conservative Party needs to appoint a clearly pro-Brexit leader

To The Australian    There it is, almost hidden away in the twelfth paragraph of Greg Sheridan's piece "The Art of No Deal" (30-31/3): the essential issue at stake in the fight over Brexit. Sheridan notes that a UK choice of a no-deal Brexit, which apparently a majority of its MPs in the House of Commons will not embrace, would "liberate its courts and its life from the dim tyranny of the grossly misnamed European Court of Justice." Unrepresentative and self-interested elites the world over characteristically corrupt the judicial proceedings in their nations to imprison dangerous opponents and stifle effective criticism. Kafka, Koestler, Orwell and Solzhenitsyn in their famous novels all showed this wickedness in action and how difficult it is to get out from under the oppression, once it's in place. The EU has continued this dark tradition. The Conservative Party needs to appoint a clearly pro-Brexit leader and that person needs to call a general election precisely on the Brexit issue. It could function like a second referendum; and how foolish would UK voters be to let go such a golden opportunity of confirming British sovereignty and adherence to traditional freedoms!
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

Australia’s first case of severe Political Interference from a Foreign Government – The Full Response By Pauline Hanson

Full News Conference Video:

Full Transcript

Hi. Good morning and thank you for your patience in allowing me to recover these last couple of days. Today is the day of shame on the Australian media who have been sold a story that is too good to be true and you took it hook, line and sinker. Media across Australia had been blinded by the hate and bias towards One Nation and myself and rush to report on heavily edited footage. These covert recordings have been seen in full and the footage has been heavily edited. Therefore, comments aired have been taken completely out of context.

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Andrew Yang and the Freedom Movement By Charles Taylor

     There is a movement away from Trump by dissent Righters who desperately want a daddy figure, as well as the allure of $1,000 a month; an illusion that no mainstream politician would ever get away with, let alone a Democrat. But what about free speech, a big thing amongst the Dissent Right? Well this article, cited below updates the massive censorship now in full speed. And it concludes with some insightful quotes from Yang, who will bring China-style censorship right to the US:

“Free speech has been under attack for a while, and efforts are ramping up across the globe to silence anyone who thinks outside the box.  Democrat presidential candidate Andrew Yang has even taken a Nazi-style approach to attempt to ban free speech.  Yang has promised to try to use the long arm of the government to “crack down” on misinformation.  Or information you are not supposed to think about. “We must introduce both a means to investigate and punish those who are seeking to misinform the American public. If enough citizens complain about a particular source of information and news is demonstrably and deliberately false, there should be penalties,” Yang explains on his website. *Only government-approved opinions beyond this point…”

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Russia Warns the US to Back off of Venezuela By James Reed

     The US is up to its usual thing of interfering in the affairs of other countries, even while internally a big thing was made bout the illusionary Russian meddling in the US election, now shown by the Mueller inquiry to be groundless. Talk about double standards! For progressives, Trump is responsible for even the New Zealand shooting:

     Anyway, Putin is not the puggy low-T cuck (low testosterone being our pet theme this week; my suggestion), that Trump is, and this iron leader, dripping manly T, who rides horses half naked,  has laid down the line on Venezuela to the neo-con war mongers:

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Canada’s Immigration Crisis By James Reed

     Even though Donny Trump does nothing but throw out a few insults to liberals, he is still taken to be responsible for almost every bad thing in the universe, from the New Zealand event, right through to the immigration crisis of Canada:

“ … during an end-of-year interview with Global News, the Canadian leader accused President Trump's 'racist' immigration policies of provoking a worsening immigration crisis in Canada, as more immigrants seek to flee north, fearing a 'hostile, anti-refugee' climate in the US. When asked what he believes is to blame for the worsening crisis, which this year led to the Canadian government putting asylum applicants up in 3 star hotels after shelters - including one in a stadium in Montreal - filled to capacity, Trudeau said it was Trump's policies, not Trudeau's infamous 2017 tweet advising migrants that Canada would offer safe harbor to anybody fleeing persecution, that inspired thousands of migrants to flee north from the US into Canada.

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Letter to The Editor - The PM's offer to slightly lower our immigration intake is quite inadequate

To The Australian        In all the many words of your front page story ("PM plea: desert One Nation", 27/3) one looks in vain for sound arguments in favour of the Coalition as against One Nation. The minor party has a history of personnel acting foolishly and quarrelling among themselves, which does not imbue a thoughtful conservative with confidence in it. On the other hand, the Coalition, since the deposition of Tony Abbott as PM, has shown too many signs of weaselling compromise with principle. For example, the PM's offer to slightly lower our immigration intake is quite inadequate and suggests a secret kowtowing to powerful interests behind the scenes. Most Australians know in their hearts that we must drastically lower intake or face a severe loss of the quality of life for all except a wealthy minority. Thus there are sound arguments for ignoring the PM's plea and casting a primary vote, if not for One Nation, then for another right-wing party such as Cory Bernardi's Conservatives or the Christian Democratic Party.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

Don’t Even Joke about Egyptian Free Speech By Peter Ewer

     With censorship and the institution of free speech being torn down in the West in the name of diversity and mass migration, we need to see what other goodies are in store for us. Like these tasty treats from Egypt:

“An Egyptian singer who made a joke about the lack of free speech in her homeland has been told she can no longer perform there. A video clip circulated online shows Sherine Abdel-Wahab, during a performance in Bahrain, saying: “Here I can say whatever I want. In Egypt, anyone who talks gets imprisoned.” The response from Egypt’s Musicians Union was to barr the singer, popularly known by her first name, from performing. It also summoned her to return home for questioning. Samir Sabry, a pro-government lawyer with a reputation for moral vigilantism and suing celebrities, filed a complaint against the singer accusing her of “insulting Egypt and inviting suspicious rights groups to interfere in Egypt’s affairs.”

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Time for South Australians to Get More of Our Over-Population Problems By James Reed

     Thanks to the editor in SA for this one, for nobody in the eastern states thinks very much about South Australia. It is like the way Americans are oblivious to say, Australia itself. Australia? Isn’t that in Europe (thinking of Austria as it sounds similar). Anyway, even given the small immigration cuts, done to hose down sustainability concerns about Sydney and Melbourne, South Australia’s power elites are aggressively wanting a massive population increase, in the driest state in the driest continent on Earth, already with water problems, employment problems, you name it,  real environmental and economic sustainability for sure.

“More migrants will call South Australia home, with far greater ease, under a push to lure new arrivals away from big cities to the regions. Prime Minister Scott Morrison will on Wednesday unveil a population strategy that will slash Australia’s possible migrant intake from 190,000 to 160,000. But the flipside will see scores of migrants living and working in key regions and smaller cities, including Adelaide and SA. Mr Marshall has called population growth his “No. 1 priority” since coming to power. The plan reads like the wishlist Premier Steven Marshall presented to the PM last month as part of his population plan for SA. Mr Morrison’s plan includes new visas for regional areas, priority processing and incentives for international students including post-study work rights and tailored schemes to match skilled migrants to jobs in emerging industries, such as space and defence. It comes as exclusive polling, commissioned by The Advertiser, shows one in three South Australians want to see the state’s population grow, compared to just one in 10 wanting a drop. The YouGov Galaxy polling revealed 54 per cent of South Australians want the population to remain stable.”

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Surprise, Surprise; UN Migration Pact Binding After All! By James Reed

     At the time the elites from the UN lied and said that the Migration Pact, which creates virtually open borders migration, was not “binding,” but now after the ink has dried, the Pact is reviewed as binding, by the back door:

“Internal documents reveal that Brussels plans to incorporate the controversial UN migration pact into the EU’s legal framework “through the back door”, Austria and Hungary have warned. Earlier this week, Austrian Foreign Minister Karin Kneissl told Brussels the government was opposed to a report by the European Commission’s Legal Service declaring that the UN compact should have legally binding consequences for every EU member state including those which withdrew from the agreement. The compact describes mass migration as “inevitable, necessary and desirable”. As an increasing number of countries, including a handful of EU member states, began to have doubts about the UN compact in the weeks and months leading up to its signing in December last year, figures including Germany’s Angela Merkel insisted to its opponents that the document was non-binding, while media outlets attacked any suggestion to the contrary as “far-right conspiracy theory”. Given these repeated assurances from key European figures, Kneissl told local media she was “astonished” to discover the document showing the Commission had apparently reversed its previous stance that the pact was non-binding.”

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Did Ivanka Trump Listen to Me about the Universities? By James Reed

     I have been ranting and raving about the need to close down the universities for some time now, but with only slow progress. I expect that like most things, the universities will end in their own time, falling apart under the weight of their own evil. In the US though, there is realisation that getting a degree is not a bowel, sorry, bowl, of cherries, plunging students into a bitter world of debt.

“America’s ever-deepening college debt problem is really a symptom of a worse malady: our societal addiction to college itself. Any sober assessment of the facts would indicate that too many Americans are going to college. As a result, college costs—and debt—have skyrocketed while the rewards for college have plunged. Yet this is something that has escaped the attention of our political elites. And, as it turns out, our financial and cultural elites—as the recent college admissions scandal indicates. Many Democrats want to double-down, promising “free college” to young people—a euphemism for college funded by taxpayers. Perhaps surprisingly, Ivy-league educated Ivanka Trump has recently come out as a skeptic about America’s love affair with college. The first daughter has taken up a leadership role in the Trump administration’s workforce development efforts—and shown a remarkable candidness when it comes to our college problem.

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On Trump the Traitor By Charles Taylor

     It has taken some time for the Dissent Right to wake up to Trump as being just another neo-conman with a trophy wife, but it is happening. But, rather than grow up, the movement has been to go for Yang who is promising $1,000 a month. Yes, sounds good, just like all of Trump’s promises, but if Trump could lie to you and get away with it, what makes you think a Democrat will deliver? As if the system will allow it. Building a border wall is small fry compared to the Yang promise. This is an illustration of how utterly stupid people have become, or desperate. 

     Anyway, here are some tear-jerking comments about Trump’s betrayal. It reads like a broken romance, and in many respects, it is, because the realisation is that conventional politics is dead and that the future is dangerous.

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We All Need to be Calm and Tolerant By Bruce Bennett

     A big storm about nothing; a misunderstanding taken out of context, of course. Words do not mean what they mean, but rather, something else; maybe anything the elites want them to mean. Death threats may really be invitations of love:

“Scott Morrison says Turkey’s President has “moderated his views” after the Prime Minister took him on over his “very offensive” outburst against Australians. Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s office today said the President’s comments that Australians with anti-Muslim views would be sent back in coffins like “their grandfathers (in Gallipoli)” were taken out-of-context and that he welcomed Anzac Day visitors. The Prime Minister responded by stating “progress has been made” and that there would be further meetings with Turkish officials. “Overnight, progress has been made on this issue and overnight we’ve already seen a moderation of the president’s views,” he said.

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Letter to The Editor - The House should change direction and vote for a no-deal exit

To The Australian        A comment by Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez ("EU lights path for May to be bypassed", 23-24/3) inadvertently exposes the corruption behind the ongoing effort to stop Britain from leaving the EU. “We're at a critical moment in the construction of Europe." It needs to be asked: "Who is that 'we'?" It is certainly not the 52% of Britons who voted in the 2016 referendum to leave. Clearly there are powerful interests, both inside and outside the UK, determined not to have their new nation-building jeopardised. French President Emmanuel Macron, riding this wave, arrogantly states that "the British politicians are incapable of putting in place what their people have demanded." No, not incapable, but, so far, as a group in the House of Commons, perversely unwilling. The House should change direction and vote for a no-deal exit. British liberties hang in the balance. Present pain but long-term gain.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

Good News on Immigration If We Can Believe It! By James Reed

     With all of the bad news, here is a little good news on the reduce immigration front:

“An annual cap of 160,000 is to be placed on the permanent migration intake in a move that will cut the targets set under the former Labor government by up to 30,000 people a year and impose for the first time an official ceiling on numbers. The Australian has confirmed that the government’s razor gang, the Expenditure Review Committee of cabinet, has signed off on the key elements of the Coalition’s broader population policy. Cabinet has also signed off on a regional settlement policy which will impose visa conditions requiring a fixed number of the general skilled migrant stream to reside in cities other than Sydney and Melbourne for a minimum of five years. There will also be incentives for overseas students, who numbered more than 500,000 last year, to attend regional universities and those in cities other than the two largest capitals.

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Salvini Shows the Way! By Richard Miller

     With immigration being the big thing this week, there is more good news to report from Italy, which is moving under Salvini to finally control its borders:

“Italy has seen a radical drop in migrant arrivals in January under the migration policy of populist interior minister Matteo Salvini, down around 95 percent compared to January 2018. The interior minister compared the approach of the previous government under the left-wing Democratic Party of January 2018 with the populist coalition of the Five Star Movement and the League with Salvini saying, “the data shows that the Democratic Party had not blocked arrivals,” Il Giornale reports. The official data showed that 3,176 illegal immigrants arrived in Italy in January  2018 under the leadership of the Democratic Party which had told Italians they were actively working to reduce the number of landings and had reduced the number somewhat compared to 2017.”

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Trump Talking Tough By Charles Taylor

     With crazies going out and shooting people, tough talk is plain silly. Trump should stop trying to be a big man with talk and get down and build the wall.

“U.S. President Donald Trump issued an extraordinary warning to political opponents on Monday, telling a right-wing website that “it would be very bad, very bad” if his supporters in the military, police and a motorcycle group were provoked into getting “tough.” Trump uttered the remark in an interview with Breitbart News. It came, according to Breitbart, as Trump was arguing that “the left” plays politics in a more “vicious” manner than the pro-Trump right even though “the tough people” are on Trump’s side.”

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The Yang Delusion and the Intellectual Cowardice of the Dissent Right By Charles Taylor

     With even former Trump supporters, like Ann coulter, who has written books defending him, now rightfully turning on him, Dissent Righters are turning to Democrat presidential candidate Andrew Yang, whose main policy is promising a guaranteed income of $ 1,000 per month. Now, economics aside, what are the chances of such a policy being accepted by the power elites? Surely zero! Social credit thinkers have shown the flaws in such schemes insofar as they will not work under the present financial system, and the details are at your website. To me it is simply naïve to think that someone can just come along and get the support of such a group. Where is their critical thinking? They are lost and simply want a father figure. Time to grow up. Can’t they see that Trump let them down. Who says that Yang will not? It is beyond foolishness to trust these politicians. 

Soon Even Babies Will Vote for Labor By James Reed

     While the Americans are working their electoral system so that illegals will vote, and run the show, creating even more illegals, here in Australia, the Greens and Labor want babies to vote, maybe even embryos! (Question: would aborted foetuses be able to vote before being killed under this scheme!) Well, almost:;query=Id%3A%22chamber%2Fhansards%2F170e9d36-1eb1-4c66-932c-d29535f966c1%2F0146%22

“Reading SPEECH Thursday, 21 June 2018 BY AUTHORITY OF THE SENATE Thursday, 21 June 2018 THE SENATE 3646 CHAMBER SPEECH Date Thursday, 21 June 2018 Source Senate Page 3646 Proof No Questioner Responder Speaker Steele-John, Sen Jordon Question No. Senator STEELE-JOHN (Western Australia) (16:31): I must say I am thrilled to speak to the Commonwealth Electoral Amendment (Lowering Voting Age and Increasing Voter Participation) Bill 2018 this afternoon. For far too long, politics has failed to properly represent young people or the issues we care about. There are many within this place and beyond who think young people don't care about our world or haven't earned the right to participate in our society from a perceived lack of experience or maturity. There are those who do not or cannot look to the future and, for that reason, see young people as a threat. In fact, many in this place see the disengagement of my generation from politics as politically convenient, even ideal. Young people need some political capital. Young people need some leverage.

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