A Midwest Doctor Speaks of Systematic Corruption in the Covid Response By Brian Simpson


The Mid-West doctor writes about the cause of the systematic corruption seen right throughout the Covid response, such as the lack of evidence for major policies such as lockdowns and manic mask wearing, and the suppression of effective treatments. This is a continuation of trends that were already occurring in medicine, such as the suppression of cheap treatments in favour of more expensive ones from Big Pharma. The free thinking doctor hypotheses trhat the fact can be best explained by seeing Covid and the mandates as part of a eugenic program, for human depopulation. “Developing an effective method of population control has been a fixation of the Western rulership for decades and many different methods have been forcefully administered to unwilling test subjects.  Developing an effectively sterilizing vaccination has been a holy grail for these programs due to the ease of mass administering the agent and the unquestioning faith the public has in vaccination, and there have been many horrendous test runs of those vaccines.  This is relevant because there is some circumstantial evidence the COVID vaccines were part of that population control program.”

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Communist China Harvesting Organs on an Industrial Scale By James Reed

Our great trading partner, whom the Australian Left go down to on bended knee, is harvesting organs from its people on an industrial scale. Ethan Gutmann, a senior research fellow in China studies at the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, believes the Communist Party may be “harvesting” as many as 50,000 concentration camp victims a year, killing them to sell their organs. Gutmann testified with other experts at a hearing organized by Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ), the chair of the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission, on Thursday titled “Forced Organ Harvesting in China: Examining the Evidence.” It is incredible that communist China can get away with open genocide, but given its military power, which Western consumers and out-sourcing capitalists foolishly built, who can tell them to stop?


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Fixing Flood Damage with . . . NET ZERO By Viv Forbes

La Nina Floods have mangled the roads of eastern Australia with pot-holes, gully wash, mud and silt.

Have the Green Teams in the leafy suburbs worked out how real workers can repair roads, fences, culverts and bridges without diesel-powered dozers, graders, rollers and trucks, and lots of high-emission plants producing cement, steel, gravel and hot bitumen?

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The Weekly US Covid Vaxx Deaths and Adverse Effects Report By Chris Knight (Florida)

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), is the principle government-funded system for reporting adverse vaccine reactions in the U.S. New data shows a total of 1,261,149 reports of adverse events following COVID-19 vaccines were submitted between December 14, 2020, and May 6, 2022. The data had a total of 27,968 reports of deaths — an increase of 210 over last week, and 228,477 serious injuries, including deaths, during the same time period, an increase of 1,774 compared with the previous week. There were 5,794 additional total adverse events reported to VAERS over the past week.


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Rapid Decline in Omicron-Specific Serum Neutralizing Antibody Titers Only a Few Weeks After the Second and Third Doses of Pfizer Goo By Brian Simpson

This should come as no surprise, as an article in leading journal JAMA found a rapid decline in Omicron-specific serum neutralizing antibody titers only a few weeks after the second and third doses of the Pfizer jab. So, what did they conclude? If it fails, just keep on doing the same thing, with the findings: “support rolling out additional booster shots to vulnerable people as the variant drives an uptick in new cases across the country.” It is not specified how many boosters will be needed to produce protection, with three failing, why should four of more succeed?


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Covid Vax Harm Update By Brian Simpson

Even working 12 hours a day, I am struggling to keep up on the Covid controversy, let alone the civilizational collapse material I used to write about, which seems somewhat pointless now in the face of the bulk of humanity, acting like proverbial lemmings and do a dive from the vax cliff. Actually, it is a myth that lemmings commit mass suicide, being something that humans shine at, and with Covid, has evolved into a high art form. With the vax culture we see something of a suicide cult, as this following tour of misery indicates. But, I am not surprised it has come to this, as the majority of people have passively allowed the globalists to push their agendas from the 1960s on, each one being more radical than the last.


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Trolling Black Lives Matter By Charles Taylor

Here is a bit of entertainment, as comedian Cassady Campbell trolls the Frisco City Council dressed as a Black Lives Matter activist. He proposes a George Floyd bill demanding reparations and other utterly absurd “woke” policies for schools, completely over the top. Amazingly, only one official seemed to cotton on that they were having their legs pulled, and asked, do we have to hear this. But, hear it they did.


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Mike Adams Uses Computer Wizardry to Decode Buffalo Shooter Manifesto By Charles Taylor (Florida)

When I heard of the white guy killing people in a mass shooting, the Buffalo food store shooting, I thought, is this another  false flag? Abortion and gun control, and white male control; how could the Democrats lose the mid-terms! It seemed not to be, but as with every nut job, there was a manifesto left. It is quite revealing, and in fact gives the game away as Mike Adams shows:


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Mad Max in Sydney By Bruce Bennett

Sydney is experiencing a vast wave of excitement, vibrancy, even vibrations, a bit like our version of France and Sweden, but there is still a way to go to catch up, with Sweden having hand grenade tossing. But, we can do anything. However, this excitement will come to a sudden end following the communist Chinese invasion and conquest of Australia, a little way down the track. It will be interesting to see how the CCP deals with this. With what? Read on and feel the vibrations … from the gangland executions in our streets!


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Election 2022: The Multicult Rides Again! By James Reed

All electoral comments written and authorised by by K. W. Grundy
13 Carsten Court, Happy Valley, SA.

The media are pushing the non-Anglo-Saxon name of Albo as some sort of multicult selling point. 'Members of the Italian community are saying to me that they are going to vote Labor for the first time in their life because they want an Australia that reflects modern Australia,' Mr Albanese said.

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Paying Off Biden, Big Time By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Proof has rolled in, by newly released bank records, that that payments were made to President Joe Biden’s son from a Chinese Communist Party-linked company. One showed a wire payment of $100,000 to Owasco, one of Hunter Biden’s firms, from CEFC China Energy. Another showed a wire transfer of $5 million to Hudson West, a company Hunter Biden invested in and managed, from Northern International Capital. There are thus undeniable links with the Biden family and the CCP. Things thus move closer to nailing Joe Biden for the part he has played.


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Covid Vax Crimes Against Humanity By James Reed

Former Pfizer insider Michael Yeadon, head of allergy and respiratory research at Pfizer from 1995 to 2011, has said that given the low fatality of covid-19, there was no justification for the Covid lockdowns. “The worst flu season over the last decade is worse than [the threat] posed by this new virus,” Yeadon said.

“And what do we do in response to seasonal influenza? Well, nothing really, beyond offering—and not mandating—vaccines which aren’t much use.” And Covid is no different. Thus, crimes against humanity have been committed: “Having selected spike protein to be expressed, a protein which causes blood clotting to be initiated, a risk of thromboembolic adverse events was burned into the design. Nothing at all limits the amount of spike protein to be made in response to a given dose. Some individuals make a little and only briefly. The other end of a normal range results in synthesis of copious amounts of spike protein for a prolonged period. The locations in which this pathological event occurred, as well as where on the spectrum, in my view played a pivotal role in whether the victim experienced adverse events including death,” Yeadon said.

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Profiting from Every Crisis By Mrs Vera West

Candace Owens tweeted, “Doesn’t Bill Gates just have the best luck? Just like with the COVID vaccine— he makes an investment, and then suddenly there is a pandemic or shortage and everyone must line up for his product. Of course he’s invested in lab produced breast milk!” That’s right, just as the latest crisis rolls off the production line, the lack of baby food, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, and other billionaires invested in a new startup company to produce artificial breast milk from cultured human mammary epithelial. Now, why would they be doing this, just as the baby food crisis unfolds? They must be clairvoyants! Amazing how these elites seem to ride to the top of every crisis, almost as if …it was their doing! But, of course not, that is just wild speculation.


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The WHO Death Trap for National Health Sovereignty By Brian Simpson

Peter Hoekstra was US Ambassador to the Netherlands during the Trump administration. He is alarmed at the present drive for health decisions to be given by the nations of the West to the tyrannical World Health Organization, not only because of the erosion of national sovereignty, as many critics have already argued, but because it is one step further for communist China to defeat the West via biological warfare. It is thought that the next pathogen to be released by the CCP is just around the corner, according to multiple credible reports from the U.S. Department of State, to the executive director of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, Peter Jennings.  China has been preparing for bio-warfare using pathogens for more than six years, and is ready to go with the follow up to Covid. And the WHO has shown that it is a CCP controlled entity. The West is thus going down the pathway of destruction. China expert Gordon Chang has recently warned that the next pandemic will be ethnically specific, targeting people other than ethnic Han Chinese. That includes the white liberals and Left CCP useful idiots.


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The Bottomless Black Hole in the Great Barrier Reef By Viv Forbes

In 2012 Malcolm Turnbull snitched $440 million from taxpayers to “save the Great Barrier Reef”.

In 2022 Scott Morrison promised to pour another billion into the Barrier Reef Black Hole.

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New UK Government Data Shows the Covid Vaccines Kill More People Than They Save! By Richard Miller (London)

Covid critic Steve Kirsch has had a look at the UK government all-cause mortality data. He argues that a risk/benefit determination from the UK data shows that for all ages, the vaccines kill more people than they save! “What this means is that if you are 25 years old, the vaccine kills 15 people for every person it saves from dying from COVID,” he concludes. Utterly incredible when the Covid narrative is how rare deaths and adverse effects are from the vaxxes!  Given this, I definitely am pleased to be unvaxxed, and will remain so. I had Covid, and it was not a bad as influenzas I have had in the past. During the illness, my deadlift (done in my luxurious home gym) went down 20 kg, which was sad, but firing on all cylinders now.


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Fleeing a Stinking, Sinking Ship By Charles Taylor (Florida)

This is a sign of the times. Record numbers of wealthy American are applying for citizenship or residency in foreign countries to escape the US, when it comes tumbling down. There were stories a couple of years ago about Silicon Valley billionaires getting bolt hole survival retreats in New Zealand and Chile, but now the “bugging out” plan B strategy of the elites has moved down to a slightly lower level. These present deals are “golden passport: arrangements, where some required level of investment in the new home country is required. Overall, this elite bugging out phenomenon shows how bad things might get, and why we ordinary people would be foolish to ignore the signs of the times. There will be no “golden passports” for us.


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The Diesel Apocalypse By Chris Knight (Florida)

Hopefully the diesel shortage crisis does not hit Australia, but here in the US it is just another crisis to deal with. Diesel fuel is so short in supply that it will have to be rationed at the end of the month, so I will not be driving my diesel SUV to work, taking the Tesla instead (joking, I would rather walk). Without diesel the whole society shuts down and the worst apocalyptic scenarios, of food shortages (no deliveries) and riots and home invasions occur, as is to be expected in a disintegrating society.

So, why has this happened? Why can’t diesel be made from petroleum like in the good old days? The problem, as with most things, goes to the environmentalist lobby, which pushed for refineries to make biodiesel. But, here lies the problem: “Realize that in order to produce biofuel out of food, somebody has to produce the food first. And that means farmers need fertilizer and diesel fuel for their tractors in order to grow the food. But the diesel is running out precisely because the diesel refineries switched to biofuel, but biofuel needs food which can only be grown by using diesel … you get the idea. It’s a vicious cycle of doom and stupidity. Soon, America will have lots of mothballed refineries that can produce biofuel from food, but won’t have any food to feed into their refineries.”

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Name More Parasitic Worms After Female Sciences for Equality! By Mrs Vera West

Really, if feminist scientists want to have parasitic worms named after them, let them. Name all the parasitic worms after them. Who cares? How is this a claim to fame when parasitic worms are such horrible slimy things?


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No Enforcement of Laws Protecting SCOTUS Judges By Charles Taylor (Florida)

The protests outside of the conservative judges’ private residences, are done by crazed Leftists to intimidate the judges over the forthcoming Roe v Wade over-ruling decision. It is contrary to federal and state law, as clear as day. But the Biden administration has given a nod of approval to the law breakers, it is ok to do this. Yet, this is the same administration who have engaged in fundamental human rights violations against the January 6 peaceful protesters. This shows that the present Biden regime is essentially contrary to the rule of law. Past generations would not have stood for this insult. What would George Washington have done?


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