September, 2023
Covid Pirola is Just a Pussy Cat! By Brian Simpson
North Korea’s Nuclear Attack Exercise By Richard Miller (London)
Jordan Peterson Rises from the Ashes of Woke By Chris Knight (Florida)
Big Tech Fact Checkers and the Voice; Election Interference By James Reed
What Actually Goes into the Constitution if the YES Side Wins? By Ian Wilson LL.B
The Voice Referendum and Internet Censorship; A Question from Britain By Richard Miller (London)
Makarrata of the Voice: UN Globalists Attack! By Tom North
The Voice/Makarrata: Have a Look at the Uluru Statement from the Heart! By Paul Walker
The Voice: Treaty, Truth Telling and the Role of the Makarrata Commission By Peter West
The Voice’s Makarrata Truth Commission: What Is it? By James Reed
Makarrata Demands as Proposed by the National Aboriginal Conference By Brian Simpson
Voice Will Create Division: “Shepparton News” By Ken Grundy
World Economic Forum Wants More Stick, Less Carrot By Richard Miller (London)
The Sadness of the Postmodern World By James Reed
Haiti: Few Covid Deaths; Little Vaccination By Chris Knight (Florida)
Spike Proteins, Not Diamonds May be Forever By Brian Simpson
The Voice and the Treaty: Rita Panahi By James Reed
If One Voice Falls Another Will Take its Place By James Reed
Retired Judge, Henry Litton’s Letter to the Prime Minister, Opposing the Voice By James Reed
Time for a Reality Check on So-Called Climate Change By Ken Grundy