Taking on The New York Times By Chris Knight (Florida)

The New York Post has taken on The New York Times over the George Floyd riots. TNYT pushed the line that it is the police’s fault. No, the police did not burn down cities, as surprising as that seems, but the radical Lefties, antifa and BLM.


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Aqueous Film Forming Foam, Set to Kill Us all! By Brian Simpson

People need to take to the streets on the issue of chemical pollution which is next to nuclear war, something that threatens to end the human species, the crash of human fertility being but one example. Here is another killer, from the United States, the emission of deadly Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) into the environment through burning to try to dispose of it, although there is no evidence burning does any more than spread three poisons around. Read on, and weep.


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Just Call me “Half Plonk,” and I will Call You “Tree”! By James Reed

It is fine now to identify as a tree, as part of gender relativism/nihilism. So, from now on, I will identify by the one thing that gives meaning to my life, a half-drunk bottle of plonk! Just call me James Half Plonk! Well, the strongest guy in the world is Viking Halfthor, so what’s wrong with Half Plonk? Say, it should be an interesting fight between Viking Halfthor and English man Eddie Hall this year, the two strongest guys in the world. It is seeming to ignite all rivalries going back13 hundred years. Well, that is one sales pitch that could be given.


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Larry Sanger Moves Beyond Wikipedia By James Reed


The founder of Wikipedia, Larry Sanger, has got tired of the Left-wing bias of this online encyclopedia, and is moving to create something better, fairer. Good!

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Well, I Would be Embarrassed if I was Him, Too! By Charles Taylor

Welcome to the politically correct woke world of the racial cringe. I am amused how white crawlers who have power act as if they are part of the oppressed to gain the high ground of moral superiority. But, this false mortality is racist too!


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China, Getting Down to the Business of War By James Reed

With Trump gone from a stolen election, and a senile president, China is on the move, the latest being sending 200 vessels to a disputed reef claimed by the Philippines. With Beijing Biden the puppet pseudo-president, useless, it may well require all south East Asian nations joining together against such bully tactics, much like towns folk in the old days would unite against outlaws, or how in the near future, the good guys will have to unite against the warlords.


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Covid: Wuhan Lab Origin Says Former CDC Director By Mrs Vera West

Here is yet more material on the hypothesis of the Wuhan lab origin of Covid-19. Much like the US electoral fraud, this may well become an open secret that nothing is done about. Then, as Gordon Chang has suggested, the CCP might unleash some new surprise. The rest of the world will just passively die, being much too scared to kick black against China. But, the problem with being a world ruler in the future is that the present world is going to be so degraded by this quest of conquest, even if it does not lead to nuclear war, that there will be nothing good left to rule over, unless waste dumps and the ruins of the West are to be the new kingdom.


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The Offence of Leaving England! By Richard Miller

Here is the latest big thing that Covid has delivered: it is now an offence to leave England! Thus, the country becomes one giant prison colony, which is essentially what the lockdowns have transformed it to, just  like Melbourne.


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Amazon and the Art of Peeing in Bottles! By James Reed

You have to admire the fearless and selfless workers at Amazon, so dedicated to their work that they do not take toilet breaks and simply pee into bottles. That explains why I once got a free bottle of pee in with my book purchase. But, I can’t afford books anymore, so no more pee bottles! Sad, as Trump would say, and he would know.


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Nose Masks for Human Horses! By Mrs Vera West

The Covid-19 freak-out has led to a few amusing absurdities, like nose masks to use in restaurants. This is totally ineffective, assuming breathing through the nose while eating, which is unlikely, It is purely virtue signalling, which is much of what the cult of mask wearing is. Just look at Biden and Harris, wearing masks like a new hammer and sickle sign!


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The American Murder Cesspool! By Charles Taylor

While many conservatives look down on Latin America for having cities with gang warfare, and drug cartel battles leading to sky high murder rates, the astonishing statistics actually show that it is the United States which has cities more deadly than even the worst that Latin America can throw up. We have diversity and the erosion of social capital to thank for this. Thank you, diversity and the erosion of social capital!


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Get Ready for Artificial Wombs! By Mrs Vera West


Artificial wombs, as detailed in the material below, have both positive and negative effects for mainstream feminism. On the one hand it means that women will not need to leave their sacred jobs for the purposes of gestation. But, and here is the real shocker, if there are artificial wombs it would seem to undermine one of the key arguments for abortion, another sacred cow of feminism, that the foetus is keeping the women chained to “wombing” the foetus, which could be removed and placed in an artificial womb, and given to some other woman, perish forbid. But, given the present trend of abortion up until birth, really just infanticide will this bother the feminist? Surely not!

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Details regarding aboriginal welfare and amount of Native Title in OZ By James Reed

This is from my MP, for your interest. Remember, the constitutional referendum will be on once Labor, our version of the US Democrats, get in. Don’t let it be like the gay marriage event.

“We have now received the following information from the office of the Minister for Indigenous Affairs the Hon Ken Wyatt MP:-

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Gym or a Donut? By John Steele

You have to admire a guy who lifts heavy and walks the walk, refusing to have his gym business destroyed. Now the owner of the defiant Atilis gym in New Jersey is countering the Krispy Kreme donut offer for Covid-19 vaccine by offering to waive the gym’s monthly membership for those refusing the Covid vaccine shot! Talk about men of steel. Like me, John Steele!


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UFOs: A Cultural Diversion? By Brian Simpson

The thing that must be explained about the other world’s view of UFOs is why would any intelligent race want to associate with smelly humans? Either it is all fake, or they are real and getting ready to take us down. https://www.naturalnews.com/2021-03-23-pentagon-ufo-evidence-cannot-be-explained.html

“John Ratcliffe, the former director of Intelligence under former President Donald Trump, revealed that the Department of Defense (DOD) has evidence of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) that make maneuvers impossible with known technology. These include UFOs that break the sound barrier without creating a sonic boom.

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Genetic Ethnic Bioweapons By Brian Simpson

As far as I would find, the claims made by Natural News.com, seem to be based upon an older British Medical Association report, or if there is a new version, it is not easy to find. Anyway, the issue will become a hot one, since use of ethnic bioweapons may be part of the new normal. And, guess which race will face annihilation? If you answered, “White,” you can go the front to the line. With all other aspects of the Great Replacement and white genocide, this is surely over-kill, but no doubt, as the academics say, whiteness must be eliminated, and surely that can only be done by eliminating whites. No whites, no whiteness.


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Sex in the Australian Parliament? Impossible! By James Reed

Here is a story that I report under protest, since I do not believe that anyone associated with Parliament House Canberra, would have the animal spirits, let alone vital bits, necessary for Bill Clinton-style sex. It must therefore be some sort of urban legend.


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Biden is Responsible for Migrant Crisis By Chris Knight

Beijing Biden, claims that Trump is responsible for the boarder crisis, which does not really exist anyway, but the president of Mexico disagrees and blames Biden.


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A Story More Incredible than Trump’s Cuck, Perhaps By Charles Taylor

I won’t spoil it; read the extract from Breitbart, then I deliver my outrage.


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UK Police discover Misogyny as a Hate Crime By Richard Miller (London)

The police in England and Wales are going to record misogyny as a hate crime, to look like they are doing something on the violence against women issue. This lacks credibility, given that perhaps over a million largely white British children have been subjected to raped and abuse by non-white grooming gangs, while the police have been documented as letting these crimes go for as long as possible because, well, it might stir up racism, as if the crimes were not race hate themselves. Oh, only racism against non-whites is real, according to the regime. And, it seems that the grooming rapes are still continuing, according to some victims.


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