After the Elite Get in Same-Sex Marriage, How about Polygamy? by James Reed

I went back to my old university to work in the library, or what remains of it. On the cement cylinder structures, whose name I never looked up (rotunda), I noted the left/socialists latest anti-Hanson pro-Muslim posters. This one was about eating Halal meat at a special anti-Hanson BBQ. I imagine that these young cubs would like to burn her at the stake, or at the mysterious cement structures, the fires fuelled by their moral righteousness and piety. But do the Muslims support their Leftoid values? In this article, we ponder that question.

I imagine that these folk, who are leading the charge for same-sex marriage will also get behind the next big thing after that: multiculturalism-based polygamy. Andrew Bolt notes in a recent blog “Polygamy Dating Site is a Warning: First Same-Sex Marriage, Next Polygamy,” Herald Sun, September 5, 2016, that polygamy will be the next big thing.

Bolt points out that there is a UK polygamist dating site with 100,000 members! There are reports of a growing number of multiple marriages across the UK and also documentation of polygamists in Australia.

The most important point made by Bolt is that “our” “own” High Court in 2013 has already accepted that “marriage” includes polygamous marriages, because “marriage” is defined as just a “consensual union formed between natural persons in accordance with legally prescribed requirements.” This would make same-sex marriages, marriages and also polygamous marriages, marriages.

A footnote here from Ian Wilson LL.B.:
even so, Andrew and James, there is a counter-argument here. The ACT case did not require the question of deciding on the meaning of “marriage” to be given. So, the definition could be viewed as obiter dictum, a remark in passing, rather than the ratio decidendi, the reason for the decision. The definition then would not set a precedent, but would be merely suggestive or persuasive. Even so, you can bet that if a decision had to be made, that is the way a future High Court would go. Tradition and originalism, today counts for very little.

What About Full-Scale Sharia Law?
It is also relevant to note the article “Sharia Law ‘Affecting Court Rulings,’” The Australian, September 5, 2016, p. 3, which pointed out that Australian courts are already dealing with family law cases based on various aspects of sharia law. Interestingly enough, there is one case which was heard in November 2015 in the District Court of South Australia, which involved disagreement over the terms of a loan with respect to interest, where there were two contracts, one in English mentioning interest and a handwritten one, presumably in Arabic, with no mention of interest. Under Islamic Law, lending money for interest is forbidden, which has its merits I must admit.

Legal experts in Islamic Law claim that many Australian Muslims are practicing Sharia Law. Not all of course, but “many.” Already a Sharia prenuptial agreement has been found to be an enforceable contract by the NSW Supreme Court.

My question is:
if there has been a change in basic Australian institutions already, what changes would be produced by a hypothetical mass migration of say one billion sharia-supporting Muslims to Australia? The elite see people as interchangeable social atoms. Well, would the institutions as we know them now continue or would the new law of the land be sharia? Would there still be feminist Marxists roaming around universities with exposed blue hair? What would be the state position on transgenderism? Would there be a Safe Schools program? I am just asking to seek enlightenment, not necessarily criticising anybody. Marxists, after the sausage sizzle, if you have time, drop me a line, so that an ignorant old guy can be brought up to speed.

What can progressives do next to be cool? What horizons are there? Sit down and put on your science fiction cap. Maybe the mad scientists could create human/animal hybrids for people to marry, as individuals, or in groups. And imagine if intelligent alien life visited Earth: these beings would also be “natural persons,” and fit objects for marriage, according to our High Court!

Isn’t it fantastic being in this vibrant and diverse multicult! Thank God previous generations sat on their hands and did nothing to nip it in the bud, so that the great blackberry bush of cornucopian diversity can now cover this sun-burnt land.



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Thursday, 22 February 2024

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