One More Reason to Close Down the Universities by James Reed

The Australian, August 31, 2016, p. 30, published a chart listing the salaries of vice-chancellors across Australia. The top salary is $ 1,385,000, followed by $ 1,335,000 right down to a poverty-stricken $ 525,000. Guess where all of this money ultimately comes from? You got it; the long-suffering tax payer. And what are we getting for it? What do the universities give us? Essentially a cultural war against the very people who have paid to set up these institutions.

I believe any practical benefits of a university can be replicated more efficiently in special schools and centres, such as hospitals for medicine, and law societies for law, which would allow hands-on experience. We should move right away from the nonsense of million dollar salaries. Use it to help Australian farmers, or even the homeless.



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Thursday, 29 September 2022