China, the Gift that Just Keeps Giving! By James Reed

     I must admit, that even though these are confusing, if not dangerous times, with the New World Order closing in, like one of those rooms with walls lined with spikes that come in on you, it is still … delightful! Much like a dessert, that is so sweet and fatty, and tasty, that you eat it and die happy. Take this one, for example, dear to my heart because it challenges, in a foundational way, the globalist ideology of the Australian universities:

“Chinese students and tourists could stop coming to Australia if Prime Minister Scott Morrison pursues an inquiry into the beginnings of coronavirus, a leading Chinese official has warned. The stern warning was issued by Chinese Ambassador Cheng Jingye who labelled a push for an independent COVID-19 inquiry by the federal government as 'dangerous'. Mr Jingye warned that if Australia continued to be 'unfriendly' to China, its people - in particular its students and tourists - may have second thoughts about travelling. While admitting that his country had not handled the COVID-19 outbreak 'perfectly' he said the reaction by nations like Australia had left the Chinese people 'dismayed'. 'I think in the long term... if the mood is going from bad to worse, people would think 'Why should we go to such a country that is not so friendly to China? The tourists may have second thoughts,' he told The Australian Financial Review. 'The parents of the students would also think whether this place which they found is not so friendly, even hostile, whether this is the best place to send our kids.' Education is Australia's third biggest export and is worth more than $30 billion to the economy every year. The ambassador refused to comment on whether key exports such as iron ore, coal and gas would be affected by perceived anti-China sentiment.”

     Yep, straight out economic black mail and contempt. To allow this insult is to be reduced to the level of worms in the fishing tackle, and I would not be surprised if Australia, which long ago abandoned national pride, will back off fast. Nothing is more sacred that immigration, including the backdoor international student racket. And, money. Me, I am delighted for the students to stay in China, and help that poor developing country, rather than be poached by the white racists that we all are here, as we are told, endlessly. And speaking of generous Chinese gifts, thanks for the great medical supplies in this time of crisis:

“Gatestone Institute recently reported that millions of pieces of medical equipment purchased from China by European governments to combat the coronavirus pandemic are defective and unusable. Since that report, more than a dozen countries on four continents have disclosed problems with Chinese-made coronavirus tests and personal protective equipment. The problems range from test kits tainted with the coronavirus to medical garments contaminated with insects. Chinese authorities have refused to take responsibility for the defective equipment and in many instances have cast blame on the countries that purchased the material. They have also called on nations of the world to stop "politicizing" the problem — at the same time that Chinese President Xi Jinping and his Communist Party have sought to leverage the pandemic to assert a claim to global leadership. Spain, the epicenter of the coronavirus crisis in Europe, has experienced the greatest number of problems with medical equipment purchased from China. After the epidemic hit Spain, the Spanish government purchased medical supplies from China in the amount of €432 million ($470 million). Chinese vendors demanded they be paid up front before making any deliveries. It now appears that much of the material being supplied by China is substandard. In late March, for instance, the Spanish Ministry of Health revealed that more than a half million coronavirus tests it had purchased from a Chinese vendor were defective. The tests, manufactured by Shenzhen Bioeasy Biotechnology, a company based in China's Guangdong Province, had an accurate detection rate of less than 30%. Bioeasy had claimed, in writing, that its tests had an accurate detection rate of 92%.

After the swindle made international headlines, Bioeasy agreed to replace the tests. On April 21, however, the Spanish newspaper El País reported that all 640,000 replacement tests were also useless. The Spanish government is now seeking a refund. The Chinese Embassy in Madrid blamed the Spanish government for purchasing the tests from an unauthorized vendor. Bioeasy, apparently, does not have a license to sell coronavirus tests. Spain, however, has also reported problems with material purchased from vendors that are authorized by the Chinese government. On April 15, Spain's Ministry of Health recalled 350,000 so-called FFP2 masks after laboratory tests determined that they were substandard. The defective masks were manufactured by Garry Galaxy Biotechnology, a company included on the Chinese government's list of approved manufacturers of personal protective equipment. FFP2 masks are required to filter at least 94% of aerosols, but those delivered to Spain filtered only between 71% and 82% of aerosols. The defective masks were purchased by the Spanish Ministry of Health and distributed to hospitals and nursing homes across the country. After the defective masks were recalled, more than a hundred healthcare workers who had used them tested positive for coronavirus disease (Covid-19). In the northeastern Spanish region of Catalonia, local health officials on April 18 recalled 180,000 Covid-19 antibody tests — also known as serological tests — because of their low rate of detection. The tests, produced by the Chinese manufacturer Guangzhou Wondfo Biotech, were purchased by the central government in Madrid and distributed to regional health authorities to detect Covid-19 in two priority groups: healthcare personnel and elderly people in nursing homes. The Wondfo tests reportedly gave negative results to people who had previously tested positive for Covid-19, and also failed to distinguish between two types of antibodies, including those that confer immunity.

In the eastern city of Alicante, the General Hospital recalled 640 disposable medical garments after one of the boxes from China contained cockroaches. The hospital said that it had received a total of 3,000 garments in 75 boxes and that it found two insects inside one of the boxes. It added that given the shortage of medical supplies, the garments would be sterilized, not destroyed. Other countries — in Europe and beyond — have also criticized the quality of Chinese medical supplies: Australia. On April 1, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) reported that the Australian Border Force (ABF) had seized nearly one million Chinese-made faulty face masks and other protective clothing that was exported to Australia to help halt the spread of coronavirus. The material was valued at A$1.2 million (US$760,000). "We started seeing this stuff arriving roughly three weeks ago when news of the pandemic was really taking off," an ABF official told ABC. "The dodgy material is coming via air cargo because there is a backlog of sea freight at Australian ports."

     China just does what it wants. Imagine what the future is going to be like.



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Wednesday, 12 June 2024

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