Were Trump and the First Lady Deliberately Infected? Sure. By Charles Taylor

     President Rump and the First Lady have tested positive for the dreaded Covid-1984 virus. So how in the hell did this happen? What Chinese New Order agent was watching over the health of the president? You can bet that this is deliberate; everything in the political universe is a conspiracy. Still, at one point I did think they would do a JFK on him, but looks like they will kill him off with the special death version of the virus. Trump was pretty stupid and it is sad that the survival of Western civilisation depended upon such a fool. Anyway, maybe the sooner China takes over the better, because their brand of communism is slightly better than the mutated version in the West we see with our new class. At least it will be fun watching the useful idiots and our associated traitors meet their rightfully deserved fate. My one wish is to see this before also expiring.



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Friday, 12 July 2024

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