October, 2022
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Is this Shaping Up to be Our Own Real-life Zombie Apocalypse with the “Alien” Things Inside the Walking Vaxxed? By James Reed
The Fascist Left By Chris Knight (Florida)
The Humanitarian Catastrophe of the Covid Vax By Mrs Vera West
Biden Doubles Down on Hate! By Charles Taylor (Florida)
The Planned Collapse of Europe By Richard Miller (London)
If Russia Loses the Conventional War, It’s Nuclear By James Reed
Peter Singer on Why Vaccines Should be Compulsory … and Why He is Wrong
Chinese Police Stations … Will They be on Your Street Next? By James Reed
The Covid Plandemic and the Treason of Doctors and Intellectuals By James Reed
Weight Lifting, Old Age and the Brain By John Steel
US Rapper, Kanye West, Says Black Lives Matter is a “Scam” By Charles Taylor (Florida)
The Death of Newborn Babies in Scotland By Richard Miller (London)
Babies Drink, then Die! By Mrs Vera West
The Globalist Climate Change Crimes Against Humanity By James Reed
Burning Climate Change Activist Insensitive about His Carbon Emissions! By James Reed
Biden Administration Sees Possibility of Nukes By Charles Taylor (Florida)
Naughty Pauline By Paul Walker
mRNA Vaxxes Inhibit Innate and Adaptive Immune Responses By Brian Simpson
Joe Biden’s Reconstructed Pro-Abortion Catholicism By Peter West