Millions to Die? Sure, Sure By Brian Simpson

     We have heard this all before; millions to die, the zombie apocalypse is here. Quick, take away what remains of our freedom to make us safe! Oh, it has already gone you say?

“If the COVID-19 pandemic hasn't wreaked enough havoc in the world already, things are going to get a lot worse, if the United Nations' World Food Programme (WFP) is to be believed. According to this body, which tries to deal with food shortages around the globe, the number of people unable to earn enough to feed themselves will cause a huge spike in malnutrition by the end of this year. "All the data we have, including WFP, forecast that the number of people experiencing malnutrition will grow by 80 percent by the end of the year, ... (this) points to a real disaster," the Executive Director of WFP David Beasley said. This would only be the primary effect of COVID-19 on those sections of the society who are vulnerable to food shortage. Beasley explained that the long-term effects of the disruption caused by the pandemic will aggravate the situation even more in the coming years. "Obviously social tensions will grow, migration will increase, conflicts will escalate and hunger will likely affect those who didn't experience it before," the top UN official warned. This will have devastating consequences. "Many will die, children will suffer from the consequences of malnutrition for many years, and the world will lose all the progress made in fighting hunger over the past decade," he added in an interaction with Russian news agency TASS.

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A Covid-19 Back Track By Brian Simpson

     In the early days, I gave the Wuhan flu the benefit of the doubt, reporting on all sides of the issue, but I became highly sceptical when entire economies were levelled. Where were the bodies lining the streets, 1918-style? I have followed Mike Adams, Health Ranger on his journey along the same path. Here he is today:

“Notice how the mainstream media has stopped talking about coronavirus “deaths” and shifted to coronavirus “cases?” That’s because the term “cases” is a misnomer. Any person who tests positive for the coronavirus is now considered a “case.” So as more testing is being conducted, more “cases” are emerging. But I’ve got news for the corrupt medical establishment: Testing positive for a virus does not create a “case” of illness. As every doctor and virologist knows, a “case” is only established when a person has:

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Too Fat to Vaccinate? By Mrs Vera West

     I did not know this, yesterday, but today I am not surprised … the obese will have problems with vaccines, and problems with most things.

“The medical-industrial complex is making life so miserable for the average American in response to the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) that once a vaccine is unveiled to make it all go away, hordes of mindless sheep will line right up to take it. But new research suggests that fat people will likely not benefit from any future injections because vaccines only work on skinny people, apparently. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, obesity directly interferes with the ability of pretty much all vaccines to do their job, meaning fat people may as well not even take them. Oh, the system still wants everyone to get jabbed, of course, but the latest claim is that fat people will not derive as much benefit from chemical injections as thinner people. “Will we have a COVID vaccine next year tailored to the obese? No way,” says Raz Shaikh, an associate professor of nutrition at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, about what the obese population can expect once Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines are unleashed. “Will it still work in the obese? Our prediction is no.” Shaikh is basing this assessment largely on a study out of China, which found that heavier people who test positive for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) tend to get sicker or die at higher rates compared to thinner people who test positive. The fatter you are, in other words, the more likely you are to develop serious complications or die while infected with the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19). Here in the United States, experts likewise claim that obese patients at ICUs in numerous major cities are suffering worse outcomes compared to thinner patients. The reason, it would seem, is that being fat interferes with the body’s natural immune response, causing it to be less efficient or fail at keeping a person healthy and disease-free.

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Vaccines: Reading the Fine Print By Mrs Vera West

     It is interesting to read the print outs inside almost all medicine packages, you find a long list of possible side effects. This is good legal protection, warning consumers of the most likely risks. Well, doesn’t that principle apply to vaccines?

“Children’s Health Defense (CHD) has compiled a post-marketing data summary of more than three dozen vaccines routinely administered to young children as part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) official schedule, revealing a number of shocking truths about the dangers associated with vaccination that the medical establishment largely withholds or makes difficult for people to access. Unless parents look very closely at the vaccine package insert published after the government issues approval for a given vaccine, they will never know the full extent to which getting their children jabbed puts their health and well-being at risk. This is information that one would think should be made publicly available before vaccines are even approved, but that sadly only comes after they are widely distributed to children. “In April, 2020, Children’s Health Defense summarized the postmarketing data for over three dozen vaccines given routinely to American infants, children and adolescents,” CHD reports. “That tally showed that vaccines touted for the prevention of 13 illnesses  have been linked to at least 217 adverse medical outcomes reported post-licensure, including serious infections, autoimmune conditions, life-threatening allergies and death.” Vaccine manufacturers can choose not to list the worst post-marketing data that might deter parents from vaccinating. As shocking as this might be, it gets worse. Not only is post-marketing data for vaccines difficult to find, but it, too, is often incomplete because vaccine manufacturers have the freedom to choose which outcomes to list or not list, “using loose criteria determined by severity, frequency of reporting and ‘strength of evidence for a causal relationship,'” CHD further notes.

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Killing Covid-19: Ivermectin? By Brian Simpson

     I first saw reference to the drug ivermectin on a freedom site. But, let’s be different and go mainstream beginning with this university site, eh?,-Ivermectin,-eliminates-SARS-CoV-2-in-cells-in-48-hours

•    “Do NOT self-medicate with Ivermectin and do NOT use Ivermectin intended for animals. Read the FDA caution online.
•    Whilst shown to be effective in the lab environment, Ivermectin cannot be used in humans for COVID-19 until further testing and clinical trials have been completed to establish the effectiveness of the drug at levels safe for human dosing.
•    For any medical questions you have about your health, please consult your health care provider.
•    The potential use of Ivermectin to combat COVID-19 remains unproven, and depends on pre-clinical testing and clinical trials to progress the work.
•    A Monash University-led study has shown that an anti-parasitic drug already available around the world can kill the virus within 48 hours in cell culture.
•    Scientists showed that a single dose of the drug, Ivermectin, could stop the SARS-CoV-2 virus growing in cell culture.
•    The next steps are to determine the correct human dosage – ensuring the doses shown to effectively treat the virus in vitro are safe for humans.
•    The use of Ivermectin to combat COVID-19 depends on pre-clinical testing and clinical trials, with funding urgently required to progress the work.
•    Ivermectin is an FDA-approved anti-parasitic drug that has also been shown to be effective in vitro against a broad range of viruses including HIV, Dengue, Influenza and Zika virus.
•    This Monash University-led collaborative study was published in Antiviral Research, a peer-reviewed medical journal published by Elsevier. Please see the study DOI here:

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The Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccine for Australia By Mrs Vera West

     Assembled below is some reading on Sco Mo, or whatever the bozzo is called, advocation of mandatory vaccination for all Australians, apart from medical exemptions. Already this has been enormously controversial, so it seems likely, that when a vaccine is ready to be pumped into human lab rats, Centrelink recipients will be the first test case, since no jab, no pay/play got through, so it will eventually move to the New Zealand line of no jab, no freedom, then no doubt to no jab, no oxygen. No sooner had the electrons dried on the cyber-page, then I heard that Mo has backed away from compulsory vaccination. Overnight he was hammered by criticism, so we will have to wait and see what happens. No doubt he will pick on soft target like Centrelink recipients at some point, having had a victory with the no jab, no oxygen policy. Anyway, here is Andrew bolt on this issue:

“Sky News host Andrew Bolt says while he would probably take a potential coronavirus vaccine, he sure as hell doesn’t want to be forced to take one by a government that has made so many mistakes dealing with the virus. “No government should have a right to stick drugs in your arm,” Mr Bolt said. “It seems to me that Morrison – and many of our political leaders have gone power mad in this virus panic”. Following public backlash, Prime Minister Scott Morrison wound back comments about making the COVID-19 vaccine "as mandatory as possible". The Prime Minister appeared on Sydney radio confirming vaccines would not be made compulsory. The federal government said it would like to see a 95 per cent uptake in any vaccine rollout to ensure herd immunity could be achieved. Mr Bolt said Mr Morrison “sounded like he realised he's gone too far”.

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Coronavirus Australia: Deputy CMO Nick Coatsworth reveals possible restrictions for refusing vaccine

     The latest: Scott Morrison has back-pedalled a little on "mandatory vaccines”, but his government is now talking about using stazi-like pressure tactics to induce people to take the coronavirus vaccine. If you don't obey and do what you are told and violate your own physical/psychological integrity as a rational and free being, you could possibly be prohibited from international and interstate travel, public transport, and possibly barred from places of employment, gyms, restaurants, pubs, nightclubs, etc. Such tactics still violate the basic medical ethical principle of informed consent and refusal, and the Nuremberg Code, which was introduced after WWII to prevent these sorts of totalitarian measures from ever again being adopted against a population. I can't believe that this is even being discussed seriously. I have to tell my fellow Australians: this is NOT normal. Don't stand for it. What the government is talking about doing (and what they have already done with "no jab, no pay") puts into question one of the very fundamental principles of Western Civilization: the security of the person, the right to physical and psychological integrity, and free choice over one's own body and being. As this line is being crossed, anything becomes possible.

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Covert Moral Enhancement By Bruce Bennett (Former New Zealander)

     I received an email referring me to this article by H. P. McLovincraft, no doubt an allusion to the author H. P. Lovecraft (1890-1937), cosmic gothic horror writer, and I suppose what is happening with the Covid-19 freak-out is a gothic horror, too. But, after all that work, I see that the original article is from the offguardian, so I was off guard(ian).

“Happy Pills in our water to make us proper cooperative citizens? “Covert moral enhancement” to produce “superior post-persons”? That is literally “Soma” from Huxley’s Brave New World. It can’t be satirized or exaggerated. It is the very zenith of dystopian horror. And it is being seriously suggested by research scientists in apparently respectable publications. This may be just one article in a comparatively small (and murkily funded) magazine, but that’s how it starts. Of course, it also further feeds into the stream of propaganda which seeks to dehumanise those who express dissent. We’ve already been told that “defectors” are more likely to be narcissists or psychopaths, and seen them subject to police brutality with total impunity. New Zealand are setting up “quarantine centres” where you will have to stay “indefinitely” if you refuse  to be tested. And now it’s being seriously posited that those who refuse to comply should be subject to covert medication to render them more malleable to the “public good”.

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The New Covid-19 Vaccine: What Could Possibly Go Wrong? By Mrs Vera West

     The forthcoming, we suppose, BNT162 vaccine is based on BioNTech’s  mRNA technology and target antigen. As a press release states: The data demonstrates that BNT162b1 is able to produce neutralizing antibodies in humans at or above the levels observed in the plasma from patients who have recovered from COVID-19 … Local reactions and systemic events were dose-dependent, generally mild to moderate, and transient. No serious adverse events were reported.”

     Here is a contrary view from Dr Mercola:

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The Guts of the Gut By Mrs Vera West

     It seems that both depression and high blood pressure may have a gut link. It is seeming that the gut is as important as the brain, and is probably a second brain, almost as important, linked to the central nervous system in a holistic way:

“A recent study found that gut health is linked to high blood pressure and depression after identifying key differences in gut bacterial patterns among individuals with the conditions and healthy individuals. The preliminary study presented at the American Heart Association‘s Hypertension Scientific Sessions also found that high blood pressure might take different forms – one that is accompanied by depression and one that is not. Given the findings, the researchers said that targeting gut bacteria may prevent and selectively treat hypertension with or without depression. “In the future, health professionals may target your gut in order to prevent, diagnose and selectively treat different forms of high blood pressure,” said Bruce R. Stevens, lead author of the study and professor of physiology & functional genomics, medicine and psychiatry at the University of Florida College of Medicine.

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The Coming Killing Fields By Mrs Vera West

     A most alarming take on things by Mike Adams, but at this point I have read so much bad news that I am uncomfortably numb:

“Every person who has signed up to be tested for covid-19 — or who runs a contact tracing app on their mobile device — is being funneled into a government database that will soon be used to hunt people down for forced vaccinations. What the Democrats want is armed vaccination teams going from private home to private home, forcing people to be vaccinated at gunpoint, or kidnapping them and taking them to FEMA-like “quarantine camps” for processing. (In reality, they are being taken to death camps for executions, see below…) There’s also credible evidence that some of the covid-19 test swabs have already been inoculated with the virus itself in order to spread the outbreak. They are spreading it on purpose, just like they did in Disneyland. Yes, the virus is real, and they have weaponized it against humanity. We know how to beat the virus now, using things like green tea and zinc, but the virus is very real and quite deadly to people who are nutritionally deficient and immune suppressed. Still, the masses of the world do not yet realize what’s coming. As usual, they awakened too late to the horrors that they ignored for too long. They let Big Tech, Big Media and Big (left-wing) Government gain too much power, to the point where the institutions are now the enemies of humanity. And so the ignorant, clueless masses will be systematically culled if the Democrats and globalists get their way. They will be lined up and forcibly injected with “vaccines” that are little more than kill shots, engineered with mRNA strands to turn your body into its own suicide bomb (autoimmune disorders). They will obediently line up at food banks where vaccinations are required to receive free food, and they will take the shot (mark of the beast) in exchange for a bag of toxic, processed food that’s laced with deadly pesticides and herbicides (because the food supply has long been a primary vector of killing humanity). And they will celebrate the LGBT genital mutilation of their own children, while murdering their babies in abortion centers and cheering Joe Biden’s mental incapacity as some sort of “progressive genius.” Yes, they are clinically insane. They want to rule the world, and they can’t wait to mass murder 90% of the human population to “save the planet” from humanity. These are not wild theories… these are their own public admissions. These are demons walking the Earth, and they seek to destroy as many human beings as possible as they destroy themselves in the process.”

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Melbourne: A Ghost Town Police State By Edward Kelly and John Wesley Hardin

     Someone wrote about ghost towns? As classic outlaws, that is our thing, having known many over the hundred and forty or so years we have been alive, John having had many a gun fight in the dusty streets, while tumble weeds, tumbled and six shooters, rumbled. The title is culled, we prefer highway robbery metaphors though, from Robert Bridge, so it looks like some information about what is going down in Melbourne is getting out to the wider world, probably by Indian smoke signals.

“The citizens of Australia’s second most populous city are suffering under the harshest lockdown conditions of all Western democracies. Their voices need to be heard. In the last several weeks, Melbourne has introduced shockingly draconian anti-Covid measures, imposed on the metropolis of some 5 million souls. What tragedy was responsible for spurring officials to leap into action? To blame was a fractional uptick in the number of coronavirus deaths – seven to be exact, and all involving citizens above the age of 70 years old. The media jumped on the “new single-day record in Victoria,” which brought the state death toll to 56. I repeat, 56, and the overwhelming majority of those cases involved elderly people in nursing facilities, some of which are under investigation for their handling of patients. While it goes without saying that elderly lives matter, do seven elderly deaths really warrant the shutdown of one of Australia’s busiest cities? Despite the extremely low death rate, Melbourne residents – or shall we call them what they really are, prisoners – must adhere to the following rules:

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Lessons in Social Distancing By Expert Anti-Social Uncle Len

     Like this super journo Jim Goad, I have already been a social distancing kind of guy for all my life. In school even, the bullies kept their distance from me, because I was dirty, and they were scared of me. Scared of catching something really nasty. Most of the time I spent outside the classroom because I smelt so bad. So, I did not learn much at school, only learning the basics of reading and writing when I was able to use a computer at the community centre a few years ago. As for maths, I can count like this: one, two three … too many… Today, I pretty much live in my shed, much as I have for the past ten years. But I would be happy enough as a totally homeless person, sleeping rough say in derelict buildings, building sites, or parklands. The Coviddo bug never worried me much. We at the bottom of the wheelie bin, who have nothing, have nothing to lose. We are free.

Panic: Pandemic Drone This Way Comes! By Brian Simpson

     There! Up in the sky! It is a bird! No, it’s a plane! No, it’s superman! No, it is a spy drone.

“If you don't feel comfortable signing up to the Government's COVIDSafe tracking app, then you probably won't be happy to hear about the pandemic drone. Key points:

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We Will Wear Masks, Forever By Brian Simpson

     With universal vaccination on the agenda, basically using the thugs of the system to do the job, the new class are falling over themselves to advocate compulsory vaccination:

“To win the war against the novel coronavirus that has killed nearly 163,000 people in this country, the only answer is compulsory vaccination — for all of us. And while the measures that will be necessary to defeat the coronavirus will seem draconian, even anti-American to some, we believe that there is no alternative. Simply put, getting vaccinated is going to be our patriotic duty. The reason: When an effective vaccine is available for COVID-19, it will only defeat the pandemic if it is widely used, creating “herd immunity.” It is important to note that during an epidemic, there is no threshold above which the protection conferred by herd immunity cannot be improved. Thus, the more people who are immunized, the lower the risk for all of us, including those who are not vaccinated.  Nor is there an alternative to vaccine-induced herd immunity in a pandemic. Relying on enough people becoming infected and then immune is dangerous, as exemplified by the Swedish experience where the COVID-19 mortality rate exceeds that of its more cautious neighbors. Broad induction of immunity in the population by immunization will be necessary to end this pandemic. In simple terms, a refusal to be vaccinated threatens the lives of others.”

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Home-Grown Sunscreen By Mrs Vera West

     Well, blow me over, or give me a good roasting in the sun, because your body, and mine, can produce sunscreen.

“According to a study published in April 2020 via the journal Nature Communications, genes present within the human body are capable of not only producing Vitamin D when the body is hit with sunlight, but the genes also have the potential to produce a natural sunscreen. You read that right: the human body is to a certain extent capable of producing its own sunscreen, thanks to some of the same genes that assist with Vitamin D production. But what about skin cancer? This find is in stark contrast to the old harping voice of the sunscreen industry, which maintains that sunlight can cause skin cancer and things of that nature.  While it’s provable that the massive array of frequencies contained within sunlight contains ultra-high frequency radiation, things that are thought to cause skin cancer and the like. However, is it possible that back in the last several decades of the 20th century, when so many people were getting skin cancer and having holes cut out of their backs to treat it, that sunlight wasn’t the primary agitating factor? Nowadays, it certainly is less common to encounter young people with holes cut in their backs due to skin cancer. Personally, both my grandfathers had just that, holes cut in their backs due to skin cancer. However, one thing I know about their lives, is that they lived and breathed DDT and other carcinogenic chemicals which utterly drenched the common American household back in that day. Some believe that environmental carcinogens in household products, pesticides, herbicides, and the like had more to do with skin cancer back then than sunlight. Supplementation of Vitamin D is more difficult than some vitamins, with a proper balance to Vitamin A necessary, to really get its full benefits if consumed via a supplement. Cod liver oil is said to be a great Vitamin D supplement, because of its natural balance between Vitamin D and Vitamin A.

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WHO Puppet of China By Brian Simpson

     The role of China in allowing the Covid-19 pandemic to get rolling in the first place is slowly being pushed down the memory hole, even though the lock downs could well be setting the world on the path to World War III. The World Health Organization is not even going to investigate China’s role; if it was the US, you can be sure that these New World Order types would be screaming from the mountain tops.

“The World Health Organisation announced Monday that it will not be visiting the Wuhan Institute of Virology during its investigation into the origins of the coronavirus, despite the fact that the lab held samples of coronavirus that were almost exactly the same as that which caused a global pandemic. The WHO stated that its mission will only seek to “advance the understanding of animal hosts for Covid-19 and ascertain how the disease jumped between animals and humans”. As The Independent notes, the announcement suggests that the theory of the virus being modified or leaking from the lab in Wuhan has already been completely discounted by the WHO. In addition, the body has refused to provide any details of the locations it will be visiting during its investigation in China. As The Independent report notes, “It had previously emerged the lab had held a coronavirus sample that was 96.2 per cent the same as Covid-19 for almost a decade. This prompted speculation about the origin of the virus…” Several prominent researchers and scientists have also noted that the lab must be investigated given this fact. It also previously emerged that the Wuhan Institute of Virology took a shipment of some of the world’s deadliest pathogens just weeks before the outbreak of the coronavirus. It is also known that the lab was tampering with natural pathogens and mutating them to become more infectious. Intelligence figures across the globe have also called for the Wuhan lab to be investigated. The latest development comes amid reports that Chinese virologists have fled Hong Kong and effectively defected to the West with evidence against the Chinese Communist Party concerning its role in the COVID-19 pandemic. The WHO previously complained that it had ‘not been invited’ by China to investigate the outbreak, and has continually been criticised for propping up Communist Party talking points.”

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DNA Warping Covid-19 Vaccines? Yum! I Want to be a Vaccine Pin Cushion! By Brian Simpson

     I hope that you are as excited as me about the prospects of having an endless number of highly tested Covid-19 vaccines pumped into your blood stream? Surely there is not much to go wrong here?

“The current push underway to develop a vaccine against COVID-19 in record time has many medical professionals concerned, even those who are normally in favor of vaccines. One of the big areas of worry related to the effort is DNA damage. Internal medicine specialist Dr. Carrie Madej posted a video online recently in which she outlined her concerns about a vaccine. She explained that human DNA is not fixed. People’s genes can be reprogrammed and turned off and on to bring about changes in the body that can improve their health – or compromise it. Stress, diet and toxins can reprogram our genes, as can the lab-created genetically modified cell lines that are used in developing vaccines. This leads Dr. Madej to wonder at which point a person is no longer themselves after drugs or vaccines have changed their DNA. Since it’s possible to patent genetically modified material, can a human whose DNA has been changed using a patented drug be considered a genetically modified organism that can also be patented and owned? Such a vaccine would work very differently from traditional vaccines. These new mRNA vaccines essentially tell human cells to create the properties of an infectious organism. In the case of COVID-19, the vaccine places genetic instructions taken from coronavirus into human cells, prompting the cells’ ribosomes to generate infectious spike proteins. This would spur the immune system to attack the body’s proteins and spring B cell antibodies into action. Even though this process might create antibodies in vitro, that does not guarantee that people will be granted full-spectrum immunity from such a vaccine because a complete adaptive response would also involve T cells. There’s also the fact that coronaviruses mutate over time, which means that the mRNA sequences that are used in the vaccines would have to be modified every year to keep up with the latest strains and people would have to get injections on a regular basis to offer any degree of continued protection. Unfortunately, the rush to get a vaccine to market means that long-term studies into the health effects of inserting a gene into the genome in this way will not be possible. What we do know, however, is that preliminary clinical results have shown that compounding injections like this can cause negative effects and precursors to chronic disease. With higher doses, those risks rise.

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Why I Wear an Infinite Regress of Face Masks By John Wesley Hardin

     Why try and be an original American outlaw, when we can quote from a superior writer like Roosh V, who, trained in the biological sciences, knows far more about bugs than me? Me, well, guns and Bowie knives are my thing, with a spot of lawyering thrown in for good measure, and stage coach robbery horse rustling, maybe a few spots of gun and knife fighting. But, even while riding the prairie on my horse, I still wear a face mask, and in fact, people in my thieving profession were the first to wear face masks. So too should you, even while showering.

“You may be surprised to know that I constantly wear a face mask, even when I’m driving alone in my car. The reason is I don’t want to get infected by coronavirus, and other than washing my hands two dozen times a day, the mask is the only way I’m assured of staying healthy. I’d like to share why I wear the mask so that you decide to wear one too.

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The Real Crisis: A Shortage of Alcohol! By James Reed

     Lock down is tough. But, for alcoholics such as myself, there is always the bottom of a bottle to search for. One is never alone with a bottle of booze, pathetic I know. But, suddenly there is a shortage of alcohol. Oh my, just as well I took our resident survivalist John Steele’s advice to stock up on vital supplies, such as plenty of alcohol. Kiddies reading this, do not follow my bad example, or you will end up like me, or worse, so learn your lesson about the evils of drink.

“'Stage four restrictions will make a difference but we won't see them for another week or more.' The tough stay-at-home restrictions, which include an 8pm-5am curfew for metropolitan Melbourne, have been in place for almost a week. The fresh infections come amid fears Victorians could be left without medicine, alcohol and school supplies after major businesses were closed by the state's stage four lockdown.”

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