Warriors of Wolves: Thinking Racially By Tom North

     A Chinese movie, Wolf Warriors II was shown in Australia, with attending Chinese singing the national anthem of China and waving Chinese flags:http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/world/wolf-warrior-ii-patriotic-chinese-rambo-blows-up-box-office/news-story/a9373394c912ed18559f280e629d6fd5The bad guys are Whites, of course. Ok, Rambo had Asian villains, but the real difference is the audience reaction:

“At the end of the film the red cover of a Chinese passport is shown, alongside the message: “Citizens of the People’s Republic of China: When you encounter danger in a foreign land, do not give up! Please remember, at your back stands a strong motherland.”

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The Disgraceful Lionel Murphy By Tom North

     The papers have oodles of material about Lionel Murphy, based on documents which have just been released. The High Court judge, and former Whitlam government attorney-general, was looking to be the first Australian High Court judge to be forcibly removed from office.

     The allegations were extensive beyond even the charges of perverting the course of justice, from which he was acquitted, and include associations with a crime boss, receiving “sexual favours from women” i.e. prostitutes, supplied by the criminal connection, being a silent partner in an illegal brothel,  and so on. It would easily have been enough to sink him, but Murphy got lucky and begun to die from cancer, so the inquiry was called off in August 1986: The Australian, September 15, 2017, p. 1.

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Trump Has Always Been Under “House Arrest” By Charles Taylor

     Red/White/bluers of the “muh prezzie” faith, apparently still believe in Donald Trump, even though he has done nothing to build the wall, which should have been up by now, but is always delayed because of lack of money and caving into traitorous globalist Republicans:http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/09/01/white-house-not-pushing-congress-for-border-wall-funding-wont-shut-down-government/

     Trump has never been sincere about the wall, and it was just a lie to get elected. I had some doubts at the time that this was all too good to be true, but unlike most Alt Right types, my support of Trump was because of the greater evil of Hillary Clinton. Ending that threat was Trump’s main achievement, and as long as he does not do any more globalist mischief, there is time to get an alternative to him for the 2020 election. But, as some are saying, it may be too late for conventional politics now.

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Our Corrupt Politicians By James Reed

     Heard the one about the oh-so-pure politicians, who advocate anti-racist, non-discriminatory everything – except for one thing – their own perks:http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/nsw/pension-age-rising-to-70-will-save-government-36b/news-story/3d49fff0ee39ac22f0e321e4b19953cc

     The Libtards are hoping to save $ 3.6 billion, plus get lots of extra yummy tax, as those who are unlucky enough to have a job will now work until they die. Hey, maybe if we abolished the government, philosophical anarchism-style, we could save even more! Look, some people think that this can be done:https://www.amazon.com/Attack-System-Anarchist-Perspective-Century/dp/0992736501  which is the ultimate “small is possible” book.

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Nick the Dictator? By James Reed

     Remember that Nick X team, who claim to stand for freedom and independence, voted against the reforms to section 18 C, for reasons you can well guess: http://www.skynews.com.au/news/top-stories/2017/03/31/senate-votes-down-18c-reforms.html

“Labor, the Greens, the Nick Xenophon Team and crossbencher Jacqui Lambie opposed changes to the wording of 18C, robbing the government of the 39 votes it needs to get it through the upper house.” 

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All “Our” Politicians Have Divided Loyalties By Bruce Bennett

     It seems that Barnaby is a New Zealander, and that a whole host of other MPs may not have done enough to denounce their foreign citizenship, in accordance with section 44 of the constitution. The Australian of August 15, 2017, p.1, mentions that “South Australian senator Nick Xenophon yesterday conceded he never heard back from Greek and Cypriot authorities when he attempted to renounce any possible foreign citizenship, raising fresh questions about his election.” Well, he should have done more, as this was his duty. This is one MP who needs to go, given his blockage of reforms to section 18 C.  And what an irony if an old Australia clause takes out modern multiculturalism and political correctness.     There are a host of Labor MPs that could be hit as well. But, in reality, with a few exceptions such as Pauline Hanson, what is called “our” politicians are nothing of the sort, but are the puppets of the globalists, and they dance to the cosmopolitan tunes they play. All are happy to see Australia as an Asian Republic with same sex marriage, run by an Aboriginal review council, with no freedom of speech.     In my opinion, they are all have alliances to a foreign power, and thus are from our point of view, traitors.

The Same Sex Apocalypse By Mrs Vera West

     Are conservatives and Christian – I know that there are still some out there – taking the same sex marriage vote seriously, seeing it as the existential threat, which it is? By that I mean exactly what Paul Kelly has said (The Weekend Australian, August 12-13, 2017, p. 15), namely that a “Yes” vote is likely to be returned, and religious freedom “will have a second and far more important consequence — an assault on religious freedoms made possible by inadequate laws that will see a major shift in Australian society.”

     These avenues include: “intimidation against individuals, schools, charities, businesses, adoption agencies and civic organisations. This includes consumer boycotts promoted by social media and even commercial boycotts against other commercial entities.” Those supporting traditional marriage will be treated just like immigration critics are now.

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Grenades! Now That’s Real Vibrancy and Vibration For You! By Peter West

     Forget about knife and car attacks, Sweden, a once Nordic country, now has embraced further diversity and  pluralism, with an increase in – yes, you guessed it – grenade attacks! Here is a reliable true news source on this one:

“The number of hand grenade attacks in Sweden has risen by 550 per cent in just three years, with police describing the situation as “completely unacceptable”.Police data shows that in 2014 the Swedish force investigated eight grenade incidents, none of which involved a detonation.  But last year this figure inflated by a massive 550 per cent, as officers saw a total of 52 grenade-related incidents, 27 of which involved detonations.At first, the grenade attacks were mostly directed at cars and homes linked to criminals and their relatives  — but from two years ago perpetrators began to target the nation’s “society and state”, an expert at Sweden’s National Police Department told SVT.” At: http://www.breitbart.com/london/2017/08/06/hand-grenade-attacks-sevenfold-sweden/https://www.svt.se/nyheter/lokalt/halland/handgranatsattacker-har-okat-markant

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Speak Now or Lose Your Freedom By Bernard Gaynor

     In news that should worry all Australians, the Coalition government has today told public servants that they can be sacked for their political opinions.  From The Australian:

The Turnbull government will today seek to impose restrictions on public servants criticising the Coalition on social media, warning that employees risk disciplinary action for “liking” anti-government posts or privately emailing negative material to a friend from home.Documents obtained by The Australian show public servants would also be warned they could be in breach of the public service code of conduct if they do not remove “nasty comments” about the government posted by others on the employee’s Facebook page.You can read the new guidelines here.

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Letter to The Editor - Lust For Power

to THE AUSTRALIAN     Tony Abbott effectively nails the republican issue on the head (‘Imagine Bill our Head of Fate’, 2/8) by reminding us that the Crown gives us ‘national continuity and a focus of loyalty that’s above politics’. Something enormously valuable that has been bequeathed to Australia by the British people’s 1100 year-old constitutional history will be lost if the republican campaign is successful. Abbott could have added that a constitutional monarchy, based on sacred tradition, is by far the best protection of a people against tyranny, whether that is based on inadequate ideology pushed by ‘green-left’ witchdoctors, lust for power in unbalanced persons or financial greed of cliques of merchants.NJ, Belgrave, Vic.

Moral: be careful what you gloat about. Questions Every Reader Needs to Ask their Politicians By James Reed

     Economics dominates our world. Some feel that we should be all concerned about existential threats, but the human being is not like that. Take the so-called environmental crisis for example. Now we know it is all a scam, but just as a thought experiment, pretend we are just “normies.” Most kids at school are brainwashed into believing that there is some sort of climate change threat, but even so, hardly anyone changes their consumer behaviour. Now don’t panic, I am not saying that there is any truth here, but making a point. Even true believers, don’t follow through on actions if it is contrary to present interests. The Left support their grab bag of ideologies only because there is no personal price to be paid. It’s easy then when the system rewards treason against life, because of its built-in pathological death wish.

     Now consider debt and the standard of living. If anything is important, surely that is: “Cost of Living ‘crippling Families,’” The Australian, July, 28, 2017, p. 2. Here are the key points:

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Mark Steyn - Speech to the IPA's Gala Dinner in Melbourne 2016

Those Who Live by the Multicult Sword, “Die” by the Constitutional Sword By Ian Wilson LL.B

     At the moment the political class is in panic about court rulings reinforcing the Constitutional requirement that prevent dual nationals from running for parliamentary office.  At present Senator Canavan seems to be in trouble because his mother, Australian-born, but Italian, signed him up for Italian citizenship in 2006, without his knowledge: The Australian, July, 26, 2017, p. 1.

     The cartoonists have made fun out of this claim, but I do not see any reason to doubt the claim as being sincere, for Italian mothers could culturally do such things for their sons. Obviously, mum did not know the consequences. What now?    Well, I believe that section 44 of the Constitution is quite clear what needs to happen:

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Cory's Weekly Dose

Australian Conservative, Senator Cory Bernardi, in his “Weekly Dose of Common Sense” shows the real agenda behind Free Trade Agreements and how the UN has morphed into a type of World Government.

He wrote, in part ………………

“As I told the crowd of over 450 people in Brisbane last night, it doesn’t mean any one of us has all the answers. Individually, we bring our unique gifts and skills and talents into the battle of ideas. But together, those gifts complement each other and strengthen our capabilities. Through working together, our individual differences become a source of strength rather than isolation.
That’s what being a community is all about. It’s that sense of belonging and contributing to something bigger than oneself that strengthens families, clubs, cities and nations. It strengthens political parties too.
However, all communities need ties that bind. They need the thread of continuity that runs through all so that we may be drawn together.
At the most basic level that thread is familial. In a political party it is idea, vision and values. As a nation, it is culture.
Culture is our language, our traditions, our laws and our expectations of each other. It emerges over successive generations, each one building upon the previous, bringing us ever closer.
Except that’s not what’s happening now. There is a new force at work within our culture. It isn’t of us and it isn’t working for us. Many refer to it as globalisation but it can take on many monikers.
Despite the reckoning of many pundits, globalisation isn’t about free trade or international markets. Those forces can and do work to our advantage. They provide local businesses with export opportunities and local consumers with a broader range of more competitively-priced goods.
Rather, globalisation is a direct attack on our national sovereignty and self-determination.
It sees unelected bureaucrats in supra-national bodies influencing our domestic agenda through groupthink, peer pressure and intimidation.
The best example is the United Nations. Formed in 1945 for the purpose of preventing another world war through dialogue, it now sees itself as a quasi-world government.
It dictates refugee policy, spruiks the great global warming scam, redefines marriage, smoking policy and so many other virtue-signalling and identity-politics agendas that it has simply become a vehicle for the globalists to push their view.
The UN’s stacked resolutions and dodgy reports are used by political outfits like the Greens to undermine our domestic policy agenda in favour of someone else’s.
These people truly believe they are the enlightened powers that should be running a world of open borders and wealth redistribution in order to save us all. Perhaps that should be ‘enslave’ us all.
It’s time for that to change. We need to reassert our self-determination. That means we need to revisit the treaties, agreements and pacts of decades past to make sure they are working in our interest.
Let’s review them to see if they are achieving what we thought they would. We could start with the UNHCR refugee treaty. It was written in 1951 and the driving forces and key players have changed since then.
Just as every prudent person would insist that every contract has a termination or review date, so too should we insist on reviewing our government’s international agreements at regular intervals.
It will help ensure a check is kept on the agenda that is intent on diminishing, rather than strengthening Australia.”…

I wonder of the Australian Conservatives have a firm position to introduce Citizens Initiative and Referenda as a "core" (non-redactable) policy-ed

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Bill Shorten Calls for Bipartisan Cooperation For Fixed Four-year Terms

Ross Cameron commented on The Australian article: Bill Shorten Calls for Bipartisan Cooperation For Fixed Four-year Terms http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/bill-shorten-calls-for-bipartisan-cooperation-for-fixed-four-year-terms/news-story/e3a36d3d9ab4b1c9a5b06a0a8543dc0c     "Interesting how you can get bipartisan support to extend MP privileges, no chance of extending citizen privileges."   (or CIR-ed)

Letter to The Editor - They Might Have Made a Mistake

to THE AUSTRALIAN     The Coalition will be both sensible and ethical to continue its call for a plebiscite rather than a free parliamentary vote to determine whether Australia should significantly change its legal definition of marriage. Here are some answers to Peter van Onselen’s advocacy (‘Opposing gay marriage vote will hurt conservatives’, 15-16/7).     There have been plebiscites in our history before and the seriousness of this present controversy demands another, if not a referendum. Moreover, the ALP wants a plebiscite on a republic. Now, while the plebiscite result might not be binding, if it proves favourable to change, it would undoubtedly be honoured by the parliament and opponents of change would not feel betrayed, which would be good for national unity.     Opinion polls results are not always reflected in actual voting; nor do we want to live under government by such polls.     That other Anglophone nations have gone one way does not mean we must follow; they might have made a mistake, for it is simply not true that their decisions have been happily accepted by supporters of the traditional definition of marriage. On the contrary, there is great concern at certain subsequent developments and other mooted possibilities.     Finally, a free parliamentary vote, no matter what its result, would not be a truly representative way to proceed.NJ, Belgrave, Vic

Letter to The Editor - Separate Australian Monarch

to THE AGE     Michael Cooney may have said that ‘the Queen herself is undoubtedly more popular than the institution of the monarchy’ (‘Insight’, 15/7), but it must be remembered that the person and the institution are not entirely separate. Her Majesty’s prestige partly exists just because she is the reigning monarch; and monarchy can produce leaders of this calibre much more easily than any form of republic.     This is why the largely ignored case for a separate Australian monarchy should be seriously considered. Wanting ‘our own head of state’ does not necessarily mean wanting a republic and a president.NJ, Belgrave, Vic

Letter to The Editor - The Fifth Column Within the Coalition

to THE AUSTRALIAN      Paul Kelly comments that 'the Liberals face ruin on the right' ('Centrist message right, but PM loses on philosophy', 12/7), but so, perhaps, does Australia itself.  If the two-party model is replaced by a three-party model (Liberals, ALP and One Nation/Australian Conservatives), there is a danger that the right will be permanently shut out of power at elections by a mutual exchange of preferences between the ALP and the ‘centrist’ liberals and by overall voter support of that arrangement.     For fifty years I have studied the behaviour of the Liberal-National Coalition and feel that it has always been a more uneasy community than its official spokesmen and most of its prominent supporters have admitted.  Now the more leftish 'liberal' side, sensing power, as Christopher Pyne recently noted, is ready to ditch the 'conservatives', feeling that henceforth they can be kept on the outer (as has happened to the National Front in France).

      One reason for the decay of power of the right within the coalition and the nation itself is the cowardice and dishonesty that has been shown towards individuals and groups on the so-called 'extreme right', some of whom are authentic conservatives.  A policy designed to maximise votes, and placate financially powerful interests, has meant that the Coalition has been fighting for decades with one arm tied behind its back. Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic 

Once There Was a Liberal Party You Could Believe In



Letter to The Editor - My Say Today!

     If you follow world events, then you can be excused for having mixed feelings about the confused signals emanating from the ‘halls of power’ via the devious mass media.  Donald Trump has upset the ‘climate change disciples’ (it is a cult!) by honouring his election promise to withdraw from the ‘Paris Climate Agreement’ signed by his predecessors.     Why shouldn’t he withdraw from the agreement when it was a factor in his election commitment to the American people?

     In Australia, this raises many points for discussion if you believe we live in a democracy. There are issues which must be understood for a harmonious relationship between diverse peoples and the progress of our Civilisation.  Can an elected government bind all future elected governments to its wishes for ‘time immemorial’? I don’t think so as this is a recipe for stagnation!

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