October, 2022
Deracination, Diversity and the Chinese Spies By Chris Knight (Florida)
Conditioned for War By James Reed
More Covid Vaxxes? Many are Saying, No Thanks! By Chris Knight (Florida)
The FBI, Aiding and Abetting Crime, as Well as Doing Fresh Stuff Itself By Charles Taylor (Florida)
Fear, Mind Control and Brain Warfare By James Reed
America, and the West, Loses its Mind, then its Head By Charles Taylor (Florida)
Spike Proteins and the Ovaries By Mrs Vera West
Disgusting Flies By Mrs Vera West
Earth is not a Greenhouse By Viv Forbes
Australia, a Hacker’s Paradise By Brian Simpson
The Leaked European Medical Agency Emails and Pfizer By Richard Miller (London)
Silence of the Lambs … No, Doctors By James Reed
Chinese Covid Police By James Reed
If Only I Could Remember the Name of that Disease … By Mrs Vera West
A Free Funeral with Your Vax! What is There Not to Like! By James Reed
Behind the US Government Buy Up of Radiation Blood Meds By Chris Knight (Florida)
The Logical Ramifications of Denying “White Lives Matter By Chris Knight (Florida)
The Mind of Zelensky By Richard Miller (London)
WA: Just When You Thought Covid was Over! By James Reed
Crimean Bridge Explosion By Richard Miller (London)