Time for a Reality Check on So-Called Climate Change By Ken Grundy

Dear Editor


It must be acknowledged that actions to combat climate change and in particular, emissions, are impacting on practically every aspect of our lives. Some more directly than others, but eventually all are involved.


We have been encouraged from many sources including scientists, environmentalists, the media and even some school kids, to deal with emissions.  Their influence has dominated efforts from other groups and scientists who have disputed the claim that emissions are a problem. Hence, we are suffering the impositions before us today.  The science is not settled; in fact recent reports show recently naturally occurring water vapour to be the major greenhouse gas.


The old maxim has been proved here, “If you repeat a point often enough it will be seen to be correct”!


I want readers to remove their blinkers for a moment and realise that the offending emission (carbon dioxide) is just 0.04% of the atmosphere.  At that very minor level, can you really accept that an even more miniscule level of increase would cause a global crisis like we are told is evident?


Consider too, that this so-called villain is the essential element for the life of all vegetation.


It is time for a reality check.  If we based our energy production on the basis that cleaner burning coal and gas-powered electricity had virtually no impact on the environment; we could once again enjoy stable power at affordable prices and wave good-bye to the harsh costs and controls emanating from global government levels.  This policy could be revised when renewable sources are superior.


Unfortunately, every politician has an energy policy dealing with some level of emission.  For example, by advocating for some coal powered electricity combined with nuclear.  Concern about carbon dioxide emission is unfounded.


Yours etc




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Tuesday, 21 May 2024

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