Now, the Banning of (Some) Sex! By James Reed

     I have been waiting each day for the political class to move at banning sex in some way, as it seems the next “just have to do it” thing to do as part of the present crisis:

“Victoria has banned couples who do not live together from seeing each other to slow the spread of coronavirus. The state imposed a 'stay at home' order from midnight on 30 March until midnight on 13 April, with a few exceptions such as shopping or exercising. One resident asked on Twitter if she was allowed to visit her partner at his home. Police Minister Lisa Neville replied: 'You cannot visit your partner for social reasons.' Asked if a social visit was allowed, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said in a press conference: 'That's not work, that's not care-giving, that's not medical care, that's not shopping for the things you need when you need them, and it does not comply with the rules. People should not do that.' The strict rule also means that single people who connect on dating apps have no way to meet each other. The rules are different in New South Wales where couples are allowed to visit each other at home. NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller said visiting a partner counts as 'care' because it is vital for mental health. He said: 'I would put that under care, absolutely, mental health, that's under care… we need to look after each other.' The Victorian government website reads: 'Every interaction with another person carries the risk of transmission and should be avoided.'

     Just imagine what will be pushed if this crisis goes on for a year or two? What will be left? Surely nothing worth calling human life. Wait! No sooner than the electrons had dried on my piece than an item jumped up in the corner of my computer screen, even though I was on Word, saying that the Vics have backed away:

“Confusion has emerged over whether couples who do not live together are allowed to visit each other’s homes under heavier restrictions imposed in the fight against the spread of coronavirus. The Victorian government has backflipped on its ban on romantic partners from different households meeting. Early on Tuesday, Premier Daniel Andrews on Tuesday backed up his Police and Emergency Services Minister Lisa Neville in declaring that Victorians who do not live with their partners cannot visit them for social reasons. But in the afternoon, Victorian chief medical officer Brett Sutton said an exemption would be made for partners.”

     Obviously, they are flying by the seat of their pants.



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Sunday, 21 July 2024

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