God Save the Queen! Author Unknown

Duty and Service
On March 29 1941- almost 80 years ago- a young naval officer was in charge of the spotters on board HMS Valiant, a great battleship in the Royal Navy. Their targets were 3 capital ships from the Italian navy- they had received information from the code breaking geniuses at Bletchley Park. The search was on. In the darkness above the horizon the young officer noticed what appeared to be metal turrets reflecting off the searchlights of the Valiant. He had spotted the enemy and battle commenced. The battle of Cape Matapan was underway. In a fierce engagement 2 Italian capital ships were sunk. The young officer was mentioned in dispatches and commended for bravery. That young officer was a 19 year old Philippos Andreou of Schleswig Holstein- Sonderberg- Glucksberg, Prince of Greece and Denmark. The World knows him today as Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and consort of Queen Elizabeth.

He will turn 100 in June. He didn’t step down from active royal duties until his late 90s- a total legend!  Five months before her future husband was engaged in a life and death struggle off the coast of Greece, a young Princess Elizabeth, aged 14, gave her first broadcast to the commonwealth of nations loyal to the great cause and specifically the children. At that time Britain stood alone- a seemingly hopeless cause. Churchill’s greatness and leadership will be remembered as long as history is faithfully told. He was supported at all times by King George and his indomitable wife Queen Elizabeth ( the Queen Mother). Both the King and his wife flatly refused to leave London- their daughters would stay with them as well. Buckingham Palace itself was very badly damaged in a bombing raid- the Queen said it “allowed her to look the East End proudly in the face”.

The young Princess finished her address as follows:

“ We know everyone of us, that in the end all will be well: for God will care for us and give us victory and peace. And when peace comes, remember it will be for us, the children of today to make the world of tomorrow a better and happier place.
My sister is by my side and we are both going to say goodnight to you.  Come on Margaret. Goodnight children”

From that day in October 1940 the Queen has led a life of total service and sacrifice. She presides over the commonwealth of nations, comprised of 54 countries with a population of 2.5 billion people. Her commitment to this organisation has had the most profound effect on the wellbeing of these people. Most of these are people of colour. It could well be argued that under her stewardship no family on Earth has done more to improve the lives of people of colour.

This week we have witnessed the slick narcissism of a moderately successful Hollywood actress and her mesmerised and dominated husband perform an act of pure spite and self promotion. Not satisfied with their lot in life, a life of almost unimaginable privilege and wealth they go on worldwide TV in a futile attempt to discredit the monarchy and by extension the aged and great couple who lead the family. Predictably the race card is played: all the usual charlatans in the media and left wing politics jump on the bandwagon- even the wretched Hillary Clinton reared her awful head!  Their pathetic attempt is doomed to failure. On the day this piece of utter guff was released the Royal family were out doing what they do: visiting hospitals, workers, sick children and various other deserving causes. The British people in their wisdom will have scant patience being lectured to by a couple of entitled and misguided morons who in their spite and cruelty have exposed themselves as appalling spoilt brats.
The great Duke is spending his 4th week in hospital having undergone heart surgery. We wish him well.  The nation will never forget the debt we owe to the greatest generation. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip are one of the last links we still have. Our gratitude doth overflow!

God save the Queen.

Woke Natalie Portman Rewrites Fairy-tales; Too Many White Males I Think By Mrs Vera West

The usual story from the woke in Hollywood trying to outdo themselves. It is exhausting Mr Bond.


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The War of Memes By Chris Knight

The hypocrisy is just incredible. The electoral fraud was immense, the greatest in human history in any so-called “democracy,” with many thousands of people reporting seeing ballots being fed into machines multiple times, technical fraud with the computer machines, and thousands of other things, documented in numerous articles at this blog. Yet, Ricky Vaughn, a well-known Twitter troll, has been indicted by the tyrannical US federal government for memes, yes, memes, posted in the run-up to the 2016 election. Arguably he may have technically broken the law, but this is like jay walking compared to genocide. The Democrat crimes are so vast that people simply can’t take it all in, and because of Trump’s treason, people are now frozen in apathy.


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Biden’s Permanent Brain Freeze By Charles Taylor

This one is getting a bit old, but boy, it does show Biden’s mental decline. Don’t worry though, he is not the real president and would not be able to use the nuclear launch codes even if he had to. Getting his clothes on in the morning is probably only done with the assistance of his wife, and three or four assistants.


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All Bow to Global Emperor Zuck Plucky the Censurer! By James Reed

With Facebook influencing elections, ands deciding about what millions will know from its acts of censorship, covered in a previous article, Zucky has more power than kings of old had. It is not good, and something must be done about it, say in about 100 years of so. He will still be going strong as alien lizard people from the most distant galaxy GN-z11 are apparently long living.


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Facebook to Label all Covid-1984 Posts; It’s Just What Global Emperor Zucky Does! By James Reed

The turning point in the elimination of freedoms was clearly the 2020 Covid plandemic, and if there is a future, historians will write about this crazed period with incredibility.


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Rapes at the Border By Chris Knight (Florida)

Beijing Biden has produced a border humanitarian crisis, which is what lunatic liberals do. He said, in effect, come in, come in, one and all, and they are, including criminals and rapists, raping away. Thanks, Joe.


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Diversity: The Social Cohesion Acid By James Reed

Some insightful comments by Brett Stevens at Amerika.org, the blog charting America’s decay due to among things, diversity, which in all its forms erodes social capital and the glues that hold societies together. All for short-term money and power for a gang of elites. Where I disagree is that it is not the case that the Western world has woken up to this issue, but is still in denial.


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Covid-19 and the Global Food Crisis By Brian Simpson

The Covid-1984 plandemic has driven food insecurity, and it may well be that the side-effects of this event will be much worse than the actual disease itself. Such are the costs of ringing in a New World Order, Great Reset and all the salad trimmings.


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Elon Musk Rejects the Covid-1984 Ideology! By Brian Simpson

I follow Elon Musk, because, unlike Bill Gates, he is one of the interesting, sometimes amusing elites. He has said some odd things, such as AI could destroy humanity, that we could be wiped out before he colonises Mars, and so on. All entertaining stuff. But, he has been getting dead serious about Covid-19 vaccines, masks and lockdowns. I am sure the system did not appreciate his comments criticising the  Faith, the Church of Covid.


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Collapse Can be Quicker than Most Expect; The Failed State of America By Michael Ferguson

I have been following the reports by Florida correspondents, Chris Knight and Charles Taylor, from the battle fields of the US. One cannot but be grateful that things in Australia have not got to those levels of tyranny and decay …  just yet.  But we in Victoria did get a taste of what the system is capable of doing during the Covid-1984 freak out, where we Melbournians were locked in our kennels, and those daring to escape were dealt with by the dog-catching police. Still, we are not at the total cesspool level just yet, as America now is, detailed in the extracts below. But, all the forces that have torn America down are operating here, so it may be only a matter of time, if good man, and women, do nothing. The same globalist elites, who wrecked Europe, intend to do the same to us, for we are in line.


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Big Tech, Totalitarian America, and Covid Tyranny By Mrs Vera West

It is incredible how all the tentacles of the globalist octopus unite and coordinate when needed, such as Big Tech, and Big Government, now attempting to squash so-called Covid-19 vaccination misinformation. What they call “misinformation,” is of course, any criticism of the vaccines, including evidence of ill-effects. Naturally, some Big Tech elites also have interests in the vaccine regime, so they have a reason to protect the Faith. Biden’s claim that a wartime effort is needed in national vaccination, defies logic, as many things he has said, such as multiple masks (regardless of the individual efficiency) have been.


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The Great Covid Relief Scam By Charles Taylor

I am suspicious about everything that Beijing Biden and his band of Demon-rat pirates do, and the hyper-inflationary Covid relief program is no exception. The scam has been nailed in an excellent piece at Natural News.com, showing that it basically is a payback to Democrat supporters and hangers-on, for polishing off Donny Trump and restoring the order of swamp creatures.


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Leading Vaccine Scientist Says: Stop the Covid-19 Vaccines! By Mrs Vera West

A leading vaccination scientist, Geert Vanden Bossche, who is no anti-vaxxer, has said that while the Covid-19 vaccine works for individuals, it is inappropriate for a global mass vaccination program. Natural evolutionary forces could turn a relatively harmless virus into a “bioweapon of mass destruction.” The present Covid-19 virus could become much more infectious, and viral resistance to the vaccines could occur. That seems to be a knock down argument, because if we have a clayton’s pandemic now, we might get a real one the way the system is going. There is a big problem using viruses for New World Order purposes.


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Climate Change and Eternal Pandemics By James Reed

The globalist technocrats and medicocrats are now moving to join up the dots of their Big Thing ideologies, including climate change, and of course, the latest New World Order producer, the Covid plandemic. Apparently, climate change will change environments producing new bugs. Well, one thing is clear, and they admit it, globalisation is a key force in globalising disease. As long as borders are open the virus floods in. That is why there had to be some shutting of borders, which caused utter heartburn to the crazed immigration-mad wing of the elites. Be patient they must have been told; there is a bigger agenda at work here. The immigration flood can be continued at any time. But first, we have big business to do. And we all saw what that involved, the squashing of daffer Donny Trump just being a warm-up.


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A Methodological Problem for Lockdowns By Mrs Vera West

The issue here is that when one compares American states that totally freaked out with the Wuhan CCP flu, like California, and compare their Covid mortality rates with states like Florida, which had no such restrictions, there are essentially similar outcomes. To my common-sense mind, this is an argument that the restricted approach was a failure, limiting freedoms for no good health reason, although there are  political, New World Order reasons.


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Jaw Chomping Pain from Social Media By Mrs Vera West

I can understand this well; merely seeing the young folk texting their lives away gives me intense pain in my jaw too.


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Big Tech Moves Faster to Totalitarianism, because it Can By Brian Simpson

The writing is on the wall, or the IT equivalent, as Big Government, in the final stage of tyranny before inevitable collapse, goes full totalitarianism, as the insecure, scared elites move to attempt secure their power as the world slides to hell. The move is to control all emails and social media. Well, I knew this would come to an end, but there was a world before this, and activists will have to go back to paper, snail mail, letter boxing as so on. We have been there and done it.


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The Climate Change Attack Upon Bitcoin By James Reed

Bitcoin, one of the main cryptocurrencies, is totally decentralised, and thus a major threat to the establishment financial system. It enables people to do pretty much an off-system mode of financial living. This has caused the elites heart burn, but now they are fighting back, big time, with things in their handy dandy toolkit, such as climate change. Of course, Bill Gates is there to throw his hat into the ring.


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Meghan Markle for President? No Kidding! By James Reed

For a moment I thought, but she is not a US citizen, but of course she is. So, after her display of cultural Marxism and anti-Royalty with the really big O interview, here is the next piece in the theatre of the absurd:


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