Escape from Victoria? And the Multiculturalism Connection By Brian Simpson

     Will it get like the movie, Escape from New York (1981)? Maybe worse?

“Thousands of Melbourne residents have been ordered back into lockdown from Thursday as Victoria battles a second wave of coronavirus. The state government has re-imposed stay-at-home orders for 36 suburbs in ten postcodes after recording 139 new cases of the deadly virus in the past two days. After just four weeks of freedom, those residents will be banned from leaving their homes except for work and school, food shopping, giving care and daily exercise. Restaurants, gyms, pubs and all other non-essential services in the suburbs must once again close their doors. Affected businesses will be compensated with a government cash grant of $5,000. Residents from the ten postcodes will not be allowed to go on holiday and the government will announce a support package for affected tourism businesses tomorrow. The lockdown will last for four weeks and come into force from 11.59pm on Wednesday. Police will be enforcing the orders with random vehicle checks similar to random breath tests and will dish out on-the-spot fines. Premier Daniel Andrews said the lockdown was 'deeply painful' and 'damaging for businesses' but insisted that it was necessary. 'If we don't take these steps now we will be locking down every postcode,' he said.”

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On Making Us More Into Battery Chooks By James Reed

     Whooah! It looks like we are back in the corona frenzy. Just have a look at what could be down the track this time round, starting with the UK:

“Fathers cannot walk their daughter arm-in-arm down the aisle and couples must wash their hands before and after exchanging rings in post-lockdown weddings. New rules issued by the Government today also ban receptions when the ceremonies are allowed to restart with up to 30 people in England from Saturday. The plans are intend to maintain social distancing at weddings as the coronavirus pandemic continues but will reduce the big day to little more than a formality. It comes after Prime Minister Boris Johnson last week gave permission for weddings to recommence as part of a widespread easing of lockdown restrictions. More than 250,000 weddings usually take place in the UK each year, but most couples have been affected by restrictions that came into force in March. Here are some of the new rules which will make for very different weddings:

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We are All Survivalists Now! By John Steele

     I have been warning people for years that the system will be breaking down in some shape of form. That does not necessarily mean the zombie apocalypse, for the state and its thugs may continue to oppress, but we could have chaos and violence at the street level. My prediction re America have been spot on. So, the answer, apart from political financial reform, always starts at an individual level, and surely that requires the adoption of a healthy and robust survivalism. Even the mainstream media, once ultra-hostile to this idea are getting on board:

“You’ve heard of preppers, right? Survivalists? If you’ve watched TV shows like Doomsday Preppers, you know about their strange, apocalyptic beliefs: that a disaster could strike at any time, overwhelming first responders and the social safety net; that this crisis could disrupt supply chains, causing scarcity and panic and social breakdown; that authorities might invoke emergency powers and impose police curfews. Crazy theories like that. In fact, many perfectly reputable organizations – including the US federal government and the Red Cross – recommend Americans maintain extra food and emergency supplies. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (Fema) advises keeping a two-week supply of food, as well as water, batteries, medical masks, first-aid supplies and a battery- or hand-powered radio, among other things. In mainstream society, however, interest in prepping usually invites ridicule about bunkers and tin-foil hats. Preppers have spent years as the objects of our collective derision. Until now. Today, we’re all preppers – or rather, wish we had been. Non-preppers have been caught in a rain shower without an umbrella. I don’t know if preppers are laughing right now, but perhaps they’re entitled to some vindication. Now, I’m not a prepper. I am an effete quasi-intellectual with no practical skills of any kind. My current “emergency supplies” are some Hungry-Man Dinners and a liter of bourbon. If things get really bad I will finish the bourbon, lie down and wait to be eaten by stray cats. But I’ve come to respect the preppers’ ethos of survival and preparedness. One of my friends is one, or at least on the spectrum. When coronavirus hit, he wasn’t one of the millions of people scrambling for surgical masks; he already had them in his survival kit. He kept a few and gave the rest to elderly people.

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Corona Freak-Out Number 2.0 May be Resisted This Time By Chris Knight (Florida)

     Depending upon the source, we are entering round 2 of the Wuhan flu, thought by those who do some thinking still, as generated by the massive Black Lives Matter protests antifa riots. As I typed those words, a news item popped up to the right of the Word document, proclaiming Victoria having 75 new coronavirus cases, and who knows what tomorrow. Indeed, the item has just disappeared before I could even read it, I was in such a typing frenzy. Anyway, there is also no doubt that the fury seen in the BLM antifa rioting was influenced by lock-down, creating lots of manic energy that was simply waiting to be released. Any event involving a Black would have done, but the Floyd case was magic, having a white cop display brutality. Never mind about record numbers of Blacks in Chicago and Baltimore killing each other; those Black lives don’t seem to matter. With BLM in the US really getting into the 1960s revival of protests, Covid-19 cases will increase.

“Though coronavirus cases are surging in some parts of the United States, many Black Lives Matter activists are nonetheless planning sizable rallies in the near future, defying public health concerns in favor of continuing what has become a month-long streak of aggressive public activism. The surge in coronavirus cases in some parts of the country — especially Texas, Arizona and Florida — has brought with it renewed fears that any form of reopening states after months of lockdowns will bring a new wave of COVID-19 infections. The governors of Texas and Florida imposed fresh restrictions on residents this week in response to rising cases in their states, while other governors such as Washington's Jay Inslee mandated that all state residents must wear face masks while out in public.”

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Made Only with All Natural Ingredients And all the Goodness a Mother Could Give (Covid-19 Vaccine) By Mrs Vera West

     If the material below is true, perhaps we can at least reflect upon the vaccines having a high “organic’ content, although not one we would rejoice in:

“If you or someone you know is anxiously waiting for a Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine to hit the market, just know that all of the top contenders are being formulated with ingredients made from aborted human fetal cells. While the vaccines themselves will likely not contain any actual aborted fetal tissue, the additives they contain come from cell lines harvested from human babies that were murdered while still in the womb. Christians and other religious people who value human life will probably want to think twice before getting these jabs, in other words, especially if they are to remain consistent in supporting the dignity of the unborn. The nonprofit group Liberty Counsel is currently in the process of raising awareness about the use of aborted human fetal tissue in vaccine production, specifically as it relates to the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19). “As an American citizen who loves my country, my Constitution, and my right to refuse forced vaccinations, I urge you to end all consideration of mandatory vaccinations,” the Liberty Counsel campaign against forced vaccinations states.”

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The Wuhan Flu Freak-out By Brian Simpson

     What was it all for? Oh, I forgot, the New World Order on steroids. Still wasn’t it a wee bit mean to collapse the economies, put people in cages, and let them develop all sorts of mental problems? Well, I guess it will keep whole armies of psychologists in business, and we all like them, don’t we, as much as we like doctors and Big Pharma?

“Last week, Nuffield Health reported that around 80% of British people working from home now feel lockdown has had a negative impact on their mental health, while a quarter of those (25%) said they were finding it difficult to cope with the emotional challenges of isolation.

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In Praise of Saturated Fats By Mrs Vera West

     Here is a paper just published on saturated fats and cardio-vascular health, finding that reducing the intake of saturated fats, does not impact upon cardiovascular health:

“The recommendation to limit dietary saturated fatty acid (SFA) intake has persisted despite mounting evidence to the contrary. Most recent meta-analyses of randomized trials and observational studies found no beneficial effects of reducing SFA intake on cardiovascular disease (CVD) and total mortality, and instead found protective effects against stroke. Although SFAs increase low-density lipoprotein (LDL)-cholesterol, in most individuals, this is not due to increasing levels of small, dense LDL particles, but rather larger LDL which are much less strongly related to CVD risk. It is also apparent that the health effects of foods cannot be predicted by their content in any nutrient group, without considering the overall macronutrient distribution. Whole-fat dairy, unprocessed meat, eggs and dark chocolate are SFA-rich foods with a complex matrix that are not associated with increased risk of CVD. The totality of available evidence does not support further limiting the intake of such foods.”

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The Fall in Infant Mortality During the Corona Freak-Out By Mrs Vera West

     Critics of vaccination have argued that the fall in mortality from diseases such as smallpox occurred through public health measures, long before vaccines were developed. Who would have thought that a modern version of this classic anti-vaxx argument would pop up now, right in the corona madness?

“Vaccines are praised as the golden standard for saving millions of lives worldwide. That’s the promise that we are led to believe as parents ritualistically submit their infant sons and daughters to a cornucopia of state-sanctioned injections. Well-baby visits are designed to introduce up to 26 liability-free vaccinations in the baby’s first year of life, during six or more visits to a pediatrician. However, during the covid-19 lockdowns, well-baby visits were cancelled and vaccination rates plummeted as a result. More parents stayed home, nursed their babies, watched them closely, and kept them away from pediatricians. When the national emergency order was declared, provider orders for routine pediatric vaccines dropped significantly. The Vaccines for Children Program and the Vaccine Safety Data link reported a drop-off in vaccination coverage starting in the third week of March, as hundreds of thousands of parents stayed home and skipped well-baby visits. The downward trend was observed from March 23rd to the end of April for all non-influenza vaccines, especially measles-containing vaccines. If vaccines are so important for an infant to live, then why didn’t the infant death rate dramatically increase as vaccination coverage fell? The data shows that the opposite effect occurred; infant deaths actually plummeted to historic lows! In the U.S., infants mortality occurs at roughly 700 babies per week. This trend of infant death and sacrifice remained steady from 2014 to 2019. In 2020, this all changed. From early March to mid-April, infant deaths fell by 30 percent on average each week! Throughout April and into mid May, the infant mortality rate had declined to 500 on average per week.”

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Dietary Marxism By Mrs Vera West

     I don’t normally look at these race sites, but Brian emailed me this link, dealing with the carnivore diet. It is possible to live on a diet of largely meat e.g. fish, as the traditional Eskimo did, as I don’t see much by way of vegetables growing in the ice. This is called the “Inuit paradox”:

“Today, when diet books top the best-seller list and nobody seems sure of what to eat to stay healthy, it’s surprising to learn how well the Eskimo did on a high-protein, high-fat diet. Shaped by glacial temperatures, stark landscapes, and protracted winters, the traditional Eskimo diet had little in the way of plant food, no agricultural or dairy products, and was unusually low in carbohydrates. Mostly people subsisted on what they hunted and fished. Inland dwellers took advantage of caribou feeding on tundra mosses, lichens, and plants too tough for humans to stomach (though predigested vegetation in the animals’ paunches became dinner as well). Coastal people exploited the sea. The main nutritional challenge was avoiding starvation in late winter if primary meat sources became too scarce or lean. These foods hardly make up the “balanced” diet most of us grew up with, and they look nothing like the mix of grains, fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs, and dairy we’re accustomed to seeing in conventional food pyramid diagrams. How could such a diet possibly be adequate? How did people get along on little else but fat and animal protein? What the diet of the Far North illustrates, says Harold Draper, a biochemist and expert in Eskimo nutrition, is that there are no essential foods — only essential nutrients. And humans can get those nutrients from diverse and eye-opening sources.

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How Diversity and Inclusion Harms Blacks By James Reed

     This piece is interesting coming out at a time like this; how diversity and inclusion harms Blacks, with a critique by a Black academic. So, what are the elites going to do about him? Call him a white supremacist? Why not?

“Amid nationwide calls for more diversity initiatives at universities, one professor argues that these types of programs fail to address the real issues and ultimately harm minority students. In a recent interview, Henry Louis Taylor Jr., professor of urban and regional planning at the University of Buffalo, said the focus on “inclusion and diversity” on college campuses has been an excuse to avoid any actual confrontation of race issues. Taylor says that the primary issue of the century is race, and argues that society needs to bring more attention to how different organizations handle issues of race and racism.

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The Nonsense of the 1.5 Metre Rule By Brian Simpson

     We are still supposed to keep to the 1.5 metre distance rule, which is 2 metres overseas in most places. It is absurd, and as useless as teats on a bull.

“The two-metre rule has no basis in science, leading scientists have said as the Government comes under increasing pressure to drop the measure. Writing for The Telegraph, Professors Carl Heneghan and Tom Jefferson, from the University of Oxford, said there is little evidence to support the restriction and called for an end to the "formalised rules". The University of Dundee also said there was no indication that distancing at two metres is safer than one metre. The intervention comes as two Government ministers suggested on Monday that the rule is likely to be relaxed following a review commissioned by Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister.”

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Hey! Thanks for My Neurosis! By Chris Knight

     I guess we should not complaint too much about the state locking us all up in our kennels and pig pens for months at end, since come November, America gets a senile president who will have his shaking fingers on the nuclear bombs’ buttons. Oh, that was only a problem with Trump, was it, the Dumocrats say? Anyway, everyone I know now has psychological problems from lock down, including my psychologist. This thus generates a vicious infinite regression, where ultimately nobody can be cured as everyone is crazy.

“A third of Americans are showing signs of clinical anxiety or depression, Census Bureau data shows, the most definitive and alarming sign yet of the psychological toll exacted by the coronavirus pandemic. When asked questions normally used to screen patients for mental health problems, 24 percent showed clinically significant symptoms of major depressive disorder and 30 percent showed symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder. The findings suggest a huge jump from before the pandemic. For example, on one question about depressed mood, the percentage reporting such symptoms was double that found in a 2014 national survey. The troubling statistics were released last week in a tranche of data from the Census Bureau. The agency launched an emergency weekly survey of U.S. households at the end of April to measure the pandemic’s effects on employment, housing, finances, education and health. Some groups have been hit harder than others. Rates of anxiety and depression were far higher among younger adults, women and the poor. The worse scores in young adults were especially notable, given that the virus has been more likely to kill the elderly or leave them critically ill.

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The Lives of Elderly Whites, Apparently Don’t Matter By Chris Knight

     This punk can be seen pushing over 92-year old women; she falls and strikes a fire hydrant, he walks away, making a quick backwards glance to assess his handiwork.

“Cops have since arrested Rashid Brimmage, 31, who has 103 prior arrests. He has been charged with assault. A tweet from the NYPD on Tuesday morning said the assault suspect 'pushed a 92-year-old female to the ground causing her to strike her head on a fire hydrant'.”

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Rioting Doctors and Nurses Now By Richard Miller

     The hospitals were in semi-lockdown so that many medicos and nurses spent time posting dance videos to YouTube, and ridiculous ones at that. And now in France, the medics are rioting for more pay, as rioting is the thing to do today, and the French were into this long before it became trendy to burn everything down, with the blessings of corporate capitalism, elsewhere in the West:

“A march by French health workers calling for better pay and working conditions because of the Coronavirus crisis descended into street violence in Paris on Tuesday. Riot police used tear gas and baton charges as they fought with protesters by Les Invalides in the centre of the city on Tuesday afternoon. By 4pm there had been 16 arrests, and 'disturbances were ongoing,' said a spokesman for the Paris police prefecture. Thousands including doctors and nurses had taken to the streets to rally for a better deal from the government. 'It appears that the main march was infiltrated by radicals who wanted to take on the police,' said one of the protesters. 'They began throwing missiles at officers, who responded in a manner that was very heavy handed.' A car was turned over at one point, with demonstrators hiding behind it as they goaded the police. Hundreds of youths then made their way on to the large grass field in front of Les Invalides, where some of the worst fighting took place. There, police snatch squads could be seen rushing into the crowd to make arrests, as tear gas swirled everywhere. Fires were also started in waste bins.”

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Vaccination and the Loss of Health Freedom: A Review By Mrs Vera West

     Dr Judy Wilyman, has published her controversial PhD thesis done at the University of Wollongong in 2015, entitled A Critical Analysis of the Australian Government’s Rationale for Immunisation Policy. The book is entitled Vaccination: Australia’s Loss of Health Freedom: A Critical Analysis of the Australian Government’s Rationale for its Vaccination Policy (Vaccination Decisions, 2020). The opening quote on the endorsement page well sums up the controversy at the time, which I covered; her thesis supervisor Professor Brian Martin is quoted; “I have studied issues of intellectual freedom for many years; never have I heard of a campaign more relentless and abusive than the one against Judy.” Right he is too; there was an organised attempt to prevent her getting, then keeping, the PhD by various forces, that will not be named here, because of sheer fear. And the media went along for the ride, smearing her good name and qualifications. It was all pretty disgusting. But I still wondered why they were so upset, at the level of utter mouth-foaming madness. Reading the book, I now understand since this is the most comprehensive critique of vaccination ideology I have read.

    The book has three forewords that sum up the thesis of the book; that vaccination legislation is produced by the influence of Big Pharma; “Vaccine manufacturers can literally put any chemical they want into a vaccine and the FDA has nothing to say about it” including mercury/ thimerosal (US), and aluminium; and that issues of safety, including autism and vaccination induced injuries, are downplayed. “Science has been blinded by false narratives and kept in the dark on vaccination risk” (p.v) Alarmingly, and showing the illusion of scientific objectivity today, vaccine manufacturers “ghost write” publications and studies, and pay medical professionals to put their names to it, fraudulently. The studies then appear in pharmaceutically sponsored journals, leading to doctors and governments recommending the vaccines as a matter of fact.

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Haemophilia Holocaust: A Review By Mrs Vera West

     I have just finished reading Haemophilia Holocaust: A Story of Medical and Bureaucratic Denial, Incompetence and Corruption, (Updated edition, 2020), by Dr Richard Davis, and it is a gripping read. The book deals with the not-well publicised issue of the contamination of the Australian blood supply, leading to 8,000 Australians being infected with Hepatitis C and 2,500 with HIV. However, Australia’s Tainted Blood Action Group, believes that up to 20,000 Australians were infected, making this a “holocaust” (p. v)

     Contaminated blood issues occurred in many other countries, including China, where it apparently is still a problem. In the US, there were settlements of $ 100,000 each for haemophiliacs who were infected. The main issue was the importation of foreign plasma, which was contaminated, much of it coming from prison populations, notorious for blood-borne infections. While the issue has been dealt with overseas, no major review of the tainted blood issue has occurred in Australia (p. viii) This is shocking since up to 50 percent of haemophiliacs had been infected with HIV.

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Universities and the Corporate Cargo Cult of Anti-Racism by James Reed

     The mad globalism that stands behind the modern universities as their raison d’étre, has led to the Australian universities pushing to get their sacred overseas students back. And back they are a coming. Never mind that China looks like having yet another corona outbreak, this time, but who cares, it’s the money, bunny. Well, the logical conclusion of the international student racket is not to have any local students at all, really. If all it is about is making money, more money comes from fee paying international students than locals, and the Chinese all become migrants anyway, so no more locals. Yes, do it, shut down youth, show us what you are made of oh Dark Lords of Mordor! Have the guts! That will make the young folk happy, being instantly gutted, but that is just the Great Replacement, so get used to it! Why, we may even seem some interesting protests! Nay, not really, not by Aussies, surely.

     Anyway, the Covid-19 virus is not the only bug in the modern university system:

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Straight from the Journal, Nature By Brian Simpson

     Science wants to be trendy too; this is a lesson that the IQ fetish crowd over at American Renaissance should start learning, that IQ is no defence against the converging catastrophes of race and diversity, and in fact, only intensifies them:

“Black people are more likely than white people to die at the hands of the police; more likely to become unemployed; and, as COVID-19 has laid bare, more likely to be burdened with ill health. Black people are similarly marginalized in most nations where they are in the minority.”     That is due to universal racism. But why universal racism in the first place? And, is Nature right that Blacks are more likely to die at the hands of police than Whites, so waaah, Racism? No:

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China to Make Genetically Engineered Super-Soldiers; Australia to Make Ginger Bread Men! By James Reed

     China is getting down and making all of those comic book dreams, or nightmares true, with genetically engineered super-soldiers.

“China may be planning to genetically-modify its soldiers for an army of Terminator-style super troops, a defence think tank has warned. Experts at Rusi say GM soldiers could be faster, stronger and cleverer than their battlefield opponents and even feel no pain. Their DNA could also be adapted to help them recover more quickly from injuries or give them superior hearing and night vision. Rusi’s Professor John Louth said: “The threat is obvious and real. Chinese money could be stealing a march on western armed forces and that is deeply concerning.” The warning comes after Chinese scientist He Jiankui said he used gene-editing technology to make GM babies. “GM technology is proven with plants, it could absolutely be applied to the person,” Prof Louth added. “In China, it is reasonable to assume that they are enhancing their battlefield soldiers on all these fronts.” China jailed Dr Jiankui for “illegal medical practices” over his claims to have made three babies immune to HIV.”

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Milk is Racist Now (Anything White, Like Snow Etc) By James Reed

     Well, they have not condemned all white objects in the universe, or even the colour white, but it will come. At the moment, milk is coming in for a politically correct hammering:

“A top plant-based doctor has explained to the 2020 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee why its dairy recommendations are racist. The Advisory Committee, which is comprised of nationally recognized nutrition and medical researchers, academics, and practitioners, updates the guidelines every five years. It invites experts to speak and share current scientific and medical evidence in nutrition.

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