Lockdown was All for Nothing (Beyond the Technocratic New World Order Agenda) By Richard Miller

     A study, reported by the Daily Mail.com, but no link I could find, has concluded that the bug lockdown is all for nothing. And, if there is to be a society at all at some point, people will need to come up from their underground bunkers and face the dawn, or rather, face the virus.

“Draconian stay-at-home orders and shutting all non-essential businesses had little effect on fighting coronavirus in Europe, according to a study. But the same scientists discovered closing schools and banning all mass gatherings did work in slowing outbreaks across the continent. University of East Anglia researchers now say relaxing the stay-at-home policy and letting some businesses reopen could be the UK's first step to easing lockdown. The findings throw into question whether Britain's total lockdown - announced on March 23 - was ever necessary amid claims social distancing policies announced on March 16 curbed the crisis on their own. Other leading scientists have claimed Britain's COVID-19 outbreak peaked and started to decline before the official lockdown began, arguing that Number 10's drastic policy to shut the UK down was wrong. Transport use plummeted and fewer people were visiting GPs with tell-tale coronavirus symptoms the week before lockdown, suggesting the government's call for the public to work from home where possible and to only take essential travel was effective enough. And one Swedish researcher, Dr Johan Giesecke, who has seen his country resist calls for a lockdown but escape relatively unharmed, said the pandemic is unstoppable and everyone will be exposed to the coronavirus sooner or later. It comes after Boris Johnson yesterday confirmed that strict rules imposed under the six-week coronavirus lockdown will start to be eased on Monday, on the same day that Britain's death toll became the first in Europe to rise above 30,000 and the number of people diagnosed with the disease surged past 200,000. The Prime Minister will outline a five-step plan for Britain's 'second phase' on Sunday, with the government set to drop its 'Stay at Home' message and replace it with 'Stay Safe'. But as the UK and other countries in Europe prepare to lift restrictions the World Health Organization has warned them not to be afraid of restarting them it the virus begins to take off again.”

     One round of this bs will lead to the greatest recession since the Great Depression, and if a lockdown occurs again, then its all over red rover. But, I imagine that is all a part of the grand diabolical plan that is being hatched by the Masters of the Universe.



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Wednesday, 12 June 2024

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