It Must be Bad if Emmanuel Macron Is Getting Stirred Up! By Richard Miller

     Those of us who think that Donald Trump is lacking in manhood, we just laugh when we see Emmanuel Macron, but this could be a case of the little mouse who roared:

“Emmanuel Macron has questioned China‘s version of how it handled the coronavirus outbreak, saying things “happened that we don’t know about”. In a scathing slap down of suggestions the one-party state was able to contain the pandemic better than western democracies, the French president indicated it would be “naive” to believe official accounts provided by the country. His comments came as China revised upwards the number of people killed by the virus there by almost 50 per cent. “Given … what China is today, which I respect, let’s not be so naive as to say it’s been much better at handling this,” Mr Macron told the Financial Times newspaper. “We don’t know. There are clearly things that have happened that we don’t know about.” And he added any suggestion that western democracies should question long-held principles of freedom were misguided. “We can’t accept that,” he said. “You can’t abandon your fundamental DNA on the grounds that there is a health crisis.” The comments make Mr Macron only the latest world leader to question China’s handling of the pandemic’s outbreak. Foreign secretary Dominic Raab, acting as prime minister in Boris Johnson’s absence, previously said that “hard questions” would be asked about how the outbreak started “and how it couldn’t have been stopped earlier” — an apparent reference to China’s delay in reporting the bug to the rest of the world. Donald Trump, meanwhile, put it even more bluntly in a Wednesday news briefing. “Does anybody really believe the numbers?” he asked of China’s official death toll. The US president also gave succour to growing conspiracy theories suggesting the virus did not originate in Wuhan’s wet market — but in a nearby laboratory. He said Washington was looking into reports the bug may have escaped from the lab, which was known to be researching coronaviruses in bats.”

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The Great Coronavirus Vaccine Push; Read the Fine Print By Mrs Vera West

     According to the World Health Organization, the fountain of truth about all medical matters, there is no evidence that those who get infected with the coronavirus, will have immunity. But, if so, will vaccines prove any better? Here is the WHO story, then I dissect it:

“There is no evidence to support the belief that people who have recovered from coronavirus will not catch it again, the World Health Organisation has said. WHO chiefs have warned world leaders against investing too heavily in the tests to show if a person has already had the virus, because they do not guarantee immunity. The UK Government has bought 3.5million serology tests, measuring antibodies in blood plasma, but they are not definitive in proving if someone has had the virus. Many tests being developed are pin prick blood checks similar to widely used instant HIV tests and measure raised levels of the antibodies the body uses to fight the virus. It comes as a top health official said the coronavirus 'immunity passports' plan is doomed to fail after only 10 per cent of Italians developed Covid-19 antibodies. And a study by scientists at Stanford University in the US found as much as 4 per cent of California's population may have already been infected with the virus. … But Dr Mike Ryan, executive director of WHO's emergencies programme, said there was limited evidence that coronavirus survivors were guaranteed future immunity to the disease. This means those who have already had the virus could be at risk of being reinfected. He added: 'Nobody is sure whether someone with antibodies is fully protected against having the disease or being exposed again. … WHO doctors say increased antibodies do not guarantee a second infection. South Korea has identified a growing number of people who have had two separate coronavirus infections. More than 100 tested positive for the virus having apparently already recovered from it – a shock to a country that appeared to have contained the virus through prolific testing.”

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Re-build Muscle not Flab By Viv Forbes

     In order to kill Corona-wasps in the ceiling, politicians have knocked our economic house down. Now they dream of rebuilding the house by driving at full speed into the borrow-and-spend swamp. National Cabinet will soon find that Australia-after-Corona can’t afford a bloated public service, an overmanned and overpaid academia, throngs of able-bodied people on long-term welfare, too many tax-exempt foundations, endless donations to worthless UN fiefdoms and talk-fests, and a huge import bill to pay for all the things we once made here. Nor can we afford all the resources being wasted on dysfunctional submarines designed in Canberra, power systems mandated by the UN, Snowy 2 Green elephants, climate alarmism, emissions targets and green energy molly-coddling. We must re-build economic muscle not flab. Start with a couple of clean, modern reliable coal-fired power stations. This cheap reliable electricity may restart some defunct processing and manufacturing industries. Then build our submarines as they were designed – nuclear powered. Already there are no surpluses to spend on subsidising every struggling consumer and failing business. And a tidal wave of borrow-and-spend will just destroy the currency. As in post-war Germany, recovery can only come if governments slash taxes, repeal useless red and green tape, remove all barriers to new dams, railways, roads, power stations, mines and exploration, and encourage science and engineering education. They must doze the road blocks and then keep out of the way.

     Since the days of the First Fleet, Australia has relied on our great primary industries – farming, mining, forestry and fishing. The pioneers started exporting wool, hides, tallow and timber; then came the gold rushes and great finds of silver, copper, lead-zinc and tin; our meat, cereals, sugar, butter and eggs fed allied soldiers through two world wars; and a bonanza of coal, oil, gas, iron and aluminium financed the baby boomers and the extravagant politicians of that era. When mining had a recession, farmers came to the rescue and vice versa. They also helped finance a continent of roads, railways, power stations, and dams and provided productive jobs for a growing population and a flood of migrants. If they were not so hampered by taxes, regulations and employment barriers, our farmers, foresters, fishers, engineers, explorers, miners, metallurgists, tradesmen and workers can pull us out of this hole too. They could even rebuild some of the great secondary industries lost because of our uncompetitive electricity and overheads.

Chinese to Buy Virgin By Bruce Bennett, or: 布鲁斯·贝内特 Bùlǔsī·bèi nèi tè!

     That is my new Chinese name, as I am transitioning, not in terms of gender, long gone, but ethno-nationally, as I become Chinese, to get into the coronavirus spirit of Western implosion and Chinese triumphism, not Trumpism. Being a pathetic loser all of my life, I want to get on the side of the winning team! At first, I thought that the headline showed that Australia was so bad off that it was now selling its virgins, but that could not be, as one would be hard pressed to find any, over the age of about 10 years! No, it’s the airplane, and the Australian government won’t bail it out, so the Chinese go after it, and who can blame them? Money for jam, or is it rice and milk, with jam? It is just the natural selection that goes with business, and Australia is always on the back burner here. I just hope the owners get rid of that name, which causes me all sorts of mental trauma (why?), and substitute a more modest Chinese name, as I am sure they can do. Let me help them:

Chúndù (Purity)

I like the sound of Purity Airlines. My next choice is Corona Airlines:

Diàn yūn hángkōng

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The Coronavirus Silver Lining: Killing Universities! Way to Go, Blind Economic Conditions! By James Reed

     Pam Geller is a sweetie to write about such beautiful things, like how the coronavirus may kill off the universities and knock over Leftism before it infects the next generation of vulnerable kiddie protoplasm. Good for you Pam:

“Silver lining. Perhaps this catastrophe will destroy the left-wing indoctrination and co-opting of our children. Former president of Brandeis University and distinguished lecturer at Georgetown Law, Frederick M. Lawrence, can talk about the extremely difficult situation universities are facing financially as they try to plan for 2020-2021.

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The Covid-19 Test Case of Sweden By Brian Simpson

     Sweden did not go the way of the resat of the West with the same type of social isolationism and quarantine and shutdowns, but it seems now that cases are occurring anyway:

“SWEDEN has seen another spike in coronavirus cases today with another 613 positive tests — yet its pubs remain open and packed full of drinkers. The Scandinavian country has taken a markedly different approach from the rest of Europe, which is on lockdown. Today's 613 new cases of Covid-19 marks the biggest jump for seven days, taking Sweden's total from 11,927 to 12,540. Sweden has also reported 130 new deaths - taking the total to 1,333, an average of 94 deaths per day. Despite the rise in deaths, Sweden is yet to introduce stricter suppression and social distancing orders such as closing bars, restaurants, non-essential shops and schools. Nor has it placed citizens in near-total lockdown, as in Italy, Spain and France.”

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Noble Prize Winner, Montagnier Says Covid-19 was Engineered By Brian Simpson

     French virologist, Nobel prize winner for discovery of the HIV virus, went on TV to say that there is proof that COVID19 was engineered and artificially laced with parts of the HIV virus (not natural). And the authorities are trying to keep it quiet, while they work away on other evil globalist schemes such as the revised Trans-Pacific partnership TPP-11, which they aim to ram through while the population is locked away, helpless to resist, or so they think …

“Luc Montagnier, a Nobel winning French professor who co-discovered HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) thinks that the novel coronavirus came from a lab even though there is a major science-backed narrative that it was not made in a lab. His claim received criticism from various quarters, including colleagues. According to the Nobel laureate, the new 'SARS-CoV-2' virus came as a resultant in attempting to manufacture a vaccine for the AIDS virus, which got accidentally released, he said in a podcast by Pourquoi Docteur and also in a TV interview on Friday. Prof. Montagnier says there were some elements of HIV present in the genome of the novel coronavirus that includes suspect of elements of malaria germ too, reported Agence France Presse. This may fall into the category of another conspiracy theory, to which he replied, "Conspirators are the opposite camp, hiding the truth." Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory, he said, was specialized in coronaviruses since the 2000s and have expertise in the area. To insert HIV genetic sequence into coronavirus genome requires molecular tools and can be done in a laboratory. However, Montagnier said, "Nature does not accept any molecular tinkering." Nature would eliminate any unnatural changes made even if nothing [like a vaccine] is done and he added that things would get better after many deaths. Also, the Nobel laureate said that the elements added to the virus could be removes with "waves," that is based on a theory which got mocked in the past.”

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They are All in Bed Together! By Charles Taylor

     Here is important information, not publicised in the mainstream media: a Facebook coronavirus fact checker worked in the Wuhan virus lab, which the US authorities are investigating as ground zero in the coronavirus pandemic. Well, that’s objectivity for you!

“Facebook is relying on a “fact checker” that uses “expert opinion” from a researcher who conducted projects with the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the biolab next to the wet market in Wuhan where the Chinese virus originated. An article from the “expert,” Danielle E. Anderson, an assistant professor at Duke-NUS medical school, was used by Facebook to fact-check a video from the Epoch Times suggesting the Institute, which is located at the original epicenter of the now-global pandemic, as one of the possible origin points. This is not a fringe claim — CNN reports that the U.S. intelligence community is currently investigating the same laboratory as the possible source of the outbreak. The same thread of investigation that got ZeroHedge banned from Twitter in late January is now being looked at by the U.S. government and reported on by the mainstream media. Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said that the intelligence community is taking a “hard look” at the question of whether the Chinese virus originated in a lab.”

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We are Going Back to the USSR! By Brian Simpson

     Fire up the old Beatle’s song, “Back in the USSR” (1968), as we read this latest piece of medical martial law and anarcho-tyranny.

“A German medical lawyer who criticized the coronavirus lockdown law was arrested and taken to a psychiatric ward, where she says she was violently abused by authorities. Beate Bahner published a press release on April 3rd decrying the German lockdown laws as “flagrantly unconstitutional, infringing to an unprecedented extent many of the fundamental rights of citizens.” “These measures are not justified by the Infection Prevention Act, hurriedly amended just a few days ago,” she asserted. “Long-term restrictions on leaving home and meeting others, based on high-death-rate modelled scenarios, which fail to take account of actual critical expert opinions, and the complete shutdown of businesses and shops with no proof that they pose any risk of infection, are thoroughly unlawful.” Bahner called for a nationwide protest on Easter Sunday to “end the tyranny at once,” before Heidelberg Police announced that they would seek to prosecute her for inciting Germans to break the law. On April 13th, Bahner called her sister from Heidelberg’s Klinik fur Allgemeine Psychiatrie describing what happened to her. After claiming she was “suspiciously” followed by a car, Bahner says she asked another motorist to call the police only for the police to show up, handcuff her and push her to the ground “with massive force.” After being driven to the psychiatric facility, Bahner says she was treated like a terrorist. “I asked to be allowed to sit down and was shown to a bench. Then I asked to have the handcuffs taken off, since it was actually I who had requested police protection,” she recounted. “But instead, I was thrown to the floor again, having my head hurled onto the stone floor from a meter height, which nobody reacted to. Then I was forced to spend the night lying on the floor in some high-security Guantanamo psychiatric clinic…there was no toilet, no sink, though they did allow me water, and there was a bell I could ring, though they ignored it after the third time I pressed it.” The lawyer was charged for incitement yesterday, with her attorney sounding the alarm bell over her treatment.”

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Covid-19 Changes its Clothes … A Lot By Brian Simpson

     Covid-19 is mutating, which could produce problems for any proposed vaccine:

“Asked about the possibility of viral mutation during one of the White House's inaugural task force press briefings, Dr. Fauci assured the public that scientists have found "no evidence" of any concerning mutations, though the prospect that a mutated version of the virus might return during next year's flu season has kept some virologists up at night with nightmares about needing to start the vaccine clock from zero. The problem is that vaccines often aren't as effective against viruses that mutate, like the flu does every season (that's why you need to keep getting that flu shot year after year).  And now, a new scientific paper that - like most of the coronavirus research being cited in the press - has yet to be peer reviewed claims to have identified a mutation in a sample of the virus collected in India that could create serious problems for researchers working on a vaccine. Monitoring the mutation dynamics of SARS-CoV-2 is critical for the development of effective approaches to contain the 21 pathogen. By analyzing 106 SARS-CoV-2 and 39 SARS genome sequences, we provided direct genetic evidence that 22 SARS-CoV-2 has a much lower mutation rate than SARS. Minimum Evolution phylogeny analysis revealed the putative original status of SARS-CoV-2 and the early-stage spread history. The discrepant phylogenies for the spike protein and it receptor binding domain proved a previously reported structural rearrangement prior to the emergence of SARS-CoV-2. Despite that, we found the spike glycoprotein of SARS-CoV-2 is particularly more conserved, we identified a mutation that leads to weaker receptor binding capability, which concerns a SARS-CoV-2 sample collected on 27th January 2020 from India. This represents the first report of a significant SARS-CoV-2 mutant, and raises the alarm that the ongoing vaccine Development may become futile in future epidemic if more mutations were identified.

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The Zombie Economy By Chris Knight

     Health ranger, Mike Adams, over at Natural, is pro-freedom libertarian type, with Christian conservative values, I think. Thus, he opposes the Universal Basic Income, and I suppose the social credit dividend as well, although I found nothing at his site on our form of social credit; of course, he is dead against the Chinese version, bad social credit. However, he does have a point, that Trump paying oil drillers not to drill is crazy, when what should be done, is oil drillers getting the latest protective equipment against the virus. This mentality is leading to zombie economics, even sending free money to the dead, and heaps of errors too:

“What’s being rolled out in all this, of course, is a “zombie economy.” It is characterized by the astonishing fact that federal bailout checks are being sent to dead people. If we don’t stop the rise of the zombie economy with its endless bailouts and government control over markets, incomes and debt, here’s where all this leads: In a zombie economy, everybody is paid to do nothing. All the prices of assets and goods are set by the government to create the appearance of “wealth” when no one is producing anything of value. Homeless millionaires. People living on the street will think they “own” millions of dollars in stocks and pension funds. It’s all illusion, of course, designed to continue the coordinated bankster looting of America which will transfer all the wealth of the working class into the pockets of the politically connected elite. Right now in America, we have “quantity limits” on everyday goods. Soon, they will evolve into price controls. Once that kicks in, there will be horrendous shortages of basic goods such as groceries, gasoline, automobiles and household goods. To create the illusion of affordability, the government will dictate price controls that result in immediate shortages and large-scale black market trading of essential items like toilet paper and garden seeds. One day soon, garden seeds will be “contraband” if sold at non-government prices (i.e. free market prices), and “seed smugglers” will be arrested and imprisoned for trafficking in lettuce seeds or “unauthorized” fertilizer. Grocery stores will become prison camps, with strict item limits, long waiting lines and mandatory biometric identification to make sure people don’t buy “too much” stuff at the government-controlled prices. Essentially, America will become Venezuela.

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Chinese-Dominated WHO ignored Taiwan’s Coronavirus Plea By Brian Simpson

     More damming evidence against the World Health Organization:

“Taiwan is accusing WHO of downplaying the severity and spread of the coronavirus in an attempt to pander to China, even after Taiwan sounded the alarm about at least seven cases of atypical pneumonia that they were aware of in Wuhan, where the virus originated. When asked about the cases by the media, Taiwan said China’s health authorities said, “The cases were believed not SARS; however samples are still under examination, and cases have been isolated for treatment,” according to the contents of an email sent by Taiwan’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention to WHO on Dec. 31. “I would greatly appreciate it if you have relevant information to share with us,” the email said. Taiwan is located about 80 miles off China’s coast but has declared itself an independent nation for over 70 years. China, however, has refused to acknowledge Taiwan’s sovereignty and consistently fights to bring it back under Beijing’s control. As a result, China has successfully persuaded WHO to exclude Taiwan from the organization. The WHO denied that Taiwan ever alerted them to the potential person-to-person spread of the virus, but Taiwan’s CDC said that because they specifically mentioned “atypical pneumonia” – reminiscent of SARS, which is transmitted via human contact – “public health professionals could discern from this wording that there was a real possibility of human-to-human transmission of the disease,” they said in a press release. “However, because at the time there were as yet no cases of the disease in Taiwan, we could not state directly and conclusively that there had been human-to-human transmission,” Taiwan’s CDC said. Taiwan said that WHO and the Chinese CDC both refused to provide adequate information that could have potentially prepared the government for the impact of the virus sooner. WHO ignored warnings from Taiwan and continued to reiterate China’s false talking points — that “there was no evidence of human-to-human transmission” of the novel pathogen even as late as Jan 14. In addition, WHO failed to mandate that Chinese officials share the viral strains that would have allowed diagnostic tests to have been produced significantly earlier worldwide. Tensions between Taiwan and the WHO have caused President Trump to consider pulling funding from the U.N. agency, which receives the bulk of its money from U.S taxpayers’ dollars. Trump said Monday during the White House’s coronavirus task force briefing that he expects to reach a decision by the end of the week — days after he vowed that his administration would be “looking into” WHO’s operations. WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has accused the U.S. of “politicizing” its handling of the virus and said that doing so would result in “more body bags.””

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Chinese-Dominated WHO ignored Taiwan’s Coronavirus Plea By Brian Simpson

     More damming evidence against the World Health Organization:

“Taiwan is accusing WHO of downplaying the severity and spread of the coronavirus in an attempt to pander to China, even after Taiwan sounded the alarm about at least seven cases of atypical pneumonia that they were aware of in Wuhan, where the virus originated. When asked about the cases by the media, Taiwan said China’s health authorities said, “The cases were believed not SARS; however samples are still under examination, and cases have been isolated for treatment,” according to the contents of an email sent by Taiwan’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention to WHO on Dec. 31. “I would greatly appreciate it if you have relevant information to share with us,” the email said. Taiwan is located about 80 miles off China’s coast but has declared itself an independent nation for over 70 years. China, however, has refused to acknowledge Taiwan’s sovereignty and consistently fights to bring it back under Beijing’s control. As a result, China has successfully persuaded WHO to exclude Taiwan from the organization. The WHO denied that Taiwan ever alerted them to the potential person-to-person spread of the virus, but Taiwan’s CDC said that because they specifically mentioned “atypical pneumonia” – reminiscent of SARS, which is transmitted via human contact – “public health professionals could discern from this wording that there was a real possibility of human-to-human transmission of the disease,” they said in a press release.

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Africa and the Fourth Wave By Brian Simpson

     Writing about science issues from a Right-wing fringe dweller position, and proud of it (I have it on a T-shirt), one becomes suspicious of all scientific expert claims, early in the game. Consider all points of view but maintain cautious scepticism at all times.

“America and Europe could be hit by up to four waves of coronavirus if it is allowed to ravage Africa, a WHO expert has warned. Director of the World Health Organisations's Center on Public Health and Human Rights, Professor Lawrence Gostin warned that if Covid-19 gets 'out of control' in African countries, Europe and the US could see second, third and even fourth waves of the illness. Speaking on BBC Radio 4's Today programme on Wednesday, Professor Gostin said: 'Covid-19 is about to march through sub-Saharan Africa and perhaps the Indian subcontinent like an avalanche. 'Even if the United States and Europe were to get their Covid epidemics under control, if you've got Covid rages in other parts of the world, in this interconnected society we live in, it will come back to Europe and the United States. 'And in fact I could predict that if it gets out of control in these lower income countries that we will see in the US and Europe a second, and a third wave, and even a fourth wave of Covid. 'So we're truly only as safe as the weakest link in the global chain.'”

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When You Social Distance So Well the Cops have to Find You by Helicopter! By Bruce Bennett

     Overseas folk are laughing at this classic piece of new-world-orderism, but really, the police are only doing their job, and if you have a helicopter, why try and use it to bust ethnic drug growing, now an institution in certain cities,  when you can track down isolated family campers, who may be passing on Covid-19 to … nobody:

“Police in Tasmania are using a surveillance helicopter to track down people camping in remote locations in violation of coronavirus lockdown laws. “Tasmania Police officers conducting aerial surveillance around the state, including on the North-West Coast located several campsites where people were directed to leave and return home,” reports The Advocate. “When u social distance so well that the cops have to find u by helicopter,” tweeted Twitter user @PetiteNicoco. 17 people across the state were charged with a lockdown offense in a period of just 24 hours over the Easter weekend. The Westpac Rescue Helicopter “landed near campsites which were viewed from the air” to interrogate campers in the region. Where the chopper couldn’t land, officers were dispatched to the area on foot. Commander Rob Blackwood called the campers “selfish” for endangering other people during the COVID-19 pandemic despite them literally being around no other people. “Covert and marked police vehicles, and the Westpac Rescue Helicopter, will continue to undertake patrols around the state, so if you’re away from your primary residence you can expect police to stop and speak to you about your movements,” Tasmania Police said on their Facebook page. The practice was denounced by many as absurd overkill given that the campers are hardly posing a threat to anybody.”

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The Gates of Hell By Peter West

    Billy Gates thinks that the world is massively over-populated, yet wants to save everybody by pumping them full of vaccines.  What gives? Here is the “tiger” Richard Wolstencroft laying into Gates, enjoy. Oh, Dick is an earthy Aussie type and uses a four-letter word to open things, so if offended, beware, but surely the issues are so grave that we ignore rough language. Actually, he uses rough language right through it, being so angry, but I think he makes his point.

     The claim that Bill Gate’s polio vaccine crippled half a million children in India, is regarded as false news by the mainstream fact checking sites, but: 

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Google and Apple Partner: Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid! By Peter Ewer

     The Covid-19 pandemic has allowed all sorts of tag teams:

“Across the world, governments and health authorities are working together to find solutions to the COVID-19 pandemic, to protect people and get society back up and running. Software developers are contributing by crafting technical tools to help combat the virus and save lives. In this spirit of collaboration, Google and Apple are announcing a joint effort to enable the use of Bluetooth technology to help governments and health agencies reduce the spread of the virus, with user privacy and security central to the design. Since COVID-19 can be transmitted through close proximity to affected individuals, public health officials have identified contact tracing as a valuable tool to help contain its spread. A number of leading public health authorities, universities, and NGOs around the world have been doing important work to develop opt-in contact tracing technology. To further this cause, Apple and Google will be launching a comprehensive solution that includes application programming interfaces (APIs) and operating system-level technology to assist in enabling contact tracing. Given the urgent need, the plan is to implement this solution in two steps while maintaining strong protections around user privacy. First, in May, both companies will release APIs that enable interoperability between Android and iOS devices using apps from public health authorities. These official apps will be available for users to download via their respective app stores. Second, in the coming months, Apple and Google will work to enable a broader Bluetooth-based contact tracing platform by building this functionality into the underlying platforms. This is a more robust solution than an API and would allow more individuals to participate, if they choose to opt in, as well as enable interaction with a broader ecosystem of apps and government health authorities. Privacy, transparency, and consent are of utmost importance in this effort, and we look forward to building this functionality in consultation with interested stakeholders. We will openly publish information about our work for others to analyse. All of us at Apple and Google believe there has never been a more important moment to work together to solve one of the world’s most pressing problems. Through close cooperation and collaboration with developers, governments and public health providers, we hope to harness the power of technology to help countries around the world slow the spread of COVID-19 and accelerate the return of everyday life.

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Re-Opening America? By Brian Simpson

     The US Surgeon General has said that the coronavirus task force has dumped the World Health Organization/Bill Gates model of long-term lock down. The new perspective is based upon real world data, rather than mathematical epidemiological models, the same philosophy as in climate change.

     Well, I got excited listening to Dr Rashid Buttar, but then there was all of this:

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Weed and Women: The Ultimate Feminist Drug By Mrs Vera West

     It turns out that marijuana may be the ultimate feminist drug, cutting out the abortion middle woman, and leading straight to infertility, which must have Women’s Studies classes ecstatic, but unfortunately for them, they cannot meet at university, which is not to say that secret illegal meetings on Macbeth’s heath do not occur:

    That’s enough Shakespeare for one day, but really, I think Macbeth is his greatest play, certainly making great film, more action than Hamlet. And, the use of the feminism and witch metaphor alludes to the fact that feminists are turning to witchcraft, saying that the patriarchy, and Christianity supressed this, so they said it, not me:

“A new study has revealed a concerning link between using marijuana and pregnancy. Scientists say tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the ingredient that triggers marijuana’s psychological effects, may also lead to infertility in women. According to a study on embryos at the University of Guelph in Canada, exposure to THC leads to a drastic drop in the chances of a successful pregnancy. Testing the eggs of cows, researchers found that higher levels of the marijuana ingredient delayed the eggs from reaching important milestones in their development. Megan Misner, one of the study’s authors, says doctors regularly warn women to avoid marijuana while getting fertility treatments. Until now however, Misner says the evidence to support that advise hasn’t been strong. “The scientific evidence backing this statement is weak,” Misner said in a press release. “This makes it difficult for physicians to properly advise patients undergoing in vitro fertilization.”

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Can You Can be Fined for Retrospective Violation of Social Isolation? Like a Few Years Ago? By Bruce Bennett

     How crazy does it get? Post-holiday photos on Facebook and get fined. Presumably this was evidence of violating social isolation/quarantine, but there is more to this story than meets the eye:

“A Victorian couple were handed fines totalling more than $3,000 after posting year-old holiday pictures on Facebook during coronavirus lockdown. Earlier this month Jazz Mott and her husband Garry shared photos of their getaway to Lakes Entrance - about a two-hour drive from their home at Traralgon in the state's east. The couple were shocked when police arrived at their home days after the post. 'I was actually stunned when she handed me the fine,' Ms Mott told Daily Mail Australia on Monday. 'The photos were from our trip to the Lakes Entrance in June last year.' Ms Mott said the officer just 'handed her the fine and walked off'. It was only after speaking with her husband she realised the breach must have come as a result of the Facebook post. Ms Mott said she shared the year-old pictures after finding them on a hard drive she'd lost track of when the couple moved house.”

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