September, 2016
After the “Racist’ Moral Panic Over the Banana, How about a Moral Panic about Violence Against Women? by Mrs Vera West
One More Reason to Close Down the Universities by James Reed
Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor
'Nazi Grandma' holocaust denier Ursula Haverbeck sentenced to jail
New Zealanders too lazy or drugged to work, says PM John Key
Cultural Marxism: Philosophy of the New World order by Charles Taylor
The Great Amnesia that is Political Opportunism by Michael Ferguson
After the Elite Get in Same-Sex Marriage, How about Polygamy? by James Reed
Time to Turnover, Turnbull by James Reed
Three Cheers for Loyal Chinese Aussies! by James Reed
The Optimist’s Road to Ruin by Peter West
Is This the Sign of the Beast? by Brian Simpson
Porn and Video Games Frying the Brains of Young Men by Mrs Vera West
More Vaccine Adverse Effects by Mrs Vera West
What a Real “Safe Schools” Program Should be Looking At by Mrs Vera West
Letter to The Editor
Social Credit and Foreign Trade by Wallace Klinck
Henry Makow, Gender Transitioning and Child Abuse by Mrs Vera West