Labor/Democrats and Liberal/Republicans – Can’t the West Do Better? By James Reed

     Graham Richardson, Labor Party guru, gave his version of the Trump v Biden debate, with Trump the conservative as the villain, Chris Wallace the mighty moderator struggling to control Trump, and Biden, well a good old man who hammered away at Trump’s weak point, the economy! Excuse me, but Biden wants to lock down the entire US economy for three months, while Trump has struggled to get things moving again; Biden will totally destroy the economy. Anyway, what else can one expect? Well, more globalism, as if nothing has been learnt from Covid-19. India, South America, wherever markets are, anything but self-reliance. But, this Laborite concludes with something worth quoting on the god of the Left, China:

“During the past couple of decades the stability of the Chinese leadership has been fragile, to say the least. Coups and counter-coups came. Now President Xi Jinping has eliminated his rivals and is the unchallenged dictator of 1.5 billion people. The Chinese are clever and resourceful as well as enormously powerful. Diplomatic relations with them will never be easy because the Chinese don’t care if they are cast as the villains. They know they are too big to ignore and their vast military arsenal makes them just about bullet proof. They are brilliant bullies who are unconstrained by the normal rules of international behaviour. Get in their road and you will be squashed. That’s why it is so hard to find the Chinese opposition. They are all in the gulags.”

     Or just plain dead. Ask the good Asian folk protesting abut the Chinese Commo genocide of the Uighurs, with forced sterilisation and organ harvesting. I spoke to a young Asian woman once who said her brother had his organs harvested, and I believe her.

     That is pretty brave for a Richardson, a Labor Party man to say, so good on him. Keep up the good work and you may have to join Trump’s party, Richo!



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Friday, 12 July 2024

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