The Crash of Testosterone by John Steele

There is something of a broad emerging consensus among the diverse groups and free-wheeling thinkers, going under the umbrella term “Alt Right,” that the key to dealing with the multitude of problems facing us – whether it be the financial/money question, race realities, immigration, feminism, etc. – is that there needs to be strong manly people to seek solutions and to fight for them. But manhood, along with other virtues of our civilisation, has been undermined.

Many see the destruction of manhood in purely socio-political terms, and of course, at a minimum, there is in this, much truth. But, as Roosh, a microbiologist, argues in his article “The Decline in Testosterone is Destroying the Basis of Masculinity,”, there is probably an underlying biochemical explanation for the rise of leftism and general cuckoldry, or what we may now call, “cuckism.”

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Doctors and Race by Paul Walker

The latest big “race” fight is that the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine, has been called “racist” for saying that certain foreign-trained doctors who failed its core exam to become emergency specialists, were under-skilled:

Here are the basic facts, as we quote from The Australian:

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Blood Pressure, Exploding! Pollution Killing Us! by Mrs Vera West

Natural, November 24, 2016, notes that the Western epidemic of high blood pressure, has now spread to the developing world, fuelled by economic globalisation. The number of people with high blood pressure in the world has doubled in the last 40 years and the biggest increases are seen in South Asia and Africa. In 2015 there were 1.1 billion people in the world with high blood pressure, and over half of these were living in East, South East and South Asia China alone had 226 million sufferers.

Air pollution, another product of industrialisation, is killing 5.5 million people worldwide, according to the Global Burden of Disease project ( Most of these deaths are in China and India. Liquid and solid particles can cause not only cancer and respiratory problems, but also heart disease. New research also indicates that pollution particles can even penetrate brain tissue, which may be a cause of neurodegenerative disease:
Globalisation, economic growth and industrialisation all come with a cost and are not value neutral, and one cost is global health. Globalisation is killing the planet, and us.

Academic Research is a Dud by Brian Simpson

For some time now a small group of scientists have been raising sophisticated doubts about the soundness of virtually all statistically-based research in the social sciences and medicine, with a now classic paper being John Ioannidis, “Why Most Published Research Findings are False,” PLoS Medicine, 2, (2005).
The problems are many and relate to a misuse and abuse of P-value significance tests to systematic biases arising from small, unrepresentative samples.

Yet another addition to this literature is by A. D. Higginson and M. R. Munafo, “Current Incentives for Scientists Lead to Underpowered Studies with Erroneous Conclusions,” PLoS Biology, November 10, 2016. These scientists attempt to account for the Ioannidis-inspired research, arguing that funding mechanisms reward small studies that are likely to produce false results.
Using an ecological analysis, they show that “fitness,” that is academic success, is produced in this way rather than by careful large studies that take more time and resources.
The problem is not merely academic. About 50 percent of research findings in medical research cannot be replicated in human trials, putting a big question mark over the use of some Big Pharma drugs.

The Incredible, Disappearing Nuclear Waste Dump by Uncle Len Who May Not Glow in the Dark After All

Remember the proposal by the South Australian Labor Premier Jay Weatherill to build a facility for holding the world’s high-level nuclear waste, which would, given Murphy’s Law, ultimately kill us all and make Australia into a radioactive multicult, culturally diverse but radioactively green? Yes, that’s what your nightmares have been about. That is the real reason why you, like Uncle Len, have had insomnia, high blood pressure and an aching back.
Now our premier is going for a referendum for the doomsday dump (The Australian, November 15, 2016, p. 7) that is sure to kill us all, did I say that, for a few dollars. The Greens and Aboriginal groups have been strongly opposing this, all in accordance with my grand plan. And opposition leader Steven Marshall has withdrawn his support and opposed the project: God bless you Stevey!

Oh, the referendum requires bipartisanship because Jay thinks there is no point having a referendum if the “No” side is likely to win. That’s the spirit!
So you in the east and west, be thankful that our cash-strapped pollies may not unleash a nuclear holocaust on you. Behind the scenes Uncle Len letter-boxed daily and has even neglected his writing, disappointing his many thousands of fans, who looked forward to his zany style of dark humour, or near-humour, to wash down each week, the bitter news of politics in the age of Spenglerian decadence. What’s that Uncle Len, a literary allusion? How long before you burst into song? Well, talent I may not have, but at least I don’t glow in the dark. For now, at least.