Clear and Evident Evidence of Bias By Chris Knight

     Here is clear evidence of bias in the false news media; Queen Ann Coulter praised Kyle Rittenhouse and ended up having her Twit account locked by the liberal twits that run it.

“Twitter locked the account of bestselling conservative author Ann Coulter over a tweet praising Kyle Rittenhouse, despite the fact that the platform initially informed her that her tweet did not violate the rules. Coulter says the platform also deleted the tweet on her behalf, not giving her a chance to appeal the decision.” 

     That makes sense in the world we live in. Take the mainstream media response to an interview where President Trump said that it appeared (from the video footage) that Rittenhouse acted in self-defence. The so-called Leftist fact checkers said that there was no evidence of this. Well, it was Trump’s interpretation of the video footage, and is exactly the case that Rittenhouse’s defence will be putting, so it begs the question. But, acting with bias against anything Trump says, or anyone supporting anything they evil elites don’t like, they immediately smeared it, like raging apes. There is an anger that is arising, and it is about time. It would be good for Trump to smash them in November just to see them cry, like little girls, no offence to little girls.



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Sunday, 23 June 2024

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