February, 2023
The True Confessions of Pfizer By Chris Knight (Florida)
Next Up: NATO Ground Troops in the Ukraine By Richard Miller (London)
The Immoral Hunter Biden By Charles Taylor (Florida)
Diabetes and the Vax By Mrs Vera West
Get Ready for the Next Big Thing, Cannibalism! By James Reed
Thought Crimes: Woman Arrested for Silently Praying! By Mrs Vera West
Coming Soon: Direct Carbon Taxes on Individuals! By Richard Miller (London)
Dr Phelps and the Covid Injuries Issue By Mrs Vera West
Russia’s Nuclear Tsunami Torpedoes By James Reed
Multiculturalism and the “Voice” Referendum By James Reed
Dropping Bombs from Balloons: CCP Style By James Reed
Fluoride: An Establishment Toxin By Mrs Vera West
The Cleveland Institute: The Vax Destroys the Immune System! By Chris Knight (Florida)
Are Offshore Windmills Killing Whales, Greenies? By Chris Knight (Florida)
The Gender Neutral, Woke Church of England By Richard Miller (London)
Scientism and the Science Delusion By Brian Simpson
Now Traditional Catholics are Terrorists! By Peter West
Climate Change Racism, Leftist Style By James Reed
How the Governments Bend the Knee to Big Pharma By Brian Simpson
Denialism and the Tyranny of Woke By James Reed