Yoga Teachers and Dog Handlers Given Immigration Priority Over Skilled Migrants! By James Reed

 A telling point was made by One Nation's Malcolm Roberts, relating to Australia's immigration Ponzi scheme, that is, the great scam. One of the arguments put by Big Australia is that there is an external skills shortage. Even if ever skilled worker on Earth, even the Milky Way galaxy, moved to this beaten land, there would still be a shortage of skills, by definition. Of course, training locals for jobs is a big, no-no; all jobs with a skills shortage require migrants. It is a law of "nature." But, if this was so, then why do yoga teachers and dog handlers appear on the priority skill list, while tradies do not? Well, the answer is that this allows an easy entry to unskilled non-Whites, and that is what the present non-White Australian policy is about now.

"With 520,000 net arrivals in one year, we're now being told that yoga teachers will be prioritised over tradies to be let in the country.

Despite telling Australians immigration is necessary for skilled workers to build homes, the truth has emerged that yoga teachers (including up to 1,800 Indian yoga teachers, weirdly specific) and dog handlers appear on the priority skills list while not a single construction trade does.

If you ever needed proof the immigration program is a Ponzi scheme, just look at the fact that yogis and dog walkers are getting priority over construction workers."



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Sunday, 21 July 2024

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