The Same Sex Apocalypse By Mrs Vera West

     Are conservatives and Christian – I know that there are still some out there – taking the same sex marriage vote seriously, seeing it as the existential threat, which it is? By that I mean exactly what Paul Kelly has said (The Weekend Australian, August 12-13, 2017, p. 15), namely that a “Yes” vote is likely to be returned, and religious freedom “will have a second and far more important consequence — an assault on religious freedoms made possible by inadequate laws that will see a major shift in Australian society.”

     These avenues include: “intimidation against individuals, schools, charities, businesses, adoption agencies and civic organisations. This includes consumer boycotts promoted by social media and even commercial boycotts against other commercial entities.” Those supporting traditional marriage will be treated just like immigration critics are now.

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High Tech Homelessness By Uncle Len, the Low Tech Homeless

     As a symbolic representation of the existential homelessness of modern Western man, I am always on the lookout for material to tell you about that affirms my raison d’etre, a word which I found on-line, but don’t know the meaning of, having no meaning or point for my existence.

     Anyway, I am getting off topic, which for me is remarkable. But, what was my topic? Think, Len, think. Your fans expect a lot from you, like coherence and all that. Now I remember, I have re-read my title….high tech homelessness. You see the high tech elite at Silicon Valley, which is, I suppose, an entire valley full of silicon, are living in their cars because of the high cost of living. HA! HA, again. Why don’t they just clean up all the silicon and make homes for people? Or, bring in more migrants, who through their economic magic will make even more homes?

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Grenades! Now That’s Real Vibrancy and Vibration For You! By Peter West

     Forget about knife and car attacks, Sweden, a once Nordic country, now has embraced further diversity and  pluralism, with an increase in – yes, you guessed it – grenade attacks! Here is a reliable true news source on this one:

“The number of hand grenade attacks in Sweden has risen by 550 per cent in just three years, with police describing the situation as “completely unacceptable”.
Police data shows that in 2014 the Swedish force investigated eight grenade incidents, none of which involved a detonation.  But last year this figure inflated by a massive 550 per cent, as officers saw a total of 52 grenade-related incidents, 27 of which involved detonations.
At first, the grenade attacks were mostly directed at cars and homes linked to criminals and their relatives  — but from two years ago perpetrators began to target the nation’s “society and state”, an expert at Sweden’s National Police Department told SVT.”

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The End of Sperm By Mrs Vera West

     Although this issue has been discussed before here, the context has been about the decline of the sperm quality of Western men, which a recent study concluded has fallen by more than 50 percent in 40 years, and is not slowing down:
How is that for a URL reference – somewhat self-defeating I think. Here is the old-fashioned reference:
H. Levine (et al.), “Temporal Trends in Sperm Count: A Systematic Review and Meta-Regression Analysis,” Human Reproduction Update, 2017, pp. 1-14.

     Now this research has been quoted in the media as allegedly showing that Western sperm quality is undergoing decline. Gloating non-Whites, primarily Muslims have ground it in. Yet as Mike Adams has noted   there is still evidence that the decline in sperm quality is worldwide, and not exclusively due to factors such as diet, although that may be a contributing factor. The analysis had some indication that the decline in sperm quality was worldwide, including in still developing countries.

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Yes, We have No Bananas…I Mean…Sperm! By Brian Simpson

     Here is the really bad, unexpected news. Sperm quality in the West is crashing, but Australian sperm are some of the worse in the West, the lazy sods. Here is the scientific paper for our scientifically savvy readers:

     And, here is the alarmist article for people more like me, who like a good apocalyptic scare, to get the animal spirits running:

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Letter to The Editor - They Might Have Made a Mistake

     The Coalition will be both sensible and ethical to continue its call for a plebiscite rather than a free parliamentary vote to determine whether Australia should significantly change its legal definition of marriage. Here are some answers to Peter van Onselen’s advocacy (‘Opposing gay marriage vote will hurt conservatives’, 15-16/7).
     There have been plebiscites in our history before and the seriousness of this present controversy demands another, if not a referendum. Moreover, the ALP wants a plebiscite on a republic. Now, while the plebiscite result might not be binding, if it proves favourable to change, it would undoubtedly be honoured by the parliament and opponents of change would not feel betrayed, which would be good for national unity.
     Opinion polls results are not always reflected in actual voting; nor do we want to live under government by such polls.
     That other Anglophone nations have gone one way does not mean we must follow; they might have made a mistake, for it is simply not true that their decisions have been happily accepted by supporters of the traditional definition of marriage. On the contrary, there is great concern at certain subsequent developments and other mooted possibilities.
     Finally, a free parliamentary vote, no matter what its result, would not be a truly representative way to proceed.
NJ, Belgrave, Vic

Germany, Migrants and Infectious Diseases By James Reed

     There is a bit of counter-evidence for the migration faith:;

     A report by the German federal government’s Robert Koch Institute, which monitors diseases has stated that there has been an across-the-board rise in infectious diseases since 2015 when Germany undertook its essentially open borders refugee migration program.
     Many professionals believe that this institution is still underrating the disease rates, with these diseases now being major problems in Germany:
adenoviral conjunctivitis,
chicken pox,
dengue fever,
E. coli,
haemophilus influenza,
hemorrhagic fever,
relapsing fever,
meningococcal disease,
and whooping cough.

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A Salmon a Day, Keeps the Cancer Away! By Mrs Vera West

     Continuing our update for older readers who will be facing life’s physical trials, it has now been admitted by the Establishment that omega-3 fatty acids, as found in salmon, walnuts and some other nuts, as well as chia seeds, helps the body fight cancer, especially colorectal cancer, by releasing chemicals which attack cancer cells:
    The full reference to the study is: British Journal of Cancer (2017) 116, 1612–1620. doi:10.1038/bjc.2017.135

     Published online 30 May 2017, “The differential expression of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid metabolising enzymes in colorectal cancer and its prognostic significance,” by A. Alnabulsi (et al.).
    From what I can understand of this, the same protective results can be obtained by using organic krill oil, which like salmon, is enriched by the antioxidant, astaxanthin. It is also admitted that eating oily fish, helps with Alzheimer’s prevention:
    So, get some oily fish in olive oil, and enjoy!  Your brain and bowels will thank you for it!

Bad New(?) and Good Health News By Mrs. Vera West

     Perhaps this is bad news, depending on how it is viewed. A recent study at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine has found that chemotherapy may actually spread cancer:  This may be done by either enabling cancer cells to spread throughout the body by increasing the amount of blood vessels , or by allowing the stronger growth of cancer cells:

     On the good news side, evidence continues to accumulate indicating that yoga and meditation can actually repair DNA, treating depression and some diseases, by reversing the metabolic and biochemical effects of stress, through gene expression:
     All our stressed political warriors may need to start mediation and yoga, instead of hard drinking, if they wish to last the long haul.

The Shape of Dumpsters to Come By Uncle Len, the Dumpster Diving Champ

     Many centuries ago, I grew up on a pig farm in Queensland. My old man, who was a bigger drunk than even I would be, decided that it would make sense to feed the pigs on food scraps from supermarkets, stores and even fish shops, to have more money for booze.  So, after school, in my school uniform, we would go and collect the waste, tipping the scraps onto the tray of an old FC Holden (remember them?) ute. Kids would viciously humiliate me, identifying me as filth and scrap. My father enjoyed this, sitting in the car, having yet another beer, in anticipation of the big drinking session with his mates after about 5.30 pm, once the 6 o’clock swill ended in the 1960s.

     To save money so that the maximum amount of alcohol could be consumed, we ate what scraps we could salvage from the ute. I did grow food when I got older, and searched for wild bush food and shot the odd bunny, so eventually this humiliation was phased out, especially after I refused to help any more, after I stuck up for my mother in conversation against him while we were at a farmer’s supply centre, and he struck me in the head with a large padlock, leading me unconscious to die on the railway track. When I regained consciousness, I ran into the centre, where he was having a beer with some guys, and hit him in the nose with all my might, then ran. That was my first night on the streets, the start of lifetime of homelessness.  Life is wonderful, isn’t it?

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Feminism vs Reality By Mrs Vera West

     In an informative article, Alt right terrier Jim Goad, launches a broad side at feminists who maintain that the only thing separating men and women in sport is patriarchal oppression. Break down the barriers and we will soon see women beating men:

     Goad discusses this proposition with reference to tennis great John McEnroe, who upset the liberal establishment by making the truthful observation that Black female tennis champion Serena Williams was not the best tennis player in the world, only the best female tennis player.  Immediately: racism! sexism!  But Williams herself said that she could not beat the top men, and in fact, the German, Karsten Braasch, who at the time was ranked #203 in the world, played Williams in 1998, and beat her 6-1, after he had played a round of golf and knocked down a few beers!

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The Muhammad Ali Principle: A Multicultural Argument against Multiracialism and Race Mixing By Peter J. White PhD

     Here I will tackle a topic that conservatives fear to talk about: race mixing, developing an argument best expressed by the late former heavy-weight boxing champion of the world, Muhammad Ali.

     Those who write about this from the right tend to be somewhat extreme, if not hateful, but I will show that there is a “multicultural” approach to the question, which does not depend upon hate at all. For a scholarly introduction to the political correctness of race mixing see Peter Frost, Fair Women, Dark Men: The Forgotten Roots of Color Prejudice, (Cybereditions, 2005), where the title says it all. For a more sober overview: W. B. Provine, “Geneticists and the Biology of Race Crossing,” Science, vol. 182, 1973, pp. 790-796.

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Surgical Mistakes By Mrs Vera West

     Here is some sobering news coming from the establishment about the mistakes of surgeons performing arthroscopic knee operations; at least one in 10 make mistakes and cause “unintended damage”: The Australian, June 26, 2017, p. 3.  The article says that some orthopaedic surgeons say that damage to cartilage tissue occurred in every five procedures, and some surgeons believed that it occurred in every operation! See:

     This has been used to make a case for the increased use of robots in surgical practice, but there is also a case for less surgery, made by Sydney orthopaedic surgeon Ian Harris: He has a very good book, Surgery: The Ultimate Placebo:,  which is a fantastic read and should be looked at by every person considering surgery. Harris’s message is to think, read the peer-reviewed papers, ask questions, and get a second, or third opinion, if necessary. I was simply astonished to find that evidence was lacking for the effectiveness of certain common procedures.

Natural Cures By Mrs Vera West

     An update for our older readers, who like me may be struggling to keep body and soul together. First, sugar, not fat, may be the great killer: Cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra has studied the “world’s healthiest village,” which is the village of Pioppi in southern Italy. Residents live often disease-free lives and many reach the age of 100 years. They have plenty of sleep, exercise, and avoid sugar. Fasting also had an anti-aging effect. They did not eat much meat and dairy, but consumed fish, vegetables and they used olive oil. Fear of fat, is leading Western people to eat a high carbohydrate diet, which Malhottrra believes is responsible for a range of diseases.

     One needs to use olive oil, because apart from the benefits that it gives to the cardiovascular system, recent research indicates that extra-virgin olive oil mat help in protecting the brain from Alzheimer’s disease. This is likely to be by aiding in the removal of toxins and intracellular debris which kicks off the neuro-degeneration:

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Feminist Magazine Demands White Women Abort Their Babies to Solve Racism


Response from Wallace Klinck Canada:
     This “feminist” article just goes to illustrate how distorted and destructive these hate-filled Marxist agitators are and the lengths to which they will go in inciting animosity and violence in response to almost any concocted issue they can create and use as a target of their vitriol to perpetuate the “class war”. They are never satisfied until they cause resentment, conflict and civil war.  A nasty bunch.  
It is sad that some people actually fall victim to their noxious and deceptive propaganda which is designed not to build but to tear down.
      These are the anti-culturalists and anti-humans who are motivated by pure and perpetual envy.  Any advance to a new level of development is automatically branded by Marxists as exploitation of the “oppressed” and as “racism” or some other in an ever expanding list of allegedly antisocial “isms”.
     They are monomaniacs who seek absolute “equality” in an totally egalitarian society and anyone who rises above their static and frozen social order is automatically branded as an exploiter who must be “stealing” from others.
     These people are obviously suffering from a psychological and spiritual pathology.  They are incapable of love and are envious of anyone who is able to access or experience it, who they brand as “haters."  Their immediate impulse is to destroy the object of their jealousy.
        They posture as “progressives” but actually hate abundance and prosperity because they see them as a threat to their endless and consuming revolutionary struggle—which is actually a relentless struggle for power over the rest of humanity.

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Prepare Now for the Financial Crash of Crashes! By James Reed

     Here is a good article with all the links dealing with the on-going bank collapses in Europe. For example, the sixth largest bank in Spain, Banco Popular, failed in early June this year, with emergency funds being offered, which were burnt through in a mere two days. A sale was eventually arranged by frantic EU regulators to Santander, which held off the evil day of financial reckoning for a time. Other Spanish banks are facing similar vulnerabilities, such as Liberbank.

    Spain is just the beginning. The Italian financial system is unhealthy, showing that all of that pasta and high carb food, really is not that good for you. That site is primarily a financial one, but it has this interesting observation about the ultimate breakup of that artificial construct, Italy:

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It’s Hard to Even Keep Track of Terrorist Attacks Now By Peter West

     Another day, another terrorist attack. Although I know that global warming is a myth, it is possible that so many candle-lit vigils will be held, that we may find the poles melting and glaciers, well, turning into slushies!! Of course, I jest: global warming, as Don Trumpeter well knows, is just hot air, as conspiracy to stop the West enjoying the fruits of the good life.

     No sooner than I had completed my masterpiece article on the London bombing, sorry, truck and knife attacks, then we have a terrible terror in Melbourne, with an abduction and killing, with the police shooting the terrorist dead: All of this brought to you from the unfriendly people at ISIS Pty Ltd.

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Will Fruit Kill You? By Mrs Vera West

     As I say before making any health comments, I am not qualified in anything, and only giving my unfounded opinion, so if you have any medical problem, go see a doctor, and be sure that conventional medicine will put you on the right track. Sure.

     I am somewhat anxious having read an article by the respected Dr Mercola:, who argues that studies show that daily levels of fructose, greater than 74 grams had an impact on blood pressure levels. The breakdown of fructose leads to increased uric acid levels, and uric acid inhibits nitric oxide levels in the blood, which suppresses nitric oxides’ effectiveness in dilating blood vessels. As well, sugar consumption results in excess insulin and leptin production which is also a   risk for diabetes:;

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Feminism Makes Us Fat! By Mrs Vera West

     Well, well, well – or should I say, “unwell.” The feminist founder of the early feminist magazine Spare Rib, which started back in the prehistoric era of 1971 (, has come out and said that the obesity crisis has been fuelled by feminism: The Weekend Australian, June 3-4, 2017, p. 12.

     The “womyn” in question is Rosie Boycott, an interesting name for the profession, and she was speaking as a senior British food policy advisor: Look, I am not making this up; here is the take from The Daily Mail: “prominent feminist says she feels ‘partly responsible’ for the childhood obesity crisis because she urged women to stop cooking and go to work.
Rosie Boycott, who chairs the Mayor of London’s food policy unit, launched the feminist magazine Spare Rib in the 1970s.
Yesterday, she said her advice to women not to worry about making meals for their families had inadvertently helped to fuel childhood obesity.

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What! Hand-to-Hand Combat Training for ASIO! By John Steel

     One would have thought that people in the spy business would be fully trained in spying things. Things like how to use a pen and note pad, or today, a computer notebook, and drive a car. It would also be assumed that a spook would have hand-to-hand combat training, for when the going got tough.
It has been reported that ASIO agents will now be trained in hand-to-hand combat: The Weekend Australian, June 3-4, 2017, p. 1. Good, but we should ask, compared to America’s CIA, what has taken them so long to get around to this!