The Scientific Mistake of the Lockdowns By Brian Simpson

     While the Victorian government controls virtually all our bodily functions now, including bowel movements, in some cases literally, a leading UK scientist has stated that the lockdowns were a scientific mistake:

“A scientific advisor to the UK government says the coronavirus lockdown was a “panic measure” and a “monumental mistake on a global scale.” Infectious diseases expert and University of Edinburgh professor Mark Woolhouse acknowledged that the decision to lockdown in March was a “crude measure” that was enacted because “we couldn’t think of anything better to do.” “Lockdown was a panic measure and I believe history will say trying to control Covid-19 through lockdown was a monumental mistake on a global scale, the cure was worse than the disease,” said Woolhouse, who is now calling on the government to unlock society before more damage is done. “I never want to see national lockdown again,” he added. “It was always a temporary measure that simply delayed the stage of the epidemic we see now. It was never going to change anything fundamentally.” The professor asserts that the impact of the response to coronavirus will be worse than the virus itself. “I believe the harm lockdown is doing to our education, health care access, and broader aspects of our economy and society will turn out to be at least as great as the harm done by COVID-19,” said Woolhouse. Richard Sullivan, professor of cancer at King’s College London, previously warned that there will be more excess cancer deaths over the next 5 years than the number of people who die from coronavirus in the UK due to the disruption caused by the coronavirus lockdown, which is preventing cancer victims from getting treatment. Figures also show that there were more excess deaths during the 2017-18 flu season (around 50,000) than the total number of people in the UK who have died from coronavirus (41,433). However, a survey conducted last month found that Brits thought around 7 per cent of the population, 5 million people, had been killed by COVID-19.”

     However, from the perspective of New World Order globalist totalitarian tyranny, the lockdowns were a necessary step in bashing the population into submission, getting them into a Pavlovian conditioning response to whatever the government, and the dark shadows behind the governments, order. Indeed, some think that the lockdowns will continue forever, maybe until the sun goes out, or the universe dies of heat death:

“A former chief scientific adviser has warned that coronavirus will be present 'forever' and people are likely to need regular vaccinations against it. Professor Sir Mark Walport, who is a member of the Government's Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage), said that, like flu, repeat inoculations will be required to control outbreaks - but Covid-19 will never be 'eradicated by vaccination' like smallpox was. His stark warning comes amid fears that the country could see a second national lockdown if it sees a rise in cases like Spain - a move Professor Walport did not rule out entirely. Speaking to BBC Radio 4's Today programme, he said: 'This is a virus that is going to be with us forever in some form or another and almost certainly will require repeated vaccinations,' he said. 'So, a bit like flu, people will need re-vaccination at regular intervals.' The scientist also warned that it is 'possible' the virus will get 'out of control' again, but said more targeted measures can now be used instead of a generic lockdown. He added: 'People have argued very strongly that applying generic lockdowns isn't the answer. Initially it had to be the case but now we can be much more targeted in the approach.' Asked if Britain will never see another wide-spread lockdown again, he replied: 'Never is a very strong word. The whole point is to improve the local control, increase the amount of testing, give guidance to avoid that happening. 'But is there a situation where it could get out of control? Well obviously that's possible.' Local lockdowns in Manchester and Leicester have already been implemented, with households in Oldham and Blackburn to be banned from meeting in each others' homes from midnight. Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham said avoiding another national lockdown depends on 'getting NHS Test and Trace working and also getting the government working with us at a local level.' He added: 'It’s going to be a really tough few months ahead of us, I don’t think we’ve seen the worst of it yet. ‘The toughest time is yet to come with this virus, and we are all going to have to get ready for it.’

     What? The toughest time is yet to come! You mean to say that all the “fun” times are ahead of us! Lockdowns forever?



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Tuesday, 26 September 2023

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