November, 2018
The Poverty of Australia By James Reed
No Gender Please, We are Tasmanians! By Mrs Vera West
True Grit By John Steele
I’d Like to be President Too: The Return of Hellary By Charles Taylor
China Prepares for War By James Reed
Cancer? No thanks! By Mrs Vera West
Food Stamps for Terrorists By Michael Ferguson
Gosnell: The Murder of Live Abortion Babies By Mrs Vera West
The UN Plan to Put the Final Nail in the Coffin of the West By Brian Simpson
The Sweet Rewards of the System By Charles Taylor
The End of the Slayer of Europe? By Richard Miller
Is it Anti-Semitic to Criticise George Soros? Let’s Ask Israel By Peter Ewer
Can We be as Fit as a Salmon? By Mrs Vera West
Terrific: There Goes the Pacific! By Brian Simpson
Now They are Coming for the Christians! By Mrs Vera West
Sweden Makes Most Sex, Rape (Except that by Migrants) By Mrs Vera West
The Grand Plan to End Us By James Reed
Letter to The Editor - There is nothing to fear from political action wisely deployed!
Jobs Not Mobs By Charles Taylor
Big Tech To Crash And then Everything Else By Brian Simpson