The Never Ending Expansion of the Definition of Homophobia by Mrs Vera West

Perhaps you think that you are “progressive” and “tolerant” and not suffering from the malady of “homophobia” – but you may be wrong. (The Australian, December 2, 2016, p. 1) At least according to the GALE Association, where “modern homophobia” is different from the open hostility of “traditional homophobia.”
So what is “modern homophobia”? Well, “modern homophobics state that they are not homophobic but they prefer their child not to be LGBTI and they prefer not to associate with LGBTI, especially when they do not conform to heteronormative standards.”
What follows from this is essentially a denial of the right to raise children to be heterosexual. This is just one tiny step from making the choice to raise children to be heterosexual a hate crime.

It is a fundamental quality of liberty that one should be able to freely associate with who one likes. If one prefers not to associate with LGBTI, then, so what! It seems that the new class are pushing a bit too hard on this one and there may well be a backlash.
The edition in The Australian (December 2, 2016, p. 15) describes this as “attempted mind control – a product of fanatical, totalitarian thinking that should have no place in Australian education.”  Yet, while Australian students fall far behind their international peers in science and mathematics, there is no shortage of such “mind control” delivered by the “thought police on the march.” If they continue to win, this alone will crush Australia into Third World Status, or worse.



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Tuesday, 25 June 2024

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