October, 2023
Lara Trump: I Won’t Back Down By Mrs Abigail Knight (Florida)
The Conspiracy of the Origin of Covid-19 By Brian Simpson
The Globalists’ War on the Nationalists By Charles Taylor (Florida)
Sweden, Land of the Bomb By Richard Miller (London)
Most Catholics do Not Support the Pope on Climate Change By Peter West
Young Men and AI Girl Friends By Mrs Vera West
The Oceans and Global Warming By Brian Simpson
The Evils of Globalism By James Reed
The Voice: Uluru Statement a Declaration of War! By James Reed
Elon Musk on the Extinction Threat of Population Decline By Mrs Vera West
Urban Warfare in Multiculturally Diverse Sweden By Richard Miller (London)
Climate Change Madness: To Fly No More, if French By Richard Miller (London)
Nobel Prize for Big Pharma for mRNA Fiasco By Brian Simpson
A Checklist of Problems, and Timely Advise from St Paul By Charles Taylor (Florida)
The Communist Chinese War from Within By James Reed
The Pill and Depression: Women’s Health Issues By Mrs Vera West
The Electric Vehicle Battery Plant that Needs a Coal Plant for Energy! By James Reed
Facing the Beast: Dr Naomi Wolf By Mrs Vera West
Testing, Testing, One, Two, Apocalypse? By Charles Taylor (Florida)
Russia’ Nationwide Nuclear Attack Exercise By Richard Miller (London)