On Chaos; Words of Wisdom from India By Chris Knight

     With writers dealing with the theme of social chaos, to prepare readers for what might be coming, I found these words of wisdom, worth sharing here:

“Would most humans kill other humans if there were no punitive authority? That is a fascinating question, but inessential to the column for now, though it will be interesting to ask yourself what are the crimes you will commit if you are absolutely sure you will get away. What is relevant for the moment is the fact that just a handful of criminals, sadists and other deranged people are enough to create a riot. The rest can hug, it doesn't make a difference. The real reason why there are violent riots in India is in our romanticism of chaos. Chaos trains all Indians, from birth, to break rules on public property and to misunderstand that as democratic freedom. A nation born out of civil disobedience never had leaders of stature who deeply believed in civic order. It is the same chaos that lends a righteous edge to disruptive and illegal street agitations, and to a politician so disrespectful of the law that he had the courage to overtly threaten agitators that if they did not clear the way in three days, there would be violence. And it is the same chaos that creates an impotent police force.

     Wisdom, that I think we need to take on board when facing the dangerous times yet to come.  And, how the mainstream are worried:

“There is a new normal now in global politics. What was once the “far-right”  – a right-wing politics  that exist outside of and are more radical than mainstream conservativism – has moved rapidly to the centre. A new form of anti-minority, anti-immigrant nationalism is sweeping across vast swathes of the world,  rewriting the rules of the postwar political order. Ten years ago I warned that this far-right wave was coming. Hours before the Conservative Party took the reins of power in Britain on 6 May 2010, I had predicted  that election would be the first stage in “the increasing legitimisation of far-right politics by the end of this decade”.

Sure enough, the global shift to the far-right has involved a resurgence of nationalism whose fundamental electoral strategy is the demonisation of minorities and foreigners.  The popularity of anti-European Union (EU) nationalists in the European Parliament has grown exponentially,  from just 11% of seats in 1999.  By 2014, this had grown to some 23%  – just under a quarter of all seats in the European Parliament. Two years on, Britain voted to leave the EU in the same year that Donald Trump became US president. Then by 2019, the EU elections saw nationalists capture 31%  . Later that year, after a period of sustained attacks on parliamentary institutions, Boris Johnson – a politician with a history of inflammatory race-baiting  against black people, migrants, and Muslims – led his party to a landslide victory on a hardline anti-EU platform.
As 2020 picks up pace, far-right politics is no longer the province of the fringe. It has encroached onto, and defined, the parameters of the political centre. And if these growth trends persist, it will continue to determine how the centre works throughout the coming decade.”

     I do not think that these folks from the Left have yet appreciated that the world is going through changes which render most of the old political categories useless. It is the final showdown between the forces of light and those of eternal darkness, a battle of higher spiritual dimensions, and at a minimum, resistance against the corrosive effects of social entropy and decadence:

“Following in the footsteps of the great cultural critic Jacques Barzun, we can say that decadence refers to economic stagnation, institutional decay and cultural and intellectual exhaustion at a high level of material prosperity and technological development. Under decadence, Barzun wrote, “The forms of art as of life seem exhausted, the stages of development have been run through. Institutions function painfully. Repetition and frustration are the intolerable result.” He added, “When people accept futility and the absurd as normal, the culture is decadent.” And crucially, the stagnation is often a consequence of previous development: The decadent society is, by definition, a victim of its own success.


“All lifestyles, with no exception, cause disease by their very nature, because they separate you from God. They are designed to fill you with worldly distractions, pleasures, and fame. Even if you don’t actively worship Satan, if you are not consciously serving the will of God, you are serving the will of the father of lies. Satan will approve of any lifestyle you choose. If you participate in anything that could even be construed as a lifestyle, or one where a corporation sees you as a marketing opportunity or audience segment, you have fallen for a lie, and will undoubtedly suffer as a direct result of your behavior. There is suffering even if you are a practicing Christian, but that suffering does not stem from your own lifestyle choices … The word “lifestyle” is rather new. It is yet another ingenious attempt by Satan to convince humans that they can figure it out on their own, but by attempting to do so, they put themselves squarely in rebellion against God. The only outcome for a person who pursues a lifestyle is to become gravely ill before eventually suffering spiritual death.”

     Precisely: this is a battle to prevent ourselves from a spiritual death, even though our bodies may perish in the time ahead.



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Tuesday, 25 June 2024

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