Letter to The Editor - A hypothetical president, inevitably backed by big money and political chicanery, will never have the inspiring magnificence of a king or queen

To The Age        What wonderful news that the royal House of Windsor has another prince to add to its ranks! And how fortunate Australians are to be subjects of the head of this house and to see it flourishing as it is, with youth and glamour as well as glorious tradition! The institution of monarchy is strengthened by this latest addition to its family. Of course, the ALP, if elected on 18 May, will do everything possible to deprive us of our royal connection. That is one of the soundest reasons for voting against them. A hypothetical president, inevitably backed by big money and political chicanery, will never have the inspiring magnificence of a king or queen. And that is no small matter for national well-being.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

Authorised by K. W. Grundy
13 Carsten Court, Happy Valley, SA.

Peak Madness: From Censorship to Civil War By Peter West

     The cultural civil war continues, with Facebook banning more people who it does not like. Meanwhile, Trump does nothing, not even lifting a presidential finger to save free speech. Perhaps his son-in-law, the ever-snugged-face Jared Kushner, the real president, has told him to not even make a Tweet, or a mouse-like squeak, about it, and Trump has quietly nodded, trembling in fear:

“The Masters of the Universe at Facebook have banned multiple conservative personalities from both Facebook and Instagram, including Infowars host Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Laura Loomer, and Milo Yiannopoulos.
The Atlantic reports that Instagram and its parent company Facebook has banned a number of conservative personalities from its platforms, including Infowars host Alex Jones, Infowars contributor and YouTube star Paul Joseph Watson, journalist and activist Laura Loomer, and Milo Yiannopoulos. Louis Farrakhan was notably also banned from the platforms at the same time. Paul Joseph Watson confirmed his ban, claiming he has not broken Facebook’s rules, and commenting, “In an authoritarian society controlled by a handful of Silicon Valley giants, all dissent must be purged.”

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Insanity USA By Chris Knight

     A quickie proof of the insanity of contemporary America. After the failed CIA coup in Venezuela, the UY,  a country which is oh so concerned about other nations “interfering” in its politics in any way, even exposing evil doings, now has put all the cards on the table regarding Venezuela. That means full military invasion. Yet, the elites fight to allow the Mexican border be open regardless of who comes in. This is beyond pathological, and is nothing more than a country in the terminal stages of death.

“The primary objective of the American Left — and, really, the global Left — is the destruction of the United States as founded, period. … Thus, if you look at the issues that are important to Democrats and you examine their political objectives and view the policies they pursue through this lens, you can begin to understand why they do the things they do. Take the migrant invasion currently occurring along our U.S.-Mexico border. To any rational American, the right thing to do would be to give the president and our governing institutions all the diplomatic, financial, and physical tools required to secure it. But instead, Democrats fight the president tooth and nail. And what’s happening? Not only are the migrants overwhelming our ability to handle the onslaught, because of the way our laws are written — and because Democrats refuse to work with Republicans and the president to change them — federal immigration officials have been forced to release disease-ridden migrants into our cities, thus exposing Americans to diseases we eradicated long ago.

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At Long Last, Someone to Vote for: Fraser Anning’s Conservative Nationalist Party By Bruce Bennett

     I am probably the youngest one writing here, but it seems to me that this is the first and last real chance to do something on immigration, rather than beat around the bush on the numbers, environment and bs like that. The real issue is about the changing demographics, the surrender Australia program. Fraser Anning is the first politician in recent times to say something on this, although James tells me that Graeme Campbell, way back was saying the same thing, and there was AAFI which fought the good fight. Anyway, here we are today and there is something can be done with your vote. The fact that the mainstream media hates Anning and his party so much is reason enough for me to not only vote for them but to hand out leaflets and man a polling station. Maybe others could do this in their wheel chairs. Why not, for the Australia you knew is now being disassembled.   Here is the link to the constitution of Fraser Anning’s Conservative Nationalist Party:

“One nation under God, united by the crimson threads of kinship”

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We have Already had Two Wars with China, So Expect a Third By James Reed

     There is an excellent article by Brett Stevens:

Dealing with the coming military threat of China. First, he makes the point that the US, and by implication, Australia, has already fought two wars against China, with over half a million Chinese dying –  the Korean War. Then, China was involved in supplying troops and other support in the Vietnam war.

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Trump, the Insane; Biden the Chinese Agent By Charles Taylor

     Covering American politics, as a mirror for the West, takes a heavy toll on one’s soul, at least if one still clings to any faith that this can be pulled out of the fires of hell, not too badly scorched. Take Trump’s latest outburst. Not able to stop illegal immigration, he now wants to charge the illegals a processing fee. Surely it would be better to have nuclear war with Russia and global nuclear annihilation, than to continue to put up with this fool! At least the apocalypse would be interesting!

     Then we have the dude groping Joe Biden who is likely to kick Trump out of the White House, who is openly in the pocket of the Chinese:

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Avengers: Endgame and a Teransgender 007: Dropping Movies is Long overdue By chris Knight

     There is shock, horror from Dissent Righters about, first, the elimination of the main white characters from the latest big money movie, Avengers: Endgame, and also from the present 007 James bond, Daniel Craig, who wants a gay, transgender and/or black/non-white Bond. Really, what does one expect in a cultural war? It is somewhat puzzling that so many of the US righters, our equivalents, churn out books on movies, and write so much about them. Don’t they have lives? Movies are even more colonised than the universities, and we need to completely abandon them, not even watching them for free, because this is consumption of toxic cultural  waste. The core reason is that this media is a massive passive time waster, that absorbs time that could be spent doing something to improve one’s mind, such as learning another language, pursuing political actionism, or even studying STEM topics.

     Of course, Hollywood is going to be just like the Democratic Party, or our labour Party on film. Why would one want to have one’s mind and emotions manipulated by this? In watching this bs one is allowing the poison to enter your brain. That does not seem wise to me. If, as the Left argues, guns as objects have the power to turn people evil, then what effects will the total sensory bombardment of cinema do to our state of mind?

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A Fish Rots from the Head By Chris Knight

     Not every day, but most days, Paul Craig Roberts has some insightful dark things to say, and this is a time of darkness, unparalleled. The appropriate metaphor for our times is decay, and the idea that a fish rots from the head first pretty much sums up how cultural Marxism has wormed through the institutions, to putrify all before it.

“A fish rots from the head. In the Western world rot is accelerating. The rot in Washington is swiftly spreading to state and local governments and abroad to the Empire’s vassal governments. Washington’s attack on journalism represented by the illegal arrest of Julian Assange has now spread to France. The US government’s policy of sanctions against sovereign countries that do not follow Washington’s orders has spread to the state of New York, where the governor has threatened sanctions against financial institutions that do business with the National Rifle Association. In France the vassal president Macron has ordered three journalists — who revealed that Macron’s government knowingly and intentionally sold arms to Saudi Arabia and the UAE to be used for the slaughter of women and children in Yemen — to report for police questioning. The report proves that Macron’s government deliberately lied when it said it was unaware that French weapons were to be used for attack rather than defense use in violation of the Arms Trade Treaty of 2014. The journalists are under investigation by the French gestapo for “compromising national defense secrets.”

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The Pope has Money to Burn By Peter West

     With all the homeless in the west one would have thought that if the Pope wanted to relieve the church of $500, 000 he could spend that money at home. But, no, the religion of migration says otherwise:

“Pope Francis has donated half a million dollars in aid for migrants apprehended along the U.S. - Mexico border. The funds will be distributed among 27 projects promoted by sixteen Mexican dioceses and religious congregations, which requested assistance in continuing to provide food, lodging, and basic necessities to the migrants.  Vatican News claimed the aid would specifically help more than 75,000 people who arrived in Mexico in 2018 as part of six migrant caravans. The funding comes as more than a thousand migrants broke out of a detention center in southern Mexico on Thursday evening, authorities said, in a fresh sign of how a surge in arrivals has stretched the country's resources to the limit. Peter's Pences provided the funding, which allows the Pontiff with the financial means to help those who are suffering as a result of war, oppression, natural disaster, and disease. In a statement Peter's Pence said: 'In recent months, thousands of migrants have arrived in Mexico, having traveled more than 4,000 kilometers on foot and with makeshift vehicles from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. 'Men and women, often with young children, flee poverty and violence, hoping for a better future in the United States. However, the US border remains closed to them.' The Catholic Church currently hosts thousands of migrants in hotels within the dioceses or religious congregations, providing basic necessities, from housing to clothing.”

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Whiteness the Original Sin By James Reed

     If I had any money left this week, I would have bought this book by US Dissent Right journalist Jim Goad, Whiteness: The Original Sin, read it, and do a brilliant review. But, alas, poverty and lack of resources rules all, grinding and crushing me. Never mind. Just as I am now joining Uncle Len in dumpster diving to get food, so I am dumpster diving to work out what new books are saying. Let’s see what can be done out of virtually nothing.

     All good, I have seen enough free Tuber stuff to say something informative about this book, even if must guess a wee bit. First, it looks to be a much needed deconstruction of the entire politically correct Leftist industry that has been set up in the post-world War II era, to demographically displace basically Nordic (Northern European) people, you know the common sewage stuff running out of the universities, that whiteness itself is a form of “terrorism”

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Can Le Pen Turn the EU Around? Nationalist Judo By Richard Miller

     Could this be a real case of the so-called 4-dimensional chess that the Dissent Right once thought Donald Trump played? Le Pen seems to want to take over the EU rather than pull France out of it.

“The National Gathering publishes this Monday its project for the European elections, accompanied by a long manifesto. For the first time, black and white, Marine Le Pen does not mention the exit of the European Union and the euro zone. She wants to reassure her electorate, appear more credible and more eco-friendly. A revolution that does not look like it. The National Assembly (former National Front), with this European project, the abandonment of Frexit. During the last European elections, in 2014, this remained the cornerstone of the project: the exit of France from the European Union and the euro zone. It was also discussed in the 2017 presidential program.

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Essays on The Threat of Multiculturalism: The US Battle By Chris Knight

     It is hard to keep up with all the literature, so I hope readers appreciate the sacrifice my eyes are making to the “cause’! Just joking of course. But to begin … A series of insightful and though-provoking essays have been published at the very interesting American Mind.org site, basically saying the same sort of stuff we say here about the threat of multiculturalism and runaway identity politics. The core paper, with the others being commentaries is by David Azerrad, and it argues that identity politics is in essence the politics of victimology;

“Identity politics thus combines a focus on race, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, and any other number of identitarian categories with a politics of victimization. The key to understanding identity politics is to realize that it is primarily a politics of oppression and victimization rather than identity. This is apparent in the first document to use the term, the 1977 Combahee River Collective Statement. As the black lesbian feminists who drafted it explain: “This focusing upon our own oppression is embodied in the concept of identity politics.” The cornerstone of the identitarian worldview is the claim that America, contrary to its egalitarian professions of faith, is at its core a supremacist regime that oppresses certain groups. The oppressed groups vary according to the different identitarian movements—black people, women, Hispanics, homosexuals, transsexuals, etc.—although most recognize the oppression of other groups and proclaim solidarity with them. This struggle between the oppressors and those whom they oppress on the basis of their identity is the most fundamental dimension of reality. Oppression of women and minorities, in this view, does not mark a departure from American republican ideals. Rather, it reveals the repressive nature of the regime.

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Does Anyone Remember Hillary? By Chris Knight

     The US Democrats are still pushing ahead to impeach Trump, because, well, anyone they don’t like must be destroyed by any means necessary. The Russians stole the election from Hillary has become an article of cultish religious faith, held regardless of the lack of evidence produced by their side. But reflecting on this, talk show host rush Limbaugh has said that it is Hillary who should be roasted over the political-legal coals:

“This is the irony: Hillary Clinton is who tried to rig a presidential election, Martha,” Limbaugh said. “Hillary Clinton and her pals in the Obama Department of Justice and their pals in the FBI — they are the ones who colluded with the Russians. They are the ones that gave us this entirely bogus Steele dossier. You want to talk about irony — for Hillary Clinton to be talking about impeaching Donald Trump. Hillary needs to be investigated, she needs to be indicted, and she needs to be in jail, and any of her co-conspirators in this whole sordid affair, which amounted to nothing more than a silent coup to overturn the election results of 2016. Hillary Clinton talking about Trump — you talk about sour grapes. This is a woman who has been rejected by the American people twice, rejected by her party in 2008, she had to rig the primaries against crazy Bernie in 2016 to get the nomination. She is the last person who ought to be listened to about what ought to happen to Donald Trump.”

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Russiaphobia and the Coming War By Chris Knight

     In the US politics both the Democrats and the neo-conmen Republicans bait Russia, secretly hoping for war. There is a delusional belief that somehow the US could win such a conflict, and indeed, that this conflict is “winnable” and even makes sense. Paul Craig Roberts has his finger on the pulse of this one:

“The Russian Embassy in Washington has prepared an accurate 121-page report in response to Mueller's report: THE RUSSIAGATE HYSTERIA: A CASE OF SEVERE RUSSOPHOBIA. Everyone should read this report. It documents the fake news, lies, violations of diplomatic standards and international law, and gratuitous aggressive actions taken against Russia during the period beginning May 18, 2016 and continuing through the issuance of the Mueller Report.  Without explicitly saying so, the report shows that neither the US government nor the American media has a nanoparticle of integrity.Both are criminal organizations that are willing to risk war with Russia in their pursuit of narrow policitized agendas. This is important information for Americans and the rest of the world to have. Every person, every government and every private organization that supports Washington’s Russophobic policies is contributing to the growing threat of nuclear war.

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South Africa, Destroyed by Diversity By Bruce Bennett

     If it is true that diversity is a strength, and homogeneous societies therefore inferior to them, then South Africa would be a superpower, and China and Japan, backwaters. Not so:

“South Africa’s performance on a range of social, economic and governance measures deteriorated more in the past 12 years than any other nation not at war, according to Eunomix Business & Economics Ltd. The decline is likely to continue as the country wrestles with the consequences of nine years of worsening corruption and policy paralysis under former President Jacob Zuma, the Johannesburg-based political-risk advisory company said. The fragility of the economy may also limit the tenure of his successor Cyril Ramaphosa, who faces his first national election on May 8, it said. “There is the strongest likelihood of him being a one-term president,” Claude Baissac, the head of a Eunomix, said in an interview. “He is starting with a very weak economy, the weakest of any president since Mandela. He is also starting with a fairly weak hand from a political standpoint.” An index of security, governance, prosperity and welfare indicators shows South Africa slumped to 88th out of 178 nations in 2018 from 31st in 2006, according to an analysis of the country’s prospects by Eunomix. The company advises some of the biggest mining companies operating in the country. South Africa’s decline in ranking is only been superseded by conflict-riven countries such as Mali, Ukraine and Venezuela and its peers now include Colombia, Jamaica, Latvia and the Philippines, compared with Portugal and Slovenia in 2008.”

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The Russian Collusion Hoax and Journo Awards By Chris Knight

     Here is one for the records, when some alien species having what humans lack, intelligence, sort through the rubble of our decayed world. The Russia stole the US election mania, which dominated the manic progressives since Hillary Clinton’s defeat, has been knocked firmly over. Yet, what about all of the articles excreted by mainstream journalist championing this idea, made with no evidence at all, or based upon secret sources? Well, as the articles below indicate, there is no recognition of error, let alone guilt. There is no point going through each article, as the titles, and hubris, are clear. This is further evidence that a collapse of the internal coherence of American society has occurred. It is difficult to see how this divide could be bridged, since the chasm now is so great. Thus, people need to recognise this, and cease the delusional belief that the system can be saved, or is even worth saving. That position is much worse than embracing the decline, and planning to rebuild anew, on fresh foundations.

     The same issue surfaced with the Jussie Smollett case of fake hate crimes, where Smollett gave a clearly absurd story which the mainstream media ran with just to attack white Americans. Then the “injustice” system let Smollett off, because, well, he was not white, for whites usually go down for faking crimes:

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Mexico Invades America; Trump hides Under Bed By Charles Taylor

     Here the post-white post-American future, rushing up to hit us squarely in the jaw:

“Armed Mexican troops disarmed two United States soldiers while they were on the American side of the border, U.S. defense officials have said. U.S. Northern Command said in a statement that "five to six Mexican military personnel questioned two U.S. Army soldiers who were conducting border support operations" this month. The U.S. soldiers were in an unmarked Customs and Border Protection [CBP] vehicle near the southwest border near Clint, Texas. Officials confirmed that the Mexican troops were armed with what seemed to be rifles. They raised their weapons when they saw the two U.S. soldiers, and then took a pistol from one and put it in the CBP vehicle. According to officials talking to CNN, the two Americans obliged "in an attempt to de-escalate a potential volatile situation."

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Rethinking our Approach to China By James Reed

     Our noble director sent me the link to the article that I want to tell you about today, but included a note which I found profound, and thought-provoking, so let me quote what Ken said: “Australians are known for their weakness when trade deals are done.  You can imagine China declining to buy, for instance, our beef, because we have done something not within their approval.  It could be un-related like killing kangaroos etc.  BUT we would never use our commodities sold to China as a bargaining point over, say their illegal South-China sea activity. Underneath most problems we find the lack of adequate finance to over-ride most decisions.  We tolerate any negative things like mines threatening underground water, as long as the mine delivers something to export for more dollars!!” And that is so true, indicating that unless a nation strives for financial and economic self-reliance, it is doomed to dependency and being at the mercy of the rest of the world, which is really just another definition of globalism. Here is an extract by Adam Ni, on the challenges of China:

“The truth is, for too long, Australian elites have turned a blind eye to the challenges posed by China’s rise. Many of our political, business, and community leaders have developed cozy and profitable relations with the Chinese party-state. For too long, our elites have benefited from China’s economic rise without properly preparing the Australian public for the long-term challenges posed by an increasingly powerful authoritarian Middle Kingdom. There is no doubt that Australia needs to engage China on trade, investment, connectivity, security, and a raft of regional and international issues. But there is an urgent need to rethink our current modus operandi and recalibrate Australia’s approach to China. Of course, this process has been underway for some time. The bipartisan support for foreign interference laws and the decision to exclude Huawei and ZTE from the building of Australia’s 5G network highlight Australian concerns about China’s influence. However, I would argue that a deeper rethink is needed if we are to prepare Australia for a future in our corner of the world with an increasingly powerful China with vastly different political institutions and values.

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The Mainstream Media Show What They are Made Of By Peter Ewer

     WikiLeaks revealed the high level of corruption … everywhere …  and for doing what journalists should have been doing instead of writing pieces to rub the bloated bellies of their masters, Assange now faces being drawn and quartered, literally because the US engages in torture. Already the character assassination is in full scale operation, where any bit of dirt is thrown at poor Assange, to get the public ready for the show trial.

“Last week’s arrest of Wikileaks publisher Julian Assange by the British government on a US extradition order is an attack on all of us. It is an attack on the US Constitution. It is an attack on the free press. It is an attack on free speech. It is an attack on our right to know what our government is doing with our money in our name. Julian Assange is every bit as much a political prisoner as was Cardinal Mindszenty in Hungary or Nelson Mandela in South Africa. They, and so many more, were imprisoned because they told the truth about their governments. Repressive governments do not want their citizens to know that they are up to so they insist on controlling the media. We are taught, at the same time, that we have a free press whose job it is to uncover the corruption in our system so that we can demand our political leaders make some changes or face unemployment. That, we are told, is what makes us different from the totalitarian.

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Letter to The Editor - The Coalition's traditional emphasis on less rather than more government intervention

To The Age        I disagree with your editorial claim ("Comedian's Ukraine win a serious matter", 24/4) that "there is not much to inspire young people in Prime Minister Scott Morrison." His Christian profession and impressive work ethic are two factors in his favour. He consistently comes across, rather as Bob Hawke once did, as "a genuine bloke". He also presents as a moderate man, open to discourse from different points of view. Of course, he has a liberal-conservative political creed which will put off left-wing idealists among the young (and old). However the Coalition's traditional emphasis on less rather than more government intervention should appeal to a good number of young people who cherish their independence. Most of all, comparatively speaking, Morrison leads Australia's free speech party, and intellectual freedom is a cause dear to most of the best minds in each new generation.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

*Responsibility for electoral comment authorised by K. W. Grundy 13 Carsten Court, Happy Valley, SA.