Voice Will Create Division: “Shepparton News” By Ken Grundy

Before we think about changing the Constitution, we should acknowledge that all constitutions are the sets of rules by which parliament, or even the local sporting club, will operate its business. They involve the procedures to be followed when conducting business. The rules are not the appropriate place to recognise the founders of the local sporting club, or for recognising nationally the people living in Australia before it was even called Australia. The proposed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice will instantly create division because it will favour that group over and above the rest of us. We are all recognised as Australians and hence have our “voice” to parliament. It is actioned by our member of parliament. That is the job of the MP! If the present funding directed toward the A&TSI people is not reaching the target then it is due for thorough overhaul. Importantly, this can be achieved without any special voice to parliament.

 I agree with Louis Cook (News, Monday, August 28). Do not tamper with our Constitution. Vote No!




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Monday, 27 May 2024

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