The news reports are that Pauline has ‘dumped’ One Nation’s 2018 Bundamba candidate Shan Ju Lin because of her ‘anti-gay’ comments and Pauline insists she will not let people trash her or her party.
Excuse me Pauline, I don’t think this issue is about you and your party, I think it is about Shan Ju Lin seeking to represent the people of the Queensland electorate of Bundamba.

I was interested in the advice former One Nation politicians had for Pauline.  After all, less than four months after four One Nation Senators were sworn in, Western Australia’s Rod Culleton has quit the party in disgust.  The coming judgement of the High Court will be of interest in his case.

Advice for Pauline Hanson from the ‘independent spirits’ of One Nation’s past 
ABC Home, 22 Dec 2016
Dorothy Pratt: 
1998 — 1999 QLD One Nation MP
1999 — 2012 QLD Independent MP
“Communicate. Communicate, communicate, communicate. Most of the people who join One Nation have very independent spirits. When it’s dogmatic, independent spirit is bucked.”
(I don’t think Pauline Hanson has learnt this lesson yet…ed)

Jeff Knuth: 
1998 — 1999 QLD One Nation MP
1999 — 2000 QLD New Country Party MP
2000 — 2001 QLD City Country Alliance MP
“Pauline Hanson needs to start trusting people a little more. There are a lot of people out there who can help her and advise her. But there are also a lot of opportunists. She needs to keep her guard up and use her wisdom.”

David Dalgleish: 
1998 — 1999 QLD One Nation MP
1999 — 2001 QLD City Country Alliance MP
“We all have time for Pauline, it’s Pauline that needs to find time for us. We were a by-product. She gets a bee in her bonnet, I think she just needs to stop and have a good deep and meaningful conversation.”

Ken Turner:
1998 — 1999 QLD One Nation MP
1999 — 2001 QLD Independent MP
“Pauline Hanson’s communication was no good. She never came to my office once. She never came to Townsville. A leader should do those things. It would make an absolute difference.  Talk about local things, local issues. Put them on a list then prioritise them, she will get elected again if she does that.”



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