Beware of a 'Treaty' with Aboriginals!

from a NZ reader.
The NZ experience of a Treaty, with respect to the “original” people, would hold up as a working wonder of what should be done everywhere . It is constantly presented as having been a huge success. But the reality is that billions of dollars have gone to “settlements” which are endless and the vast majority of maori never have and never will see a cent of any of it.
Besides this, there are unelected maori advisers on the larger city councils and the costs of such are never revealed.

In several areas of Auckland (and perhaps elsewhere) property developers and home owners need a consent from the “local iwi” to make certain alterations to the property or dwelling. Usually this means a cash payment of several hundred dollars to the tribal “representative”. And who knows how much later on. Waterways and harbours are also in the pipe line for maori “representatives” to decide what does or doesn’t happen here.

In due course the so called maori leaders will simple be pushed aside as the NWO advances (as things stand)  and the damage to the Christian influence is so weakened that no one actually believes in nationhood any longer.
Anyhow PM Key has resigned not long after Trump spat on all his hard work for the TPP and made him feel depressed.
Because almost none of this is reported by the presstitutes (I like Paul Craig Roberts description) many people deny it’s existence.

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Tuesday, 25 June 2024

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