Trump Now has Hillary Clinton’s Deleted Emails: Now What? The Coming Anarchy By Chris Knight

     Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State had emails on a private server, which was a threat to national security. It seems Trump may release these, declassified, since the Chinese had it the second Hillary sent them. Question: Why is she not behind bars? And how come the security forces across the West say that Right wing patriots are the major threat to security, when the Left’s own elites, from the top down, are allowing the place to be torn down, and the Leftist terrorists are now actually murdering people? Apparently, the real threat is talking about this threat! So much for security! But I guess it is a question of security, but for whom?

Andy Ngô

A left-wing protester at an antifa Denver rally shot and killed a conservative participant of the patriot rally. This follows the August killing of a Trump supporter in Portland by an antifa shooter.

Andy Ngô

Antifa are celebrating the killing of the conservative man in Denver.

     The anarcho-tyrannical state will, however censor those protesting and discussing these murders and anarchy.

“Connect the dots. Put the pieces together. The image is clear. The bipartisan, anti-white, anti-American Establishment is laying the groundwork for a regime of ruthless, totalitarian suppression of white dissidents—the real dissidents, not the egalitarian Red Guards serving as handmaidens to Wall Street while flying the standard of the “Counterculture.” We, the people of Middle America, are the counterculture. Make no mistake. Republicans, Democrats and the Main Stream Media have all declared “war” on “white supremacy”--which really just means whites as a people. In other words … you. How long until Dissident Right websites disappear, or until goes dark? How long before we are arrested? Or worse?”

     Domestic terrorism from the Left, but nothing from the authorities, as argued here by your own Aussie Richard Wolstencroft, including even the California fires:

“One way this is being done in English speaking countries is through the anathematizing of ideas and concepts the managerial elite wants to discourage. The coordinated and often theatrical banning of people from social media, for example. The people targeted often seem random and nonsensical, but it is not about the people, but about reinforcing an environmental variable. That is, you can be cut off from your in-line community for saying the wrong thing, so you best be careful. The managerial class has used this tool to great effect. The number of people actually banned from these platforms is quite small, relative to the overall numbers, but the effect has been enormous. Corporate censorship and self-censorship are becoming normalized in America. Note how the term “free speech” is no longer used by anyone but those treated as subversives and trouble makers. They have changed the environment regarding speech, and the people are complying. This is what lies behind the rather weird war on white supremacy the government has been waging since the Charlottesville debacle. We have black mobs, supported by far-left radicals, rioting in cities and the government is telling us white supremacy is our greatest enemy. They are running around arresting alleged white supremacists  on spurious charges. The distinguishing feature of these arrests is the pettiness  of the campaign against them.

The people being targeted by law enforcement are not posing a threat to the public in the conventional sense. They are not sowing discord in the public or building a huge following of believers. Instead, they are being used by the managerial class to reinforce the concept that there is a hard limit on what one can say and do in politics by normalizing the criminalization of politics. Once this idea gets normalized, the only questions are what is allowed and who decides. Obviously, the managerial class is working hard to get the evil Donald Trump voted out of office next month. Note that there is very little in the way of a propaganda campaign in favor of Biden and Harris. The former is mostly in hiding and the latter has been completely forgotten, despite the fact she is the actual candidate. The goal of the information campaign is to play a form of three-card Monte, in which the public never actually sees the option placed in front of them. Instead of a conventional campaign on behalf of the candidate, we have a social proof heuristic through the use of polling and media coverage. Everywhere you turn there are polls telling us how everyone hates Trump. Polling, we’re told, says he is facing a historic defeat next month. The media is full of stories about how this group or that group is angry or disappointed in Trump. They have created an environment in which people are ashamed  to say they are voting for Trump.

Another technique being used is to make voting against Trump the default option if you wish to escape the insanity of 2020. Many states, for example, have promised to end the COVID restrictions after the election. The media is injecting the term “return to normalcy” when discussing a Biden victory. In other words, having created a highly unpleasant environment for the public, they are now talking about the one door through which people can escape the madness of the current year. The people behind this are not particularly adept at using force to maintain their position and compel compliance. … The politicians all the way up to the President were too timid to take on the rioters. Instead, their instinct was to out-clever them until they tired of the violence. These are people uncomfortable with confrontation, so they went with the indirect approach. This is the nature of the managerial class. These are not the sorts of people who relish the big confrontation. They are not lions. They are foxes. This means that their nature  is to use deceit, cunning, and now manipulation through the use of sophisticated behavior techniques arising from business and economics. Rather than be faster than the fastest lion, they have removed the lions altogether. They get to rule by being cleverer and more manipulative than any potential rival.” 

     We can’t do much, but here in Florida, as far as safety allows, I campaign for Trump, as imperfect as he is, because the other dudes are impure evil. If the US falls, the world fries, including Australia.



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Tuesday, 26 September 2023

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