January, 2022
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Door-to-Door Covid Mandate Tyranny By Chris Knight (Florida)
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China Got Away with Covid Due to Corruption of the West By James Reed
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The Two Corporations Who Own the World By James Reed
Pathological Priming and Paradoxical Immune Enhancement Phenomenon By Brian Simpson
The Mathematics of Covid Vax Safety, Or, Lack of It By Brian Simpson
The Neo-Feudalism of Bill Gates By James Reed
World Council for Health Calls for an Immediate Stop to the Covid-19 Experimental “Vaccines” By Mrs Vera West
Animal Studies and Covid Omicron: It is a Pussy Cat, Not a Lion! By Brian Simpson
This is No Virus; It is Organised Crime! By Brian Simpson
Covid in the Land of the Penguins By James “Iceman” Reed
The Epidemiological Relevance of Covid-19 Vaccinated Individuals is Increasing … You Don’t Say? By Brian Simpson
The Great Divorce By Charles Taylor (Florida)
Lead Article: Dr Robert Malone on Mass Formation Psychosis By Chris Knight (Florida)
What Next Will European Police Have? Trained Attack Tigers? By Richard Miller (London)
Mass Covid Psychosis By Brian Simpson
Dr Robert Malone on Covid Natural Immunity By Chris Knight (Florida)
Australia’s Giant Green Gamble on Solar Energy Toys By Viv Forbes