Turbo-charged Cancers, By Brian Simpson

Although I have written about the adverse effects of the Covid vax, and the rise of the turbo-charged cancers, it did not hit home until a young friend of my wife, Sally, told me that her young friend Rebecca had a very aggressive cancer of the uterus, that seemingly came out of nowhere, with no real warning signs. It was so advanced when detected that immediate surgery was necessary to remove the uterus. There has been cancer spread into some nearby organs, and at present her fate is unknown as she is undergoing strong chemo, which has made her extremely ill. Rebecca was a dentist, and had every vax required to keep her job. But now she has no job, and had to sell her nice inner-city house.

Turbo-charged cancers are increasingly being observed in the younger generations, and these are "rare" cancers that once only the elderly got.As well, some unfortunate patients have a number of these rare cancers, affecting multiple organs. The mainstream response is to recognise that these turbo-cancers are occurring, but to blame it on the Covid infection itself, namely "Long Covid," which is the establishment fall guy for everything bad that has come from the Covid mRNA vaxxes; the great cover-up.

But the Covid infection itself does not explain why these cancers should arise in the first place and is an ad hoc hypothesis. What is known thought is that the vaccines produce many times the spike protein output than the infection itself, an infection which in most cases is mild with a low mortality. The better explanation is that the spike proteins from the mRNA vax are producing chronic inflammation, which, given that the spike protein does not say at the injection site, will allow cancer to develop at any number of organs.

It is not known at present, what the extent of this epidemic of cancer will be.


"New research reveals that dormant cancer cells are reawakening and growing at a rapid rate, even in young people, due to chronic and severe inflammation in the body. Covid vaccinations involve tricking human cells into producing millions of virus-mimicking protein prions that travel throughout the entire body, entering cleansing organs and even the brain, causing chronic inflammation that exacerbates diseases and disorders, including cancer. Who knew?

You don't have to be a scientist, doctor or immunologist to see what's happening here. You won't have to make some huge leap to connect these "dots," and as more and more young people who were injected with mRNA "technology" now get "rare" cancers that usually only the elderly get, much consideration in this arena is warranted.

Spike proteins are food for cancer, which means everyone who got a Covid mRNA jab has millions of cancer-feeding "protein" particles inside their body.

Medical doctors across America are stunned by the skyrocketing rates of people getting cancer, and those dying from it, ever since the plandemic began. Many are trying to blame Covid itself, because the virus causes inflammation, but the question is, for how long does that inflammation last?

We already know that "Long Covid" really means long-term side effects from the Covid "clot shot" vaccines, so could it be that the spiked cancer rates are coming from something that causes CHRONIC inflammation? This requires careful consideration.

Lab tests reveal that coronavirus proteins can "reawaken dormant cancer cells and fuel their growth," but since mRNA "technology" has the injected person's cells creating spike proteins that spread throughout the body, including to breasts, the stomach and throughout the vascular system, this forever inflammation could easily lead to the proliferation of cancer cells.

In other words, the mRNA gene therapy jabs literally turn human cells into cancer-food-making machines that keep churning out cancer food and spreading it throughout the body. That means each new mRNA jab the injected "sheeple" receives exacerbates cancer cells and tumors because it doubles down on the amount of "protein prions" the cancer wants to consume, like spreading sugar all over the house when you already have an ant problem.

The new vax-induced cancer pandemic is most likely caused by mRNA "technology"

Doctors around the world are now blown away by the cancer pandemic sweeping the globe, ever since the rollout of the mRNA jabs. Nobody is allowed to talk about it. If doctors so much as mention the vaccines as the culprit, they can lose their medical license. The Biden Regime, working in tandem with Big Pharma and the Vaccine Industrial Complex, will not hesitate to raid a doctor's medical office and drag them off to the DC gulags, should they so much as challenge the "safety and efficacy" lie.

Now "rare and unusual cancers" are emerging as commonplace, and in patients who don't fit the bill. We're talking about young people and people without ANY family history of cancer, suddenly having 8-pound cancer tumors in their belly, ovaries, breasts, liver, kidneys, colon, you name it. It's called Turbo Cancer and it's not some conspiracy theory, it's real. It's spike protein cancer. It's mRNA-induced cancer from dirty vaccines. It's happening now.

Kids and teens are getting cancer that typically only affects seniors, like cholangio-carcinoma, and they have no genetic predispositions. Some patients, according to their doctors, have a whole array of different kinds of cancers that all popped up out of nowhere, since the scamdemic began. Covid-19, we found out, was nothing more dangerous than the seasonal flu, so to blame that for all these cancer cases seems obtuse.

5 Facts about Covid-19 "vaccines" you may not know

#1. Your reprogrammed cells do not stop making spike proteins, counter to what most medical "experts" claim.

#2. The injection ingredients do not remain at the site of injection, they spread throughout the body, including into cleansing organs, ovaries and the brain.

#3. Spike proteins fool your body into thinking they ARE the virus, so your body constantly thinks it is under attack from foreign invaders.

#4. Having millions of imitation virus prions throughout the vascular system causes chronic inflammation, one of the main catapults of cancer.

#5. Spike proteins clog the vascular system, limiting the amount of nutrients and oxygen that's delivered throughout the body, thus enabling cancer to develop and spread.

Data now shows that since the Covid mRNA "vaccine" rollout, cancer incidence is up by over 200,000 cases, with about half of those people dying from cancer. That's a 20 percent uptick in cancer cases that may have NOT existed had these folks never accepted the experimental Fauci Flu shots. Can you say "2 million excess deaths" without coughing into your face diaper?" 



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Saturday, 20 July 2024

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