January, 2017
The Wheel of Time
John Christy: Climatologist - Science, Politics and Morality
Beware of a 'Treaty' with Aboriginals!
Power China plans to build a new gas-fired power station in SA
Putin: The ‘New World Order’ Is Normalizing Pedophilia In The West
Disarm and Defund the Green Globalists NOW
It is Time for a Real Conservative Party by James Reed
More Politically Correct Language by Mrs Vera West
The Never Ending Expansion of the Definition of Homophobia by Mrs Vera West
Letter to The Editor
The Great Racial Divide: Can the West Survive? by James Reed
It Must be a Global Version Of Brazil That the Elites Want! by Brain Simpson
A Christmas Present to Pensioners, Turnbull Style by James Reed
Refuting the Laws of Physics? by Brian Simpson
Ashby running One Nation: dumped candidate
Slavery, the White Guilt Complex and Political Correctness by Charles Taylor
“Fake News”: From Russian Hacking to Pizzagate by Chris Knight
The Neocon’s declaration of war against Trump by The Saker
From Gilad Atzmon's Email