Spike Proteins and the Ovaries By Mrs Vera West

Dr Naomi Wolf has been great in raising concerns for women about the Covid vaxxes, which she sees as dangerous. The mRNA spike proteins do not stay at the deltoid injection site, but travel around the body, lodging in organs, such as the ovaries. The spike proteins do not leave the ovaries. Dr Wolf wonders if many of the eggs are even alive, and if so, what effects will this have upon genetics and consequent development? All open questions, which could lead to a future reproduction holocaust.


“Dose-Dependent Sterilization? "There's No Visible Way These Materials Leave the Ovaries"

"We don't know if those eggs are alive"


It’s been well known for quite some time that these injections don’t stay at the injection site, no matter how much Fauci, Walensky, or your favorite public health official would like to tell you otherwise.

So, where do these substances go?

Luckily, we have Dr. Naomi Wolf to give us the rundown as she joined April Moss for a video interview.

The mRNA injections don’t stay in the injection site. Within 15 minutes, they travel all over your body but including lodging in the adrenals, spleen, liver, and ovaries. What Dr. Robert Chandler, one of our volunteers, has found is that the chart goes like that (45-degree angle upwards) of lipid nanoparticles, which are these industrial fats covered in polyethylene glycol, in women’s ovaries. There’s no visible way these materials leave the ovaries.”

Which means, the more injections you take, the more the ovaries are bombarded by these foreign substances.

“So your first injection, they accumulate. Your second injection, they accumulate more. Your first booster, they accumulate more. Your second booster, they accumulate more. And we don’t know the effect. As Dr. Jim Thorp, who’s a fetal-maternal medicine [specialist]. He said, ‘We don’t know if those eggs are alive.’”

Oh my gosh…

That’s very troubling. And yes. We don’t know. But isn’t it sick that our public officials touted “safe and effective” down our throats after doing the bare minimum they could for safety testing?

Even if you say there’s no sinister agenda, no intent to harm, this is THE MOST NEGLIGENT ACT IN HUMAN HISTORY. So much can go wrong in the human body at so many levels. A study found nearly a third of FDA-approved drugs have unexpected safety issues that surface after reaching the public.

 Which means BULLSH*T to declarations of “safe and effective” or, “Yes, these are perfectly safe for kids and pregnant women.” Because you know what? THEY DON’T KNOW! 

No one currently has the power to time travel, as far as I’m aware, and the reality that they are unwilling to investigate anything negative about these shots tells you all you need to know who they answer to. It’s undoubtedly not us.”



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Sunday, 21 July 2024

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