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On Forgetting About Corona … Just Like the Romance from Hell By Chris Knight

     I thought that censorship over race and immigration issues was bad, but this corona freak-out is at a whole new level. Even the mainstream gets chopped unless they, exactly, down to the last full stop, parrot the ruling med line of the WHO.

“Big Tech companies are aggressively tamping down on COVID-19 “misinformation” — opinions and ideas contrary to official pronouncements. Dr. Knut M. Wittkowski, former head of biostatistics, epidemiology and research design at Rockefeller University, says YouTube removed a video of him talking about the virus that had racked up more than 1.3 million views. Wittkowski, 65, is a ferocious critic of the nation’s current steps to fight the coronavirus. He has derided social distancing, saying it only prolongs the virus’ existence, and has attacked the current lockdown as mostly unnecessary. Wittkowski, who holds two doctorates in computer science and medical biometry, believes the coronavirus should be allowed to create “herd immunity,” and that short of a vaccine, the pandemic will only end after it has sufficiently spread through the population. “With all respiratory diseases, the only thing that stops the disease is herd immunity. About 80% of the people need to have had contact with the virus, and the majority of them won’t even have recognized that they were infected,” he says in the now-deleted video. “I was just explaining what we had,” Wittkowski told The Post of the video, saying he had no idea why it was removed. The footage was produced by the British film company Journeyman Pictures. “They don’t tell you. They just say it violates our community standards. There’s no explanation for what those standards are or what standards it violated.” In articles and interviews across the web, he has likened COVID-19 to a “bad flu.” That likely made him a target for YouTube, which said in April it would be “removing information that is problematic” about the pandemic. Tech giants can help save us from coronavirus — but should we let them? “Anything that goes against [World Health Organization] recommendations would be a violation of our policy and so removal is another really important part of our policy,” CEO Susan Wojcicki told CNN.”

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The Great Lab Origin Debate Continues By Brian Simpson

     An Australian vaccine developer has suggested a lab
origin for Covid-19:

“A major new Australian study of C-19 coronavirus found that it is specially adapted to infect human cells, casting doubt on whether it emerged in bats or pangolins when it 1st erupted in China. As a consequence, the scientists behind the study say, a “possibility which still cannot be excluded is that SARSCoV-2 was created by a recombination event that occurred inadvertently or consciously in a laboratory handling coronaviruses, with the new virus then accidentally released into the local human population“ The high-performance computer modeling was used by Australian scientists to study the virus’s ability to target a variety of 12 exotic and domestic animals in the hope of identifying the original source of the virus. The goal is to find a vaccine or drug treatment for the highly infectious C-19 coronavirus. Led by scientists at Flinders University, looked at the the virus’s ability to bind to human cells and found the SARS-CoV-2 virus targets humans more potently than any of the tested animal species. “The results clearly show that the COVID-19 virus is exquisitely adapted to infect humans,” says Flinders University Professor Nikolai Petrovsky, lead author of a new paper just published online in arXiv, a leading US preprint server for researchers. “The virus’s ability to bind protein on human cells was far greater than its ability to bind the same protein in bats, which argues against bats being a direct source of the human virus.” The study cast doubt on the idea that it emerged with pangolins, an anteater very popular with some Chinese cooks. “While it has been suggested by some Chinese scientists that the COVID-19 virus might have been transmitted to humans from pangolins, currently available data does not support this idea,” Professor Petrovsky says. The Big Q: How did C-19 so quickly become lethal to humans? The Big A: The research points to a number of reasons why the virus became so well adapted to humans, such as convergent evolution after exposure to human cells, rare mutations that mix 2 species genes, and exposure to human cells very early in the virus event. The article, ‘In silico comparison of spike protein-ACE2 binding affinities across species; significance for the possible origin of the SARS-CoV-2 virus’ (2020) was published on the arXiv pre-press server.

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Elon Musk Thinks the Tyrants Should be Tarred and Feathered By Chris Knight

     Well, after this, weird Elon, for all of his faults, is my favourite elite:

“The founder of Tesla thinks that "politicians and unelected bureaucrats" who have abused their power during the coronavirus pandemic deserve to be punished for their decisions to shut down state economies across the country. Responding to a video from Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy which heavily criticized the continued stay-at-home orders, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said Portnoy should consider running for office before calling for draconian measures to overturn members of the government. "Well said!" Musk tweeted. "Please run for office. The politicians & unelected bureaucrats who stole our liberty should be tarred, feathered & thrown out of town!”

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Coronavirus and Flatulence By the Ever-Farting Uncle Len (An Old Fart)

     After paddling through all of that tense prose here today, enough to give anyone GERDS, here is your untruly, Uncle Len, to deliver cosmic comic relief. You know, the sort of chronic relief that comes with irritable bowel syndrome, farting … or worse. But before I get into my disgusting rave, it is mandatory that the story weave in the corona bug, so:

“Coronavirus could be spreading through farts, a doctor is warning. One medic claimed people may be passing the deadly disease on to others through omitting bodily gasses - however experts aren't so sure. They say the chances of catching Covid-19 through farting is "tiny" and that Covid-19 is mainly transmitted between people through droplets spread from coughing and touching or shaking hands. Australian doctor Andy Tagg pointed out that farting could cause coronavirus after analysing a series of tests take from coronavirus patients earlier this year. He cited tests that revealed the virus was present in the faeces of 55 per cent of patients with Covid-19. And medics have previously warned farts contain tiny poo particles that can spread bacteria. Dr Tagg wrote: “Well, SARS-CoV-2 can be detected in faeces and has been detected in an asymptomatic individual up to 17 days post-exposure.” The doctor added that previous tests have shown farts have the power to spray talcum powder long distances. He added: “Perhaps SARS-CoV-2 can be spread through the power of parping - we need more evidence. “So, remember to wear appropriate PPE at all times and stay safe!”

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Security concerns sufficient to 'break China's lease on the Port of Darwin'

May 19, 2020,     Liberal Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells says it's time to start looking at how Australia could “get out of the contract” which allows China to lease the Port of Darwin for the next 99 years. The clause in the Port of Darwin lease, renders the deal null and void in the case of a national security emergency. “I have advocated for us to look at a plan to decouple from China, to reduce the dependency we have on the communist regime and also examine ways we can recover billions incurred as a consequence of the virus,” Ms Fierravanti-Wells said. The circumstances, particularly those relating to security, are such that we should seriously look at “breaking the lease”. She added “the predicament we are facing today is symptomatic of the attitude we have taken towards the communist regime which regrettably has erred on the side of appeasement instead of standing up to often bellicose and illegal actions of the communist regime in Beijing”. According to Ms Fierravanti-Wells, “it’s vitally important to overhaul the critical infrastructure framework, the foreign investment framework and most importantly revisiting the whole issue of the national interest”.

Pilpul for Beginners

Americans may be surprised to learn from Alan Dershowitz that their constitution is far more intrusive and oppressive than what they and their forefathers have believed for generations. The law ‘scholar’ declared yesterday that “you have no (constitutional) right to not be vaccinated.”

Watch Video: You Have NO RIGHT to NOT be Vaccinated” – Alan Dershowitz:

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Data Experts Attack the Ferguson Covid-19 Model By Brian Simpson

     We recently did an article where one computer expert cited took apart the coding foundation used in the Neil Ferguson model, that predicted doom, unless there was a society-wide lock-down. Now more have begun to attack the model:

“Scientists have levelled a flurry of criticism against Professor Neil Ferguson's modelling which warned 500,000 people could die from coronavirus and prompted Britain to go into lockdown. Modelling from Imperial College London epidemiologist Professor Ferguson, who stepped down from the government's Sage group at the start of May, has been described as 'totally unreliable' by other experts. The coding that produced the sobering death figures was impossible to read, and therefore cast doubts on its strength, The Telegraph reported. It is also some 13 years old, it said. When other scientists have tried to replicate the findings using the same model, they have repeatedly failed to do. Prof Ferguson's model is understood to have single-handedly triggered a dramatic change in the Government's handling of the outbreak, as they moved away from herd immunity to a lockdown. Competing scientists' research - whose models produced vastly different results - has been largely discarded, they claim.  David Richards, co-founder of British data technology company WANdisco said the model was a 'buggy mess that looks more like a bowl of angel hair pasta than a finely tuned piece of programming'. He said: 'In our commercial reality we would fire anyone for developing code like this and any business that relied on it to produce software for sale would likely go bust.'”  

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The Wuhan Plot Thickens By Brian Simpson

     Here is more on the “it was created in a Chinese lab scenario,” with biochemical proof of the artificial creation of the virus emerging:

“A study found the coronavirus was taken to an animal market in Wuhan, China, by a person already infected with the disease, according to a report. “The publicly available genetic data does not point to cross-species transmission of the virus at the market,” said Alina Chan, a molecular biologist, and Shing Zhan, an evolutionary biologist, the Mail on Sunday reported. In their paper, the two said they were “surprised” to discover the coronavirus was “already pre-adapted to human transmission.” But they said all routes for animal to human transmission – including from bats – must be examined. “The possibility that a non-genetically engineered precursor could have adapted to humans while being studied in a laboratory should be considered,” the paper said. It was written by Chan and Ben Deverman, scientists at the Broad Institute, a research facility affiliated with Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Zhan, from the University of British Columbia. The development adds to the growing criticism that the Chinese ruling Communist Party downplayed the severity of the outbreak and failed to report accurate numbers of the virus in the country. “We need to get to the bottom of many things in relation to COVID-19,” said Bob Seely, a member of the British Parliament. “We need to know where this virus began, why we were told at one time there was no human transmission, and what was the role of the Chinese Communist Party.” President Trump, who has blasted Beijing for a lack of transparency in its response to the pandemic, has claimed the coronavirus began in a Wuhan lab. The US intelligence community, which has concluded that the virus was not “man-made or genetically modified,” is investigating where the outbreak first occurred.”

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Health Care Toys … They Must be Laughing at Us! By Chris Knight

     The amazing health care workers, who post dance videos to relieve the stress from stacking corpses by the zillions, have now been immortalised in plastic, like Barbie and Ken, and the Avengers:

“Mattel is honoring doctors, nurses, EMTs and delivery drivers everywhere with a new line of toys designed for those on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. The #ThankYouHeroes line for Fisher-Price includes 16 different action figures featuring health care workers and other “every day heroes,” according to a statement from Mattel, which is the parent company of Fisher-Price. The brand is also introducing a five-character “Little People” set comprised of a doctor, nurse, EMT, delivery driver and grocery store worker. Mattel said each item will retail for $20 — with $15 from each sale being donated to #FirstRespondersFirst, an initiative created to help provide essential supplies, equipment and resources for health care workers and their families. “#ThankYouHeroes is designed to immortalize and honor healthcare and every day heroes, and to drive additional donations to support first responders,” said Chuck Scothon, senior vice president of Fisher-Price and global head of Mattel infant and preschool. “Whether these toys are given as a gift to recognize someone working on the front lines, or used as a tool to help children have conversations about how they are feeling, it is our hope that Fisher-Price toys, and play in general, can ultimately make these difficult times easier for both kids and adults,” Scothon added. The toy line will be available for pre-order starting Wednesday, April 29 through May 31 at Items are expected to ship by December 31. Mattel said it is also producing 500,000 face shields for medical professionals, up from its original commitment of 100,000. Amid the ongoing coronavirus crisis, Mattel has provided toy donations to nonprofit organizations serving families in need and launched Mattel Playroom, a free online resource for parents and caregivers which features activities and content to keep kids busy. Similarly, MGA Entertainment, the parent company of brands like Bratz fashion dolls, L.O.L. Surprise! and Little Tikes, launched Operation Pac-Man, an initiative aimed at providing personal protective equipment to hospitals by sourcing from its distribution connections around the world.”

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Dirty! Don’t Touch Their Balls with Your Hands! (Tennis Balls, That Is!) By Bruce Bennett

     The reference is to tennis balls, but I suppose the lessons in New World Order hygiene can be generalised to all sorts of balls:

“This is a prime example of the lunacy future historians and generations are going to look back and see. It wasn't a spoof, but a real official press briefing held by New York's Nassau County health officials just days ago. It was all about proper handling of balls to stay safe amid coronavirus. Yes, we're now to the point that bureaucrats have to treat us to infantile lectures on how to handle others' balls. As if Tennis wasn't already among the most 'social distancing safe' sports in the world, given the nature of how far apart players stand on the court — at least we think it was about tennis balls anyway, but aren't quite sure. Indeed, an apt description of the insane times in which we live, where government officials full of inflated self-importance have to break down how we handle each others' balls. "To avoid confusion between whose balls are whose you can use a marker like a sharpie to put an 'X'... to put someone's initials on them," she added. So to review: "if you’re playing tennis against someone who lives in the same house as you, treat their balls like your own... But if you’re playing against someone who lives elsewhere or you’re on a court next to other people not living with you, remember these tips":

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The Hyper- Rich have Already Bugged Out, and are not Eating Bugs! By John Steele

     I have covered for some time the story that the hyper-rich have bought up bolt holes in places like New Zealand to go in a SHTF scenario. Well, that has happened now, regardless of how you view Covid-19. It is probably the economic fallout and ensuring social chaos that scares them most, and they are ready for it in style, the style that only big money can buy:

“The world's super rich are buying bunkers with shooting ranges amid fears coronavirus will spark a crime epidemic. Multi-millionaires and billionaires are going underground as the deadly outbreak spreads panic around the world. However, many are not hiding away from the killer virus they are running scared about what may happen in the wake of the pandemic. "People are buying not specifically for the coronavirus, people are buying the shelters for what the coronavirus can bring," said Gary Lynch of the Rising S Company, which manufactures luxury bunkers. "The United States is very vulnerable economically and if there were a collapse we would see civil and social unrest. "What you are going to have is people going door-to-door trying to do harm, trying to steal, trying to take food and trying to take possessions. "So what my clients want to do is go hide underground then they don't have to worry about what is going on outside as they are safe and secure inside their shelter." Many of the shelters are built from protective steel and have bullet-resistant doors, reports the BBC. They are fitted with state-of-the-art air filters which can even remove nuclear dust in the wake of a missile attack. They have huge food storage rooms which can hold up to six months supplies of tinned and freeze-dried goods. Many have huge underground greenhouse gardens so the occupants can grow their own food when their supplies run dry. Mr Lynch revealed some of his clients even have shooting ranges fitted. Texas-based Rising S Bunkers start at $50,000 but can run into millions. The largest they have built measured 13,000 square feet for a mystery client.”

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Trump will Mobilise the Military to “Distribute” a Vaccine for Covid-19 When Available By Chris Knight

     President Donald Duck Trump will mobilise the US military to “distribute” a Covid-19 vaccine once it is available, which he thinks will take place at the end of 2020. As he did not mention voluntary distribution, I imagine people will be vaccinated at gun point, for why else the military, for a compliant population? One problem: he will not be president, and will be in a little cage by then, his empire dissolved. Oh, well, he may wake up to reality then, but I doubt it, since prior to his election he was critical of the very policy he hopes to put in place. 

     Trump has even gone back on his claim to halt funding to the World Health Organization. Even a duck would make a better president:

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The Inevitable Harms of a Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccine By Mrs Vera West

     The case against a mandatory Covid-19 vaccine has been well stated in some recent articles. Before going on, let me say that this is the second version of this article. I save every five minutes. I went to cut from the third article here, and bingo, Word closed down, losing everything. Wow, my computer shutdown yet again, this is my third stab at this. Just for reference. Now given that even the mainstream admits that there can be adverse effects of vaccines, even if low probability, there should be freedom of choice in submitting to potentially dangerous medical procedures. Like this dangerous:

“In his rush to develop one, two, or even seven different vaccines for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), billionaire software tycoon Bill Gates openly admitted that upwards of 700,000 people could become injured or die from these jabs. The Microsoft co-founder and prominent eugenicist has been more outspoken in recent days than perhaps ever before about his desire to vaccinate the entire world, in this case as soon as possible for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19). And the reality is that many more will die from the vaccine than from the virus itself. Speaking during a recent segment on CNBC, Gates admitted that in order to make vaccines “work” for the most vulnerable groups, they have to be super-charged, in a sense. And this super-charging means that some people are going to be injured or killed as a result. “We clearly need a vaccine that works in the upper age range because they’re most at risk of that,” Gates stated about his plans for Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination. “And doing that so that you amp it up so that it works in older people, and yet you don’t have side effects, if we have one in 10,000 side effects that’s way more, 700,000 people who will suffer from that.”

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Here is Why I Drink Vast Quantities of Alcohol Instead of Coffee By James Reed

     Look, too much coffee is bad for you, that is why I drink alcohol, where the catastrophic health effects are well known. Coffee is seductive and supposedly has some health benefits, while alcohol does not lie to you, it is straight out poison, and I can respect that.

“Drinking too many cups of coffee can trigger diseases including osteoarthritis and obesity, a world-first study has found. Coffee is one of the most commonly consumed drinks in the world and has previously been linked to a healthy lifestyle but researchers from the University of South Australia say their study shows excess consumption can cause poor health. Using data from more than 300,000 participants in the UK Biobank, the research team examined connections between habitual coffee consumption and a range of diseases. Genetic epidemiologist Professor Elina Hypponen said understanding risks associated with coffee intake would have widespread implications for community health. In an earlier study, the research team found six cups a day was considered the upper limit of safe consumption. “Typically, the effects of coffee consumption are investigated using an observational approach, where comparisons are made against non-coffee-drinkers. But this can deliver misleading results,” Professor Hypponen said. “In this study, we used a genetic approach ... to establish the true effects of coffee consumption. Reassuringly, our results suggest that moderate coffee drinking is mostly safe.”

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How Your Computer May be Hacked to Death by Cyber-Machetes! By Paul Walker

     There is always some whiz kid out there, with plenty of time on his hands who finds a hole where no-one before thought that there was a hole.

“A very simple way to get around lockscreens and logins to modern computers has been found by a university researcher. Thunderbolt ports, which were invented by Intel and have been installed into many Windows and Mac computers for the last decade, transfer data at very fast speeds. But it does this by using a system called direct memory access, which Dutch masters student Björn Ruytenberg has shown can be hijacked without knowing the computer's login password. Ruytenberg's method, called Thunderspy, even works for disks that are encrypted. According to iTnews, the Thunderbolt vulnerability is not fixable as it requires hardware changes. Ruytenberg himself warns that the only way to avoid the hack is to keep computers physically secure. Intel did release a feature called "kernel DMA protection" last year that partially protects against this hack. But the workaround slows down performance and stops some Thunderbolt accessories from working, which defeats the whole purpose of having these ports. Moreover "kernel DMA protection" is only available on the most recent computers, with many 2019 models not covered. The company itself recommended physically protecting computers from nefarious people. "We encourage everyone to follow good security practices, including preventing unauthorized physical access to computers."

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The Rapist, Pervert Would Be-President (Perfect Choice for a Degenerate Society) By Chris Knight

     Not only are there the many rape/sexual assault allegations made against Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden, but there is sexual abuse too, namely of the female secret service agents who are paid to take a bullet for him:

“One of the reasons he was so disliked was his creepy habit of stripping down naked in front of female Secret Service agents to go for a swim. “Mr. Biden’s lack of consideration was even more stunning when it came to female agents,” Kessler writes, “who were offended that the vice president bizarrely swam naked in front of them often daily at his pools at the vice president’s residence in Washington and at his home in Delaware.” Think about the kind of sick pervert who would, without her consent, expose himself to a female Secret Service agent? If you want to talk about a man abusing his power, how about the vice president of the United States parading around naked in front of helpless, female Secret Service agents who have no agency to pushback — they just shut up and take it from a jerk they’re willing to take a bullet for. When we learned Harvey Weinstein and Charlie Rose were exposing themselves to women without their consent, we were all correctly horrified by such a thing, by their appalling abuse of power. So how is Weinstein or Rose exposing themselves in the shower or by popping open their respective bathrobes any different from Biden swimming nude in front of female Secret Service agents? It’s not. This unbelievable creep has not only been credibly accused of a violent sexual assault, has not only been hit with seven other accusations of unwanted touching and kissing, but we have video after video of him pawing women and children, making them visibly uncomfortable in public with his unwanted kisses and hair-sniffing. There is something terribly, unforgivably wrong with Rapey Joe Biden.

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China Trade War? Let’s Just Give Up! By Peter West

     I do not see all of this going too far; once the sacred trade dollar is threatened, particularly education and primary production, Australia will back down. After all, economics always triumphs over principles, as money is the bottom line:

“The risk of escalating action by China to restrict our farmers’ ¬access to its massive market would pose a “substantial” threat to Australian agricultural exports worth close to $17bn. Fears of a one-sided “trade war” emerging between Australia and the communist country have heightened this week, after China suspended meat imports from four Australian abattoirs and threatened to slap tariffs of more than 70 per cent on barley as soon as this weekend. Agricultural, forestry and fishery exporters are particularly reliant on the Chinese market. The sector sent just under a third of all its exports, by value, to China last year — $16.8bn of the $53bn total international sales for the year, ¬according to Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade data. In comparison, manufactured goods exporters sell less overseas and are also relatively less reliant on our largest trading partner. There were $6.1bn worth of manufactured goods exports to China last year, accounting for only a tenth of that sector’s total. CBA agricultural commodity strategist Tobin Gorey said the risk of rising Chinese protectionism was “a substantial threat” to the sector and that China was “a big market for beef”. Australian producers sold $2.7bn worth of beef to China last year, or a quarter of the $10.8bn total export sales for the year, ¬according to the DFAT data. Barley sales to China were worth a much smaller $600m last year, but that accounted for a much larger share of the $1bn in total barley overseas sales, showing how vulnerable the industry is to adverse Chinese trade rulings.”

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Compulsory Flu Jabs on the Way By Richard Miller (London)

     Now the World Health Organization has told us that Covid-19 is forever, like HIV, presumably no vaccine is in sight, and if it was, social control must continue, because, well …

“The WHO has warned coronavirus 'may never go away' and that mankind will have to learn to live with the disease in the same way it adjusted to HIV. Dr Mike Ryan, director of the WHO's Health Emergencies programme, was asked yesterday how long it might take before we emerge on the other side of COVID-19. 'I think it's important to  put this on the table: this virus may become just another endemic virus in our communities and this virus may never go away.' Dr Ryan told the Geneva press conference. 'HIV has not gone away, we've come to terms with the virus and we have found the therapies and we found the prevention methods and people don't feel as scared as they did before and we're offering life to people with HIV, long healthy lives to people with HIV.'

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We are Not Free and Corona Tyranny Shows It! By Charles Taylor

     This story comes from South Africa, but it shows the extend of oppression that the corona freak-out has generated, as the State goes into anarcho- tyranny  over-drive:

“A diabetic man from Somerset West has been fined by police for attempting to visit his local pharmacy, where his physical prescription is held, to get essential medication. Allan Kirby, 71, a retired medical technologist, is a diabetic and is on a permanent medical regime for his illness. On Friday, he set off from his home in Somerset West towards Somerset Mall. He was stopped at a roadblock on Victoria Road, a main arterial route to the shopping complex. "I was asked where I was going, and I said to the pharmacy, to fetch my medicine," he told News24. "A woman officer then asked me: 'Where's your prescription?' I told her I have an ongoing prescription, which is recorded on the pharmacy's records," he explained. "But she said: 'If you don't have a prescription, you can't go'. I said: 'But I'm also going to Checkers, to buy food, which I'm allowed to do. Here is my shopping list. While I'm there, I'm also going to fetch my medicine at the in-store pharmacy'. "But she said: 'No, you said you were going to the pharmacy. And you don't have a prescription, so I'm going to fine you'," Kirby explained. He was pulled off the road. There, he tried to plead his case to a senior SAPS officer. But this fell on deaf ears, and he was fined R2 500 for "Failure to Confine to Residence".

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The Estulin Covid-Conspiracy By Bruce Bennett

     For those of us who love conspiracies, which is to say, the normal operating of the world, enjoy:

“In this interview bestselling author Daniel Estulin says the fabricated coronavirus crisis is a bankster scam to write off debt and avoid blame for what was already an inevitable global economic collapse: “We’ve reached the limits to growth. And this is systemic for the entire planet. The entire system is in a state of collapse. So, they realized they needed to do something to write off all these debts…When the system collapses and you have 90% of the planet’s population unemployed, somebody’s going to have to pay the piper. And the elite don’t want it to be them. So, they devised a virus…” Estulin argues that those who manufactured the virus also created a vaccine, which will be unveiled along with a compulsory vaccination program in the not-too-distant future. He expects a major ratcheting-up of the police state, since the bankster elite will need to control a huge mass of increasingly desperate people. The current crisis, Estulin says, will mark the third great historic shift of the past 1000 years, comparable to the transition from classical civilization to feudalism in the 4th to 6th Christian centuries, and the transition from feudalism to capitalism in the 16th and 17th centuries. He expects a final crisis—a complete economic collapse followed by total chaos—as early as September 2020. The good news, he adds, is that the US and Chinese elites have an understanding, and there will be no global nuclear war.”

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