Smallpox 2.0, Here it Comes! There We Go! By Brian Simpson

     It is possible, given recent publications, that synthetic smallpox could be manufactured by terrorists and released, destroying the West, and maybe themselves for their troubles:

“Earlier this year, scientists published a paper describing how they pieced together segments of DNA in order to bring back a previously eradicated virus called horsepox. The paper, written by two University of Alberta researchers and the co-founder of a New York pharmaceutical company, was controversial because, as various experts told the magazine Science, someone could use a very similar process to bring back a related virus: smallpox. Smallpox, you’ll recall, killed hundreds of millions of people before the World Health Organization declared it eradicated in 1980. That was the result of a long vaccination campaign — so the idea of piecing the virus back together from bits of DNA raises the specter of a horrifying pandemic.

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More Good Reasons for Getting Out of the Globalist UN By James Reed

     Incredible; according to the UN, Australia’s migration laws have breached their globalist human rights ideology, and here it is, straight from the Left press:

“A United Nations body has taken the “extraordinary” step of calling on Australia to review its domestic laws in a ruling that it had breached multiple international human rights laws. The ruling coincides with the Australian government being taken to the UN over alleged breaches of international law by indefinitely separating more than 60 members of 14 refugee families on Nauru. The working group on arbitrary detention, established by the UN Commission on Human Rights in 1991 to report to the Human Rights Council, had examined the case of Edris Cheragi, an Iranian man and Christian convert who sought asylum in Australia. Cheragi has been detained in various detention centres and in the community since 2012, but in 2015 was charged with criminal offences and had his bridging visa cancelled. He has never been convicted. Instead Cheragi was placed in “administrative detention” under the laws of the Migration Act, and has been in detention ever since. The working group said Cheragi’s circumstances were just the latest of many cases of arbitrary detention in Australia, and ruled the Australian government had breached multiple articles of the universal declaration of human rights and the international covenant on civil and political rights. Cheragi’s detention was based “purely on his earlier exercise of the legitimate right to seek asylum and is therefore arbitrary”.

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Nurses Must be Sorry for Being White: Ok, Go Do a Reverse Michael Jackson Then! By Peter Ewer

     The new code of conduct for nurses is simple: be sorry for being white, roll on the floor, cry, beg for mercy, and maybe even resign the job:

“The contentious new code telling nurses to say, "sorry" for being white when treating indigenous patients has even been slammed by nurses themselves. The controversial change to the code, which came into effect on the first of March, was brought to public attention in January this year by Australian Conservatives' leader Cory Bernardi. Channel 7's Today Tonight reports, this is the latest in a string of politically correct changes for the health industry. But this one has lead to calls for the nursing board boss to resign and even some aboriginal leaders have described it as potentially damaging. Senator Bernardi said, "What we've got is a bunch of do-gooders, who think that this is actually going to help people where in reality it's only dividing society." "It only takes a single complain from a patient to say, 'you didn't acknowledge your white privilege, I felt culturally under threat or subsumed by you,' and the nurse can find themselves hauled before the tribunal and subject to a code of conduct complaint."

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Fisetin: Take That Ageing! By Mrs Vera West

     With all of us here getting older by the second, we need all the chemical help we can get. Enter fisetin, a chemical found in fruit and vegetables. No, I never heard of it before either.

“Previous research published earlier this year in Nature Medicine involving University of Minnesota Medical School faculty Paul D. Robbins and Laura J. Niedernhofer and Mayo Clinic investigators James L. Kirkland and Tamara Tchkonia, showed it was possible to reduce the burden of damaged cells, termed senescent cells, and extend lifespan and improve health, even when treatment was initiated late in life. They now have shown that treatment of aged mice with the natural product Fisetin, found in many fruits and vegetables, also has significant positive effects on health and lifespan. As people age, they accumulate damaged cells. When the cells get to a certain level of damage they go through an aging process of their own, called cellular senescence. The cells also release inflammatory factors that tell the immune system to clear those damaged cells. A younger person's immune system is healthy and is able to clear the damaged cells. But as people age, they aren't cleared as effectively. Thus they begin to accumulate, cause low level inflammation and release enzymes that can degrade the tissue. Robbins and fellow researchers found a natural product, called Fisetin, reduces the level of these damaged cells in the body. They found this by treating mice towards the end of life with this compound and see improvement in health and lifespan. The paper, "Fisetin is a senotherapeutic that extends health and lifespan," was recently published in EBioMedicine.”

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Is There a Sperm in the House? Forget the Doctor! By Mrs Vera West

     Human sperm is going to be as scarce as hen’s teeth in the future. (I just thought about this and realised that hens don’t have teeth.)

“Sperm count is plummeting - meaning an increasing number of men may need IVF if they hope to conceive, new research shows. Researchers in the US and Spain analyzed semen samples from two major fertility centers between 2002 and 2017. The number of men in their cohort went up seven-fold, from 8,000 to 60,000 in that time, with an increasing number diagnosed with oligospermia, a type of male infertility. What's more, among those men with fertility issues, an increasing number have a sperm count so low they have a higher risk of needing IVF to conceive, while the number of men with a 'normal' sperm count dropped. Lead researchers Dr Ashley Tiegs, who is presenting the findings at a reproductive medicine conference on Monday, told the drop in sperm quality is possibly driven by environmental factors like smoking, stress, obesity, and exposures to chemicals in plastics.

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Grapes and Blueberries on the Brain By Mrs Vera West

     Here is good news for people who like to scoff down piles of grapes and blueberries; you could be doing your brain a favour, and whose brain, today, does not need a favour?

“Polyphenol extracts from grapes and blueberry help reduce cognitive decline, according to a study published in The Journals of Gerontology; Biological and Medical Sciences. In the study, French and Canadian researchers examined the effects of the consumption of polyphenol grape and blueberry extract on memory. The researchers conducted an earlier study in a mouse model in which they found that berries, berry extracts, or isolated flavonoids could hamper age-related cognitive decline. For the current study, the researchers recruited 215 healthy people aged between 60 and 70 years old and whose body mass index (BMI) ranges from 20 to 30. The participants either consumed 300 milligrams (mg) of the grape and blueberry extract or a placebo in two capsules every day for six months. They also had three visits with the researchers: a screening visit, a baseline measurement session, and a final visit. Moreover, they performed memory function tests. Results revealed that the supplementation with the grape and blueberry extract enhanced the memory of participants with a lower level of memory performance. The researchers emphasized that the poorer performing participants exhibited the most improvements. “Subjects who were performing like 83-year-olds at the beginning, they were performing like 69-year-olds at the end,” said Barry Ritz, one of the researchers.

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Big Pharma, Profit over People? Whoever Would Have Thought That? By Mrs Vera West

     Here is a great article showing that big Pharma is more concerned with profit making than health and helping people:

“An Australian study has found that tactics used by tobacco, pharmaceutical, food, mining, chemical and alcohol companies serve to drive scientific research questions away from those most relevant to public health. Members of the Evidence, Policy and Influence Collaborative from the University of Sydney's Charles Perkins Centre looked at corporate influence on research agendas across different fields. The University of Sydney study, published in the American Journal of Public Health, found that of 36 articles identified, 19 demonstrated that industries tend to prioritise lines of inquiry that focus on products, processes or activities that can be commercialised and marketed.’ The medical industry tends to fund research on products with the potential to generate revenue such as drugs and devices.”

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US Bio-Weapns Genocide?? By Michael Ferguson

     Could this be true? Could there really be … shock … horror …conspiracies involving the killing of multitudes of people,  via bioweapons disguised as drug research? And, it is the Russians who are alleging all of this!

“Shrouded in mystery, a US-funded medical facility in Georgia could be a cover for a bioweapons lab used for disturbing experiments that banned in the US, a Georgian ex-security minister has claimed. Tbilisi denies the accusations. However, Igor Giorgadze, a former state security minister-turned opposition figure, says he recently obtained a trove of leaked documents which might expose some dark secrets at the facility. The lab, which was “established on the territory of a … former military base some 17 kilometers from Tbilisi” as part of a US-funded project back in 2004, “was never meant to be a medical center and had nothing in common with a hospital,”Giorgadze told RT. It was notably overseen by the US Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), a combat support agency of Pentagon which deals with weapons of mass destruction. Giorgadze points out that the facility has been the subject of rumors, and seemingly linked to mysterious incidents from the very beginning. Located in a Georgian village, it opened in 2011.

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Are You Ready for Killing Babies? Because the Philosophers Are! By Mrs Vera West

     Saying controversial and soften stupid things seems to be what academic philosophers do, as far as I can work out. No, they are not modern Socrates, willing to die for truth and justice. Why some even want certain people to die:

“KILLING newborn babies should be allowed if the mother wishes, Australian philosophers have argued in a prestigious journal. Their argument, that it is morally the same as abortion, has forced the British Medical Journal to defend its publication of their views. In an article that has sparked outrage around the world and elicited death threats, Monash and Melbourne University academics argue that a foetus and a newborn both lack a sense of life and aspiration. They argue this justifies "after-birth abortion" on the proviso it is painless as the baby is not missing out on a life it cannot contemplate. The doctors of philosophy argue in the BMJ publication Journal of Medical Ethics that one-third of infants with Down syndrome are not diagnosed in the womb, which means mothers of children with severe disabilities should have the chance to end a child's life after, as well as before, birth.

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The Fasting Molecule By Mrs Vera West

     Can molecules fast? I do not know, none have ever spoke to me about their inner feelings and emotions, if, according to panpsychism (the metaphysical position that mind is fundamental in reality), they have them:

     But, we do know that people fast, and it is damn good too:“A molecule produced during fasting or calorie restriction has anti-aging effects on the vascular system, which could reduce the occurrence and severity of human diseases related to blood vessels, such as cardiovascular disease, according to a study led by Georgia State University.

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Rounding Up, and Killing Bees By Brian Simpson

     I know a guy who does professional agricultural spraying in Victoria, and he told me that roundup is so good that he would drink it, if it did not have a bad taste. Also, he said that he only feels good when he is out spraying, breathing in all of the goodness. Maybe he should sit down and have one of these birds and bees talks with the bees, who may disagree:

     Wow, that made even the URL change colour:

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Cinnamon Magic By Mrs Vera West

     Here is another spice of life to add to your turmeric coconut milk drink: cinnamon. A simply delicious treat in drinks, that also helps your brain as well:

“This study underlines the importance of cinnamon, a commonly used natural spice and flavoring material, and its metabolite sodium benzoate (NaB) in converting poor learning mice to good learning ones. NaB, but not sodium formate, was found to upregulate plasticity-related molecules, stimulate NMDA- and AMPA-sensitive calcium influx and increase of spine density in cultured hippocampal neurons. NaB induced the activation of CREB in hippocampal neurons via protein kinase A (PKA), which was responsible for the upregulation of plasticity-related molecules. Finally, spatial memory consolidation-induced activation of CREB and expression of different plasticity-related molecules were less in the hippocampus of poor learning mice as compared to good learning ones. However, oral treatment of cinnamon and NaB increased spatial memory consolidation-induced activation of CREB and expression of plasticity-related molecules in the hippocampus of poor-learning mice and converted poor learners into good learners. These results describe a novel property of cinnamon in switching poor learners to good learners via stimulating hippocampal plasticity.”

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Multicultural Anarcho-Tyrannical France, Now Worse than the Former USSR By Richard Miller

     Are writers at this site mad, and in need of psychiatric treatment? Well, some writers are in fact borderline insane, such as Uncle Len, who at the moment is in a psychiatric facility in a strait jacket, suffering from psycho-political psychosis. He is being pumped full of the very best that Big Pharma and Big Psycho can offer, so I am sure that if he is ever released back to his cockroach infested tin shed, he will continue to produce lively prose to enlighten our readers. But I digress, or do I? If we were in France, why they would use psych to lock us all away and throw away the key:

“French politician Marine Le Pen said a court ordered her to undergo psychiatric evaluation over a series of images she posted on Twitter showing Islamic State executions. She slammed the order as a “mind-blowing.” The president of France's National Rally (formerly Front National) has released an order saying it comes from the magistrates in Nanterre near Paris, calling on her to “undergo a psychiatric examination." For denouncing the horrors of Daesh (Islamic State/IS, formerly ISIS) by tweets the "justice system" has referred [me] to a psychiatric assessment. How far will they go?!" she tweeted in response. The 2017 presidential candidate denounced the order as “mind-blowing,” saying: “This regime is really starting to scare [us].”

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Aromatic-Turmerone and Neural Stem Cells (Turmeric and the Brain) By Mrs Vera West

     If like me, you are alarmed about the increased prevalence of “senior moments,” where you have some bill to pay, but you over or under pay, but then you tell the person on the receiving end, to suck it up, and you have that fear of eventually loosing your “marbles” (although people like Uncle Len lost all of his marbles long ago), you may want to do something about it, without getting on the Big Pharma train. Look no further than turmeric, which may help cognitive function, for all those so challenged:

“Aromatic (ar-) turmerone is a major bioactive compound of the herb Curcuma longa. It has been suggested that ar-turmerone inhibits microglia activation, a property that may be useful in treating neurodegenerative disease. Furthermore, the effects of ar-turmerone on neural stem cells (NSCs) remain to be investigated. … Both in vitro and in vivo data suggest that ar-turmerone induces NSC proliferation. Ar-turmerone thus constitutes a promising candidate to support regeneration in neurologic disease.”

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Ban Doctors, Not Guns By John Steele

     If we follow the gun banners idea of banning the instrument that is used to commit harm, then these pinkos run into a problem when confronted with the sky-high rate of medical negligence, compared to gun deaths:

“Medical malpractice deaths in the U.S. are over 500 times higher than accidental gun deaths. A Johns Hopkins University study covering eight years of data found there are at least 250,000 malpractice deaths in the U.S. annually. CNBC reports the Johns Hopkins University study presents malpractice deaths on the low end, since other studies show malpractice deaths exceeding 400,000 a year. On the other hand, accidental gun deaths hover around 500 a year. For example, the Los Angeles Times reports there were 489 accidental gun deaths in 2015, making medical malpractice deaths over 500 times higher than deaths resulting from accidental firearm discharges.”

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In Defence of the Southpaw By Brian Simpson

     I take offence about the vilification that was given to southpaws, left handed people like me, by the following article at the so-called race realist site vDare. This site is more newsy, but its friend site, American Renaissance takes the line (which I have refuted in articles at this site), that East Asians are so much smarter than whites (Nordics). Wow, from the defenders of white civilisation too. Anyway, here is the vilification:

“A surprising number of recent US presidents have been southpaws. Obama, George W. Bush, Reagan, Carter and Ford would all have probably smudged their writing when they were at school. However, we are not evolved to be left-handed to any significant degree. According to New Zealand psychologist Michael Corballis, the human propensity to be right-handed is caused by our heightened ability to communicate. The left hemisphere controls vocalization in most species. As our ancestors learned to walk upright, they started using their hands to communicate as well as their voices. They used their right hand, because this is controlled by the left hemisphere. Increased use of the right hand meant that we started employing the right hand for pretty much everything. So, the “norm” is to be left-hemisphere-dominant for language. According to Corballis, if somebody is left-handed, this means that they are right-hemisphere dominant for language.

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The Socialist Good Eating Guide By James Reed

     Notice how in each of our cities there are always plenty of free glossy magazines around, say at community centres, usually dealing with food? How the chattering class love their food, almost as much as the chardonnay, drunk while wailing about white privilege. That’s just how it goes in cultural Marxist utopias, such as Australia. Venezuela has an even more advanced culinary culture, embodying the very best of socialist values:

“The socialist policies of the Venezuela government continue to impose a living hell on its people. Hyperinflation has turned its currency to literal garbage. Mortality rates have skyrocketed for groups such as infants, pregnant mothers, and the elderly as clinics have shut down and medicine grown scarce. Food has disappeared from store shelves forcing the population to consume pets and zoo animals. A recent poll found that 78% of Venezuelans “reported trouble keeping themselves fed.”

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Ethics and the Harvesting of Foetal Tissue By Mrs Vera West

     I came across an abstract of a paper that seemed to be mounting a case against the harvesting of foetal tissue in medicine:

     This paper looks at the moral question of the use of foetal tissue form elective abortions, where otherwise the tissue would have been discarded. Such situations always gets the utilitarians going; does this not result in a benefit/utility to society, because of the benefits of vaccines? Why waste it? I must admit, not being a quick thinking intellectual (if only we had them!), I would probably have been stumped if an opponent hit me with that reply in a public debate. So, what is the objection?

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Weird Diet and Life Style Advise from Guru Peterson By Brian Simpson

     No doubt, many people who have had weak fathers, or no fathers at all, have latched onto the Jordan Peterson steam train. And, it is not all bad, because it is better to have a 6 out of 10 role model than none at all. But, as always, there are complexities. I think it was Mrs Vera West who writes here on health and life style issues, who mentioned Peterson’s strange diet based  entirely on meat:

     I actually tried this for a few days, and got chronic constipation, so bad I felt like I was full of gravel! My doctor got me on fibre supplements, and litres of pure water, to clear the plumbing. So, after this I thought that I would read the target article a bit closer. There were some amazing things there:

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Salvini; Italians Need to Reproduce! By Richard Miller

     This one really upset the elites, who hate the thought that white folk have a right to anything except death: Italians need to have more children, not bring in African migrants, the ever-smiling Matteo Salvini has said:

“Italy’s Matteo Salvini infuriated the EU’s most senior foreign minister by declaring that Italy needs more children, not more Africans “to replace the children we’re not having”. Speaking at a conference on the European migrant crisis in Vienna, the dynamic League (Lega) leader, who became Italy’s deputy prime minister and minister of the interior after anti-establishment populists triumphed at the polls in the recent elections, said he disagreed with EU politicians “[who] say that we need immigration because the population of Europe is getting older”. “I have a completely different viewpoint,” he said. “I believe that I’m in government in order to see that our young people have the number of children that they used to a few years ago, and not to transplant the best of Africa’s youth to Europe.” Salvini’s remarks flustered nearby Jean Asselborn, who muttered “blah, blah, blah” while the  Italian was speaking. The 69-year-old Luxembourger, who is the EU’s longest-serving foreign minister — having been in post since 2004 — has previously complained that anti-mass migration parties which want to “protect Christianity” and refuse to “open the door” to Arabic-speaking Muslim migrants will “destroy Europe” with their strong border policies.”

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