China Attacks! By James Reed

     Some of my fellow writers love Natural as source material. In my dissenting opinion it is ok, but I read better, and so don’t use it too much. Consider the coverage of the coming war with China, where the bioweapon hypothesis is accepted and taken further:

“The deliberate release of the genetically engineered Wuhan coronavirus was a “bioweapons Pearl Harbor” attack against the United States and Western nations. China dropped the virus in their own back yard to start the attack, then rapidly exported the virus to targeted nations through international flights while pressuring the WHO to condemn any nation that sought to block those flights. (The left-wing media also took part in condemning any effort to block flights from China as “racism.”) Importantly, the Wuhan coronavirus bioweapons attack was just the opening chapter of an attack plan against the United States that will involve financial attacks, cyber attacks and eventually kinetic attacks. I recently interviewed two experts to learn more about China’s plans against the United States. They are JR Nyquist, who publishes (an excellent source of important articles), and Dave Hodges from, an indy media investigator who has excellent sources within the Pentagon and the US State Dept. Together, these two investigators paint a very worrisome picture of what the future holds between the USA and China, as it’s clear China has already launched a bioweapons attack against the United States and intends to follow that up with yet more direct attacks against America.”

     Sorry, all I could think of was this guy is fatter than me, and I felt jealous. Anyway, Covid-19 is a pretty poor bioweapon to attack the US with and it was pretty sloppy to first release it in China, rather than getting some of the millions of Chinese migrants to the US to release something really nasty there, if all this is true. But, both social critics are right about the coming war with China, it is all just matter of when, not if, and what the triggering mechanism will be. It is certainly going to be bloody, and nuclear as well. The only way this war could not happen is that  the US does not make much of the tech needed to fight, or do anything, and the first thing China will do is to turn off the switch, which is what it is starting to do now, so the war may either not start, or end in the US fizzing. Globalism is the perfect recipe for national suicide.



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Wednesday, 12 June 2024

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