The Amazing, the Incredible, Death of Stan Lee By Bruce Bennett

     Jewish comic writer,  Stan Lee, or his birth name, Stanley Lieber, along with artist, jack Kirby (real name Jacob Kurtzberg), created  many of Marvel’s major heroes and villains, in the 1960s “silver age’ of comics. There have been disputes over the years about who did what, with Kirby and Steve Ditko being bitter about Lee’s treatment of them. Both left Marvel; Kirby came back briefly then left again. Talk about job satisfaction. And, there were the law suits.

     Recently Lee’s world seemed to have been falling apart with a sexual assault lawsuit and other hassles of being rich. So, it was probably a good time to leave this veil of tears for warmer climates, maybe visiting super-friends from other dimensions.

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Feminism Paralyses Men: Pamela Anderson By Mrs Vera West

     If you don’t know who Pamela Anderson is, don’t Google it if you are scared of silicon. However, while being something of a top-heavy Barbie doll, Pamela Anderson has made much sense in her recent attack on modern insane feminism:

“Feminism can go too far. I'm a feminist, but I think that this third wave of feminism is a bore. I think it paralyses men.” Pamela Anderson criticises the #MeToo movement, warning women to use “common sense” @PamFoundation #60Mins.” ““I think that this Me Too movement is a bit too much for me. I’m sorry, I’ll probably get killed for saying that…but my mother taught me, don’t go to a hotel with a stranger,” she also said. The Baywatch star also said that her time as a Playboy model was “very empowering” and that “no one forced me to do anything.” This isn’t the first time that Anderson has made comments about the #MeToo movement. In December, the 51-year-old sparked controversy for saying that some of the alleged victims who came forward in the #MeToo era could have made better choices. “Don’t go into a hotel room alone. If someone answers the door in a bathrobe, leave. These are things that are common sense, but I know Hollywood is very seductive and that people want to be famous,” she said.”

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The Muscles of the Right By John Steele

     Although the Left are violent, on an individual basis, they are weak. One-on-one, they seldom can deal with their Right opponents, not that anyone should be naughty and fighting anyway (bad, bad, illegal etc.), but this is simply my professional observation from YouTube pondering and viewing. However, there may be a scientific explanation for this, that stronger, muscular men, tend to be more conservative, if not Right wing:

“Men with large upper bodies have a tendency to favour inequality in society and a limited redistribution of resources. This is the conclusion drawn by Professor Michael Bang Petersen and Associate Professor Lasse Laustsen from the Department of Political Science in a study published in the journal, Political Psychology. "The results challenge the belief that our political views are formed by logic and reason alone. Instead, our views seemingly reflect intuitions produced by a Stone Age mind," says Michael Bang Petersen. Modern man thinks with his caveman brain. The new study concerns humans, but takes a theoretical starting point in one of the most well-documented findings in the study of animals: Physical strength shapes the conflict behaviour of animals. If animals are larger and stronger than their rivals, they are prone to attempt to assert themselves in the struggle for status and resources. However, if they are weaker than their rivals, they are likely to withdraw from the conflict. According to the latest research results from Aarhus BSS, the same logic applies to modern men when they reason about political conflicts regarding the redistribution of resources in society.

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Black Magic Used to Coerce Brazilian Transgenders into Prostitution and Drug Dealing! By Michael Ferguson

     No doubt, it had to happen in our wonderfully diverse world, where every permutation of everything is tried out, at least once:

“Spanish police have arrested 13 people on suspicion of using black magic to coerce Brazilian transgenders into prostitution and drug dealing. Officials in Murcia, south-east Spain, confirmed Wednesday that they had busted the crime ring, arresting citizens from Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Spain, and Romania. The traffickers were led by a Brazilian national living in Spain who preyed on “vulnerable” transgender youths and trafficked them illegally overseas. Police were able to make the arrest after one of the trafficked victims went to authorities in February, saying “he had accessed Spanish territory in an irregular manner with the mediation of another Brazilian citizen.” “This compatriot paid for the transfer from Brazil to Spain,” police said, “thus contracting a high economic debt… The young man was forced to prostitute himself to pay what was owed, receiving threats and even physical aggression from his compatriot.”

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The Fall of Journalism By Bruce Bennett

     Consider this headline from The Sydney Morning Herald

“Another 'incel' shooter: yoga studio killer wanted to crucify 'American whores.”

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The Feminist Revolt Against Civilisation By Mrs Vera West

     The boys referred me to an article reviewing US academic Stephen Baskerville’s book, The New Politics of Sex, (Angelico Press, 2017) by F. Roger Devlin, “The Criminalization of masculinity.” This is a good over view of the standard evils that feminism has delivered, and how the sexual revolution has harmed men, and led to the degradation of sex. But what caught my eye was the move by feminists to make  heterosexual relations sex into rape, something the radical  feminists in the 1970s only dreamt of. Here is what is happening on US university campuses:

“For decades, feminists have assiduously promoted the lie that one woman in four (sometimes five) is raped while attending university. “Reputable scholars who investigate [such] claims,” writes Baskerville, “readily conclude that it is not simply exaggerated but a hoax.” At most, a lot of women, unprotected by traditional behavioral expectations, are learning the hard way that fornication is not the path to happiness. When such cases were brought before ordinary courts of law, they quickly got thrown out. So universities began, under feminist pressure, to establish internal procedures to handle accusations of sexual misconduct. These do not have to abide by the principles that govern ordinary courts of law, notably the presumption of innocence. One attorney cited by Baskerville describes the result as a disciplinary procedure where students nearly always lack lawyers, no legally trained judge oversees the process, testimony is not under oath, hearsay is freely considered, relevant evidence or even proper notice of the charges may not be given to both parties, students may be forced to incriminate themselves, and whatever “jury” is empaneled may not be of one’s peers.

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The Cult of Genderism By Mrs Vera West

     The Trump administration is throwing the politically correct into a tailspin, with its move to accept that there are only two genders, and that these are biologically defined. That means that there are not an infinite number of genders, as the radical Left proposes:

“Though it’s still a rumor, reports indicate that President Trump is planning to establish solid guidelines that define gender “on a biological basis that is clear, grounded in science, objective and administrable.” In other words, “male” and “female” would be the only genders allowable on the “spectrum,” restoring the true binary definition of sex that’s existed since the beginning of time. It’s common sense to those with the ability to think rationally. But to the Left, it’s discrimination and (fill -in-the-blank)-phobia. Anyone who subscribes to the notion that humans only come in two varieties, man and woman, is a bigoted, misogynistic, homophobic racist, according to the deranged Left.

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Sweden Makes Most Sex, Rape (Except that by Migrants) By Mrs Vera West

     I don’t usually cover the European scene, which Richard does, but this one overlaps. Sweden has moved to bring in new rape laws, which eliminate the need to prove intent:

“Sweden's government is to push ahead with a new sexual consent law despite questions over whether it is necessary. From July 1st having sex with someone without their explicit consent in Sweden will be illegal (the law will treat consent as possible either through words or clear actions), with the hope being that more rape and sexual assault cases will be prosecuted as a result. "If it's not voluntary, then yes, that's an assault. I think it's important to reach that clarity in legislation," Justice Minister Morgan Johansson said. Sweden's Council on Legislation looked at the government's proposal and questioned whether it was even needed, as much is already covered in existing laws. But Johansson does not agree and thinks the new law will lead to more convictions. "I think the number of crimes solved will increase. Above all through the combination of stronger and broader legislation together with increased support for the victims."

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The Mad Dog Left By Chris Knight

     This is a taste of what is in store as former White countries become non-white. The progressive Left are just a warm-up of what is coming our way, as we will soon see in South Africa:

“Steven Clifford, author and former CEO of the King Broadcasting Company and National Mobile Television, told PJM that the federal government should “prohibit straight white males from voting” in U.S. elections as a way to “save” democracy. “I think it’s the only hope for democracy in America and I will be leading a great movement to prohibit straight white males, who I believe supported Donald Trump by about 85 percent, from exercising the franchise and I think that will save our democracy,” Clifford said during an interview after speaking at the forum “Destroying the Myths of Market Fundamentalism,” which was organized by the Center for Study of Responsive Law – a group former independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader founded in 1968. Clifford, author of the book CEO Pay Machine: How it Trashes America and How to Stop it, urged Democrats to explain their policy proposals to voters rather than focus on the reasons they oppose President Trump.”

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No Gender Please, We are Tasmanians! By Mrs Vera West

     Right! It is Tasmania’s turn to do something politically correct and spectacular, such as removing gender from birth certificates, which I suppose, eliminates gender from the real world, which is a gender construction, anyway.

     Yes, Labor and the Greens are pushing this. Isn’t interesting that the Greens don’t say much about the alleged environmental catastrophe that is supposed to be hitting us? I am not saying that such a thing exists, for surely God would not allow anything like that, but the Greens are supposed to believe it. Yet they spend their time on social justice warrior issues, which in their context, would not be significant. And Labor … isn’t that supposed to be  about Australian working people, not mass immigration to swamp their jobs? Whatever happened to that party? That just shows that the Greens are watermelons; green on the outside, but all red and full of water on the inside. As for Labor, I am not sure what vegetable or plant best depicts them. Maybe poison ivy.

Gosnell: The Murder of Live Abortion Babies By Mrs Vera West

     I have been pursuing the issue of the murder of babies who are born during abortions, and this is not a rare as we might first think. I noticed this article which says that there is a film dealing with all of these issues, but predictably enough, it has been shut down. The film is Gosnell: the Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer, and so far over 250 cinemas across the land of the free have suppressed it, even though the film is wildly successful:

“According to reports, more than 250 movie theaters (and counting) have pulled “Gosnell” from their screens, even though the film has grossed more than $2.5 million since it opened on October 12. Why is “Gosnell” being targeted for destruction, you’re probably asking? If you’re not already familiar with its content, the film tells the disturbing story of Kermit Gosnell, the infamous Philadelphia abortionist who was sentenced to life in prison for first degree murder after he ended the lives of three newly-born babies, as well as the life of one of his patients. Dubbed the “house of horror,” Gosnell’s abortion clinic looked much like any other – a “women’s health” center providing “female services” to the local community. But in the “Gosnell” film, this veneer of deception was peeled off, which is why it received little attention from the mainstream media, and even had its advertising banned both from Facebook and NPR. “This movie really exposes something that the Left does not want to report about,” Nick Searcy, the director of “Gosnell,” told PJ Media. “They’re basically trying to ignore this movie. They’re trying to say that it doesn’t exist because they don’t want to have a discussion about abortion.”

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The Sweet Rewards of the System By Charles Taylor

     What do you get from making all sorts of unsubstantiated allegations about rape, ages after the event, in a highly charged political context?

“Christine Blasey Ford, the California psychology professor who accused Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct 36 years ago, received a $1 million windfall and is receiving several requests for book deals after her testimony. RealClearInvestigations reported Monday that Ford’s 15 minutes of fame before the Senate Judiciary Committee in September has turned her into a millionaire, raking in an estimated $1 million from crowdfunding campaigns supporting her and several book deals since her testimony. Despite Ford’s windfall, several Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee, including Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), said Ford had “nothing to gain” by coming forward with her accusations to the committee.”

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Gaol Time for NOT Making LGBTQ Films! By Mrs Vera West

     We are fast moving towards the society where being a cis/heterosexual, will become a crime, not yet, but we are on the track to this:

“Telescope Media Group is a Christian film company based in Minnesota. It’s a small family business, run by husband and wife team, Carl and Angel Larsen. Their company tagline reads, “We want to magnify Christ like a telescope.” Last year, a Minnesota court ruled that the couple were in violation of the state’s Human Rights Act which requires them to abandon their faith by using their services to create films celebrating homosexuality and same-sex marriage. According to the Alliance Defending Freedom, “State officials have categorically, publicly, and repeatedly threatened to prosecute expressive business owners who decline to create speech promoting same-sex marriage. Steep penalties exist for violating the law, including payment of a civil penalty to the state; triple compensatory damages; punitive damages of up to $25,000; a criminal penalty of up to $1,000; and even up to 90 days in jail.” Jeremy Tedesco, ADF Senior Counsel, warned, “The same government that can force them to violate their faith and conscience can force anyone of us to do the same.”

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Trump on Transgenders By Mrs Vera West

     Trump is probably going to let the mass illegals from South America invade the US, as the Deep State wants cheap displacing labour, but Trump has made some squeaks about the transgender issue, which has thrown Hollywood social justice warriors such as Charlize Theron into a fit, you know, “human rights.”

“The Department of Health and Human Services acknowledged months ago that it was working to rewrite a federal rule that bars discrimination in health care based on “gender identity.” It cited a Texas-based federal judge’s opinion that the original rule went too far in concluding that discrimination based on gender identity is a form of sex discrimination, which is forbidden by civil rights laws. On Sunday, The New York Times reported that the agency was circulating a memo proposing that gender be defined as an immutable biological condition determined by a person’s sex organs at birth. The election-year proposal would define sex as either male or female, and any dispute about one’s sex would have to be clarified through genetic testing, according to the Times’ account of the memo.”

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Get Ready for the Next Big Thing: Polygamy By Mrs Vera West

     The Left are working of the social acceptance of paedophilia, but are further advanced with the promotion of three way marriages and polygamy, which fits in well with multiculturalism.  This article refers to Britain, but in our globalist world, it will happen in Australia just as quickly:

“Natalie Bennett has said her party is “open to consultation” on the possibility of legalising polygamy and civil partnerships involving three or more people. The Green Party leader was responding to a question from a man living with his two boyfriends in a polyamorous relationship in London on Friday. Dr Redfern Jon Barrett, taking part in an event organised by Pink News, said people like himself in three-way relationships faced a “considerable amount of legal discrimination”. Ms Bennett replied that although the Green Party “at present” has no specific policy on legal partnerships involving more than two people, members could develop one and vote for it to be introduced.’

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President Macron Stumbles into Racism! By Richard Miller

     No doubt, this parody of political correctness mean to be a pure as the snow driven through the mud, but his claim that women who have large families are uneducated, sounded elitist and racist, since it hit women of colour:

“Abortion supporters and population control proponents have frequently targeted those with large families — claiming that they are selfish or hurting the environment or that mothers of such families are somehow demeaning themselves compared to other women because they desired more children. French President Emmanuel Macron is the latest to insult people with large families, as he said women who mother such families are uneducated. His comments came in association with remarks trashing women in Africa for not exercising population control. The French president, who has come under fire over his views on Africa in the past, added that the future for the continent’s young people must be to stay in a revitalised Africa, and insisted it was “pure bull—-” to suggest he was telling African people from New York what to do with their lives. “One of the critical issues of African demography is that this is not chosen fertility,” said Macron, speaking at the Gates Foundation’s “goalkeepers” event on the margins of the UN general assembly in New York. “I always say: ‘Present me the woman who decided, being perfectly educated, to have seven, eight or nine children.”

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Learning Toxic Masculinity By John Steel

     I am proud to have never gone to university, even to dart into a city university to relieve myself, for I am a living example of the “toxic masculinity” which the roaming feminists and low testosterone, deracinated, cucked males there, would despise. Why, they may even be foolish enough to try and assault me with their tiny soft hands, that never did a hard day’s work manual labour, or fought for survival, and with puny bones as soft as sardine bones. Anyway, Brown University in the crazy US is offering courses on how not to be me:

“Brown University is providing male students programs for “unlearning toxic masculinity,” claiming that doing so will lead to males having longer life-spans and committing less sexual assault. The university advertises these programs as part of the BWell Health Promotion, as a health service initiative on their website. The Ivy League university claims that “unlearning toxic masculinity” will be beneficial not only for men, but for society as a whole. Brown claims that society’s definition of masculinity may be “toxic to men’s health,” causing them to “die at younger ages,” adding that the way in which men have been socialized also “plays into the type of violence that exists in college communities.”

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Zoe’s Law By Mrs Vera West

     I have written before about my concern with botched abortions leading to a live baby, who is then left, conveniently, to die. Somewhat related to this issue; there is a move to consider foetal manslaughter laws, at least in New South Wales. Some background to the law here is given at this very good website:

“The case of R v Iby [2005] NSWCCA 178 reiterates the earlier decision in R v F (1996) 40 NSWLR 245 which found that a homicide can only be committed against a being that is “fully born in a living state.” However, it should be noted that Chief Justice Spigelman remarked that the ‘born alive rule’ is based upon “anachronistic… [and] indeed antiquated, factors” in so far as it “adopts an artificial and non-scientific concept of when life begins.”

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Hungary Bans Gender Studies; A Good Start By Mrs Vera West

     Imagine … there’s no gender studies departments … it is easy if you try …because Hungary has done it:

“A prestigious Hungarian university on Tuesday blasted a government decree that prohibits gender studies courses as a "major infringement" on academic freedom. The decree, signed by Prime Minister Viktor Orban and in force since Saturday, dropped the subject from a list of masters degree programmes entitled to official accreditation and financial support. Institutions are also now barred from launching new courses in the discipline, although students who have already begun courses may complete their studies, according to the decree. "This is a major infringement on academic freedom and university autonomy," said the Budapest-based Central European University (CEU) in a statement. "Eliminating this programme will be a significant loss to the Hungarian scholarly community and for democratically-minded public policy," said the CEU, one of only two universities in Hungary that offered gender studies degrees.

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Queering the Bible By Mrs Vera West

     Universities, at least in the US, and probably here in Ozzy, are running courses about queering the Bible, showing that the Bible is, I suppose, a gay document:

“We will examine biblical passages that are central to prohibitions on homosexuality and the larger discourses of heteronormativity (constructed around gender, sexuality, class, national identity, state formations, kinship, children, etc.) in which homophobic readings of the Bible emerge. We will also look at the ways in which these discourses and the identities they shore up can be “queered,” as well as at biblical texts that can be read as queer friendly. This process of queering will allow and require us to approach the biblical text in new ways. Pomona student Daniel Silverman told Campus Reform the course meets the high demand at the school for classes that contain topics representative of left-wing ideology.

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