Stand Back and Stand By! By Charles Taylor

     This was the highlight of the Trump/Biden debate, when the president told the Proud Boys, who are not white supremacists, but run by a Black guy, to “stand back and stand by.” Could this be that at last someone is getting ready to stand up the antifa who have been burning cities and murdering people? Oh sure, the Left are now claiming that these urban terrorists are really white supremacists, but there is no evidence at all for this, and everything against it. 

     The mainstream press all are running with the same story that Trump did not condemn white supremacism. But you can listen to the transcript and hear him say it. The Proud Boys are implicated as being white supremacist, but as I said, they are multiracial and run by a Black. So, how are they white supremacist? This shows the complete and utter lies that the mainstream media floats in all of the time. And, Trump is right to call upon every force that could help restore order, in the chaos that is coming, since it is now open that the Democrats are using illegal and corrupt voting to steal the election. Stand back, but stand by. The Left are already looting, burning and murdering, so how is it wrong to say this? If anything, one would have hoped for an even stronger statement. Anyway, let’s put, “Stand Back, and Stand By,” on T-shirts.



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Friday, 12 July 2024

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