Digital Passport: Sure Sign of the Beast By Mrs Vera West

     The globalist elites have not wasted time charging ahead with their totalitarian agenda, milking Covid-1984 for all it is worth. Why one could be forgiven for seeing it as not God’s, as Jane Fonda thinks, but technocracies gift to Leftist globalism. Now we have an electronic passport that They are testing at the airports, but guess where this is going to lead?

“Starting next week, two major airlines, United and Cathay Pacific, will start trials at Heathrow, London with new smartphone software that acts as a digital health passport for travelers. “CommonPass,” which at present offers travelers the possibility of carrying digital proof of a recent negative COVID-19 test, aims to include proof of vaccination when this becomes available, allowing passengers simply to cross borders and board commercial flights by letting a QR code be scanned on their personal mobile phone. CommonPass, dubbed the “world’s first COVID passport” by the London Daily Mail, was developed by “the Commons Project,” a “nonprofit public trust established to build platforms and services to make life better for people around the world,” and “Unlocking the full potential of technology and data for the common good.” Its main page reveals that it “was established with support from the Rockefeller Foundation.” The CommonPass itself was developed by the Commons Project with help from the World Economic Forum (WEF), under whose guidance top government and corporate leaders foregather yearly at the Davos summit in Switzerland to talk about global – and global governance – issues. The CommonPass is being touted as a state-of-the-art application that will allow people all over the world to resume air travel in “pre-COVID” proportions by giving authorities in all countries access to secure and verified information that will be difficult to forge, while at the same time permitting traveler identification. Passengers themselves, the (WEF) underscores in a promotional video, will enjoy the “privacy” CommonPass affords them, as they will only share determined health information.

The truth of the matter suggested by this new worldwide app is, of course, that global rules with global implementation will allow control of all potential travelers (from country to country, from city to city) with regard to their COVID-19 status. At present, a “positive” test effectively prohibits travelers from crossing certain borders and boarding certain aircraft, even if the results were obtained by the notoriously inaccurate PCR test (or nose swab) that identifies a large proportion of past infections long after a person has ceased to be contagious. The World Economic Forum and other international bodies are making it increasingly clear that when a vaccine is developed, it will most probably be made a prerequisite for travel. This is not a completely unprecedented situation: a number of subtropical countries require a yellow fever vaccination certificate to allow travelers into their borders. The novelty is that the COVID-19 vaccine, if and when it comes, will pose many questions, and not only medical ones. On the one hand, it appears improbable that proper safety testing will have been completed given the rush to commercialize the shot as quickly as possible. Also, its efficiency against a mutating virus is anything but certain. Besides, COVID-19 has a low lethality rate as compared with other diseases such as yellow fever. The moral issue is a much more serious one. In a recent interview with LifeSite, Bishop Athanasius Schneider warned that Christians have an obligation to refuse the COVID vaccine if it is derived from aborted babies. He spoke of his fears and “suspicions” regarding this bleak scenario: “The vaccine will be imposed and obligatory – so that you cannot work, travel, go to school without it, obliging the entire population to receive the vaccine, but the only vaccine will be that made with cells from aborted babies. Perhaps they will not accept other vaccines, and they will lie, saying that these are not effective, that the only effective vaccine will be from aborted babies. I am not affirming now that this will happen, but it is my suspicion: it appears to me realistic that this could come. This is for me the last step of Satanism: that Satan and the world government – ultimately the masonic world government – will oblige all, even the Church, to accept abortion in this way. And therefore, we must resist very strongly against this, if it comes. We must even accept to be martyrs.”

     Yes, this is another reason for concern about the Covid-1984 vaccine, and I would not be surprised to find that it is cooked up from aborted foetal tissue, but we are yet to know for sure, but the truth will (eventually) out: Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice, 2.2. 74



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Thursday, 20 June 2024

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