October, 2022
Immunity … Crashes and Burns By Brian Simpson
The Carbon Dioxide Myth By James Reed
2020 Electoral Fraud, Once More By Charles Taylor (Florida)
Another Day; Another Organ Harvesting Conspiracy By Richard Miller (London)
Now Total Suppression of Medical Debate (What Little There is) Under the Iron Tyranny of Law, for Our Masters, Big Pharma! By James Reed
Off to a Good Start: Giorgia Meloni Attacks Socialist Billionaire Georgie Soros By Richard Miller (London)
Dr Fauci, Covid King, Rolling in Loot! By Chris Knight (Florida)
Kamala Harris, Even More Mentally Confused than Joe Biden? By Charles Taylor (Florida)
The Climate Change Myth of Increasing Intense Storms By James Reed
Vaccine Hell on Earth By Brian Simpson
The Fifth Jab Cometh; What is there to Fear but Death and Illness? By Chris Knight (Florida)
Nord Stream Sabotage is for the Great reset By James Reed
A Pandemic of the Vaccinated By Brian Simpson
Australian Approval of mRNAs Vaxxes for Children; Sweden Drops Out Though By Mrs Vera West
Electronic Dark Age: No Phone; for Some a Fate Worse than Death, for Others, Death By Richard Miller (London)
What is the Primary Cause of Male Suicide? By John Steele
Dr Steven Overmeire’s Open Letter Re Covid Mandates By James Reed
The Covid Vaxxes Kill Brain and Heart Cells, Leading to Death By Brian Simpson
Redoing the German Election By Richard Miller (London)
The Musk Robot for the Great Human Replacement By James Reed