The Stuff Democrats are Made Of By Charles Taylor

     Former Vice President Joe Biden is leader of the pack of racing dogs, for the prospective 2020 Democratic candidates, according to a recent poll from CNN. This poll found that 33 percent of Democrats and independents who leaned Democrats, thought that he would be the best bunny to take on President Trump. If so, Biden will be continuing the tradition set by the Clintons:

“If Biden decides to run, he may have to answer to explosive revelations that he and his son Hunter struck a $1.5 billion deal with the Chinese government-backed Bank of China just ten days after the vice president and his son returned from a trip to China aboard Air Force Two. Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large Peter Schweizer, in his book Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends, detailed how Biden may have helped Hunter secure the $1.5 billion deal with a China-based investment firm that had ties to a Chinese atomic energy company indicted for “nuclear power conspiracy against the United States.” “The FBI arrests and charges senior officials in this company with stealing nuclear secrets in the United States. Specifically, they’re trying to get access to something called the AP-1000 nuclear reactor that is very similar to the ones that we put on U.S. submarines,” Schweizer wrote. “So again, you have the son of the vice president, a close aide to the secretary of state who are investing in a company that is trying to steal nuclear secrets in the United States. It’s a stunning story, and here’s the thing: none of this is required to be disclosed because they’ve figured out a way to get around these disclosure laws,” Schweizer continued.

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Cucks and NPCs By Chris Knight

     Before today, I had not even heard of NPC, until I read that the twit Twitter had banned them. Nowadays, suppression is going so fast that they’re banning things we don’t even know exist:

“NPC means “nonplayable character” or “nonplayer character.” It’s a term, borrowed from the world of video games, for a character that is controlled by the computer rather than by a player. An NPC often advances the game’s plot by saying scripted lines, or assisting the playable characters in some way.”

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Even Welfare Dependent Migrants Must Come … So Long as They are Not White By Peter West

     Everybody seems to be reading, so here I go to see what I can find on my treasure hunt. For today, there is this gem, where the big rich Koch brothers, who champion unlimited immigration to the US, for all of the reasons our own elites and chatterers do, want migrants even if they go onto welfare! That is a new frontier because migrants are supposed to be all IT experts and rocket scientists, set to pay for boomer pensions:

“Through the Koch brothers’ network of organizations—which have campaigned for Democrats’ open borders policies this election cycle—which include the pro-mass immigration LIBRE Initiative and the economic libertarianism group Freedom Partners, the billionaire donors are opposing Trump’s reform to the legal immigration system. Freedom Partners Executive Vice President Nathan Nascimento said in a statement that allowing mass migration of welfare-dependent foreign nationals into the U.S. is “morally right,” calling Trump’s reform “the wrong approach.” “We should always welcome people who desire to come here and contribute because is it both morally right and their efforts benefit our nation, economy, and taxpayers,” Nascimento said. Nascimento also said the U.S. must continue bringing more than 1.5 million immigrants to the country every year because there are not enough American workers willing to do blue-collar jobs, though economic data does not back up the so-called “labor shortage” claims made by the big business lobby and Chamber of Commerce.

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The Shape of Brawls to Come By John Steele

     Hillary Clinton has called for an end of “civility” when dealing with her opponents, the deplorables, White Americans, and the antifa have been happy to oblige, as the recent riot in Portland shows. Police opened fire with less-than-lethal rounds. The Right Wing Christian groups (e.g. Patriot Prayer) and others, as well as the opposing antifa, used bare fists and batons to thump each other:

     It has been said that both parties had a smacking good time, and each group went home to mend cuts, tend to bruises, and lick wounded prides, getting ready for round 2.

Killing the TPP By James Reed

     The TPP has had a zombie existence since President Trump crushed the original plan under foot like crushing the head of a serpent. But, the evil globalist elites never give up in their eternal quest to destroy everything of value and sink the nation state, our heritage and future. However, while the program has crept on, it has had its setbacks, such as a blow delivered by the otherwise weak Centre Alliance:

“While Centre Alliance supports open and fair trade, the party will not be supporting TPP-11 enabling legislation," said Trade spokesperson Senator Rex Patrick. "The deal that has been negotiated by the Government is, on balance, bad for Australia." Recently released modelling commissioned by Australian industry heavyweights shows that the deal would result in, at best, a 0.5% increase to GDP by 2030. This figure must be tempered by the fact that the Productivity Commission has found that predictions for growth and jobs from Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) have rarely been delivered because the economic models employed exaggerate the benefits, ignores many of the costs and assume away unemployment effects. The modelling shows Australia's grain exports would not change at all under the deal and all other agriculture could decline. It also shows that durable manufacturing, a key sector of interest to Centre Alliance, would actually shrink under TPP-11.

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Denmark Shines a Light in an Otherwise Dark, Immigration-Crazed West By Michael Ferguson

     The Danish Immigration and Integration Minister has taken a stand against the mass immigration swamping EU program:

“The Venstre party politician said that Denmark would not be opening the country’s borders to asylum seekers, saying: “Although we have gained significantly better control over the influx, we are still in the position that we are struggling to integrate the many refugees who have come to Denmark in recent years.” “Despite the fact that more refugees have come to work, there are still too many who do not support themselves. This applies especially to women, where too few contribute. That is why I have decided that Denmark should not take quota refugees in 2018,” Støjberg added, according to Jyllands-Posten. The statement comes after the Danish government passed legislation allowing the immigration minister to set the number of asylum seekers that would be welcomed into the country each year.

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The ABC of Cultural Marxism: How to Spot Alien Predators at the Supermarket By James Reed

     Here is a good intro. essay about cultural Marxism, one to educate newies and normies about the anarcho-tyrannical plan to destroy the world, if not the entire universe:

“This theory says that the driving force behind the socialist revolution is not the proletariat - but the intellectuals. While Marxism has largely disappeared from the workers' movement, Marxist theory flourishes today in cultural institutions, in the academic world, and in the mass media. This “cultural Marxism” goes back to Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937) and the Frankfurt School. The theorists of Marxism recognized that the proletariat would not play the expected historical role as a “revolutionary subject.” Therefore, for the revolution to happen, the movement must depend on the cultural leaders to destroy the existing, mainly Christian, culture and morality and then drive the disoriented masses to Communism as their new creed. The goal of this movement is to establish a world government in which the Marxist intellectuals have the final say. In this sense, the cultural Marxists are the continuation of what started with the Russian revolution.

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The Mighty Kayne West; Stronger By Peter West

     Kayne West is my favourite black rapper, although I don’t like rap music, but I now make an exception for him after his historic meeting with President Trump in the White House:

     In the meeting, sprinkled with West’s trademark use of the F-bomb, you know, words close to “duck,” he manages to say almost every politically incorrect thing you can think off. Things I am too scared, in our present multicult fascist regime, to even mention. But, the post is still up for a time on the   ‘Tube. Anyway, the libtards have gone even madder than usual, saying that West is crazy, and needs help, which for them, I guess,  is Soviet style psychiatry:

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The Next Move of the Lunatics By Charles Taylor

     One of the themes running through articles this week is the madness of the elites. Now that Justice Brett Kavanaugh is on the bench of the US Supreme Court, the Leftoids now move to take him off by impeaching him, the grounds being only they can hold positions of power, and deplorables must die. Given that, at the present time, any such impeachment will be tough going:

“Democrats seeking to impeach Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh will be hamstrung by the Constitution, according to Harvard Law School Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz. "The Constitution would not permit impeachment of a sitting justice for actions he took while a private citizen 35 years ago, nor would it permit using the laws of perjury, which are very tough," Dershowitz said Monday during an interview with Fox News.Rep. Jerrold Nadler, the New York Democrat poised to chair the House Judiciary Committee should his party win a majority after the 2018 midterm elections, has suggested the panel may investigate Kavanaugh under his leadership. Reps. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill., and Ted Lieu, D-Calif., have already voiced their support for probing the newly installed justice.

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Are the Left Demonically Possessed? By Charles Taylor

     Keeping with the spirit of previous articles at your fine site, which have asked questions such as: will the Left burn in the fires of hell, we need to consider an important prior question. Mike Adams has hypothesized that the Left may be demonically possessed. At first I thought that this was ridiculous, but I spoke about this to my paster, who thought that he may be onto something:

“Markus Persson, the creator of Minecraft, just pointed out that the political Left has “literally been taken over by evil.” It turns out he’s more correct than even he might realize. Over the last several years, Leftists have morphed into an irrational, hate-filled violent mob of “Demoncrats” that don’t even resemble conscious human beings. Operating like a zombie swarm of mindless lunatics, they are now taking over entire cities like Portland, Oregon, where even the local police now stand down and allow deranged Left-wing mobs to run the city. Watch this astonishing video where an elderly white man is being harassed, racially verbally assaulted and then has his vehicle windows smashed by deranged left-wing lunatics who have taken over the city of Portland, apparently with the full permission of the snowflake mayor and the pathetic, spineless Portland Police:

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Will Our Enemies Burn in the Flames of Hell? (I Do Not Know, But it is Possible) By Peter West


“In a Twitter rant over the weekend, Google design lead Dave Hogue claimed Republicans will “descend into the flames” of hell, and described members of the GOP as “treasonous” and “evil” following the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. “You are finished, @GOP. You polished the final nail for your own coffins. F**K. YOU. ALL. TO. HELL,” posted Hogue. “I hope the last images burned into your slimy, evil, treasonous retinas are millions of women laughing and clapping and celebrating as your souls descend into the flames.” Hogue soon deleted the post and made a follow-up tweet condemning the Republican Party while also adding that he “should have been more eloquent and less condemning” in the previous post.”

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It’s Reasoning Jim, But Not as We Know It By Chris Knight

     The title of this article is taken from the old 1960s early politically correct, multiracial sci fi Star Trek, with Mr Spock telling Captain Jim, that the crazy stuff they have just found is “life,” but not as we know it. That in itself is crazy, because how else can we conceptualise “life,” but in terms of what we know? It is simply a contradiction in terms. Spock’s hyper-rational irrationalism reminds me of Mr Smartie, all-meat-eater, Jordan Peterson, hero to young men with weak or no father figures. Here is a recent example of Peterson’s Spockism, that Supreme Court judge Brett Kavanaugh should immediately resign:

“I asked myself a question, after reading these posts: “Is there an alternative to confirming or not confirming Kavanaugh?” When a choice appears starkly binary, a third path appears impossible, by definition — but might possibly still be worth seeking. I tried to place myself in Kavanaugh’s position, while generating a potential answer (and think that I can do so with some justification, having been publicly identified as reprehensible by many people—prominent journalists, activists, and academics among them). I thought, “He can’t withdraw, prior to the nomination, because his reputation has been savaged so badly that withdrawal would not only mean loss of the Supreme Court nomination, but demolition of his entire career and future life.” So the only way for Kavanaugh was forward, through the FBI investigation, on to the nomination hearing, and the hope that he would be… what? Cleared? Not cleared, because it is too late for that, even given the favorable or at least not damning FBI report.

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Young Folk, You Will Not Have a Pension (or Even a Job) By Peter Ewer

     I have long believed that the social welfare system would eventually be eliminated, dying the death of a thousand cuts. This has slowly happened with the dole and other benefits. Now the mangy cat is out of the bag on the end of pensions:

“There is no guarantee the pension will be available for future generations, federal Treasurer Scott Morrison warned yesterday. Mr Morrison said Australia could not take for granted its generous safety net or assume it would always be there. At a post-Budget breakfast in Brisbane, he said Australia needed to keep growing the economy and had to be globally competitive. “We owe to future generations (to pay for) health, schools, pensions, the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme,” he said. ‘‘There are no guarantees about that.” Mr Morrison said the Federal Government was committed to ensuring pensions and essential services would be there in the future, through good financial management. Pushing the need for corporate tax cuts for the big end of town, he warned that the US, UK and France could soon all be more competitive than Australia.”

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Swiftly Taylored Political Correctness from the Singing Canary By Charles Taylor

     The US power elites are rolling out their secret weapons, with ultra-skinny pop music icon Taylor Swift coming out in favour of the Democrats, and continuing the politically correct narrative that the rest of the chatterers have begun.

     Here is what the singing canary said:

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Letter to The Editor - Political zealots can also be anti-social pests

To The Age        Well done, Carol Oliver! Yes, "the money-makers' ignorance of any respect for our icons" (10/10) is deplorable. The burgeoning ugliness of inappropriately restricted advertising must be opposed. But political zealots can also be anti-social pests. I only wish that readers' indignation against the defacing of the Sydney Opera House had been matched earlier by a similar outcry against the use of St. Paul's Cathedral here to blazon forth a partisan message on the refugee controversy.  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

Now They Attack Freedom of Association By Ian Wilson LL.B

     First, they went after freedom of speech, and took that down. Now, as not enough good men fought, the Deep State won and  moves on and attacks freedom of association:

“The Andrews Government has pushed divisive anti-association laws through the lower house of Parliament today. The laws will give police excessive powers to issue ‘anti-association notices’, telling people – including children as young as 14 – who they can and can’t be friends with or spend time with. Human rights advocates, lawyers and community workers all say that these laws are an attack on our democratic rights and neither politicians nor police officers should have a role in deciding who people can and can’t be friends with. Ruth Barson, a director of legal advocacy at the Human Rights Law Centre, said that the laws are senseless, dangerous and a sign that Premier Andrews is pandering to Matthew Guy’s toxic law and order agenda.

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Australia, Basically Ruled by China By James Reed

     I did not know about this until alerted by an email, but apparently Tasmania, which is fast becoming a part of China, is allowing China to use Hobart as a port for their icebreaker. Sure, give them the state and Australia’s share of Antarctica too (the Antarctic treaty comes up for renegotiation in 2040), since our hands are too soft and flabby to do anything much expect stuff our faces with cream puffs, while mouthing sweet nothings about diversity and Asianisation:

     Wow, only two port stops and $2.5 million dollars will be injected into the Tassy economy; talk about a cargo cult. The premier is falling over himself. Never mind that an American think tank, who think, unlike Australia’s political leaders, has warned that China is a threat to Australia’s Antarctic territory:

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The Rule of the Mob By Chris Knight

     Since the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court, the US chattering class, especially Hollywood clowns, who somehow think that their political opinions matter, have gone even more crazy than usual, lamenting that the rule of law is dead. Yes, all that from a group of degenerates who subjected the judge’s 10 year old daughter to a political attack as well. Probably these ferals would get physical if they could:

     None of this has been lost on President Trump, who in a rally in Kansas, compared the Democrats to an angry mob, and arsonists eager to burn it all down:

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Goodbye UN Human Rights Council By Chris Knight

     Good things are happening in America, shining a light on where we, in Australia, need to go, such as getting out of the UN. A first good step is to withdraw from the globalist, anti-Western, Human Rights Council:

“After more than a year of complaints and warnings — some subtle and others a little less so — the Trump administration has announced that the United States is withdrawing from the United Nations Human Rights Council. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley announced the decision in a joint statement Tuesday. "I want to make it crystal clear that this step is not a retreat from human rights commitments," Haley told the media. "On the contrary, we take this step because our commitment does not allow us to remain a part of a hypocritical and self-serving organization that makes a mockery of human rights." The move comes as little surprise from an administration that frequently has lambasted the 47-member body for a gamut of perceived failures — particularly the dubious rights records of many of its member countries.”

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K-A-V-A-N-A-U-G-H! The Sweet Tears of Victory By Charles Taylor

     The politically correct saga of the appointment of judge Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court has ended, with victory for Trump, and a crushing defeat for the forces of darkness, decay and degeneracy:

     We saw the entire libtard establishment turn out to parade liars who were willing to say whatever lies were needed to sink Brett the Noble. It all turned to dust because the guy showed guts and stood his ground, refusing to be intimidated. He was no low testosterone cuck, and Ann Coulter summed it up by saying that even if Brett liked a bit of beer, she would like to see all young college  men drink what he is drinking to get some manhood back:

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