What!!! Now a Second Biden Laptop!!! By Charles Taylor

         We are in the fascinating position of being able to see in real time the unfolding of pure evil in the political scene; it has always been there, but with the Biden laptop we get to see how corruption and rottenness go right to the top of the decaying tree:


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Hunter Biden; Paedophile By Charles Taylor

         Many have noted how old man Joe Biden likes to do creepy things with young girls, making them mighty uncomfortable. It is all on film. And, the apple has not fallen too far from the tree with his son, Hunter, and his infamous laptops.


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Twitter Now Silencing World Top Scientist By Brian Simpson

         Big Tech is totally out of control and must be reigned in by legislation. Now a top scientist has been censored:


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China Now World’s Largest Economy By James Reed

         Who says that Covid-1984 was not a Chinese conspiracy, as while the economies of the West have been crashed, China has surged ahead, with a 4.9 percent growth, making it now the world’s largest economy, way ahead of the anticipated moment.


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Part 1: Neo-Liberalism and the Destruction of the West: A Review of The God that Failed By James Reed

         John Q. Publius, a pen/protection name of presumably an American academic, has published The God that Failed: Liberalism and the Destruction of the West, (Black House Publishing, 2020). The book has already gone through two editions; the first in May and the second in September, 2020. This is in itself good to see, as a number of Right-wing presses, including Arktos and Counter-Currents, and Black House as well, have had titles knocked off by the usual censoring e-publishers.

         The God that Failed offers an analysis of the philosophical basis of globalism in its present form: neo-liberalism, which is an ideology usually characterised by its economic parameters, such as so-called “free markets,” the mass movement of people through unending migration, creating a reserve army of the unemployed, or casual workers at a subsistence level, and deregulation of the economy, for the West at least. All of this is supposedly supported by a libertarian philosophy which makes “liberty” and “freedom” core values. While this sounds good on paper, and is quite intellectually seductive to our side of politics, neo-liberalism, based upon libertarian economic philosophy, is a sham view of freedom, for it is only concerned with the freedom and liberty of big business and international corporate finance. George Monbiot, quoted by Publius, gives his insightful outline of the origin of neo-liberalism:

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The Ancestor Effect By Brian Simpson

         Going through my files I came across a remarkable paper that I intended to discuss years ago, but postponed it until it was forgotten, until now. Perhaps I should think of my ancestors more. I now explain.

         The paper in question is by P. Fischer (et al.), “The Ancestor Effect: Thinking about Our Genetic Origin Enhances Intellectual Performance,” European Journal of Social Psychology, vol. 41, 2011, pp. 11-16. The hypothesis is a remarkable one for a mainstream journal: thinking about one’s genetic origin, ancestors, increases intellectual performance by providing a “positive psychological resource.” This is the reason why people search for information about their ancestors and while most of us have photographs of our ancestors, used to navigate our identity. Our ancestors typically lived through tough times and exhibited resilience and resourcefulness. And “because we are the success of our ancestors and thus their genetic heritage, we tend to attribute successful problem-solving of our ancestors to our problem-solving abilities.” (p. 12)

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The Biden Family Corruption: Down the Email Rabbit Hole By Chris Knight

         Dr Steve Turley has done a great job explaining the Biden email controversy, which is unfolding as we read. Each day brings a new revelation of evil and corruption, so terrible that it is difficult for seasoned veterans to grasp, let alone the general public. It seems that Joe Biden is implicated in receiving a payout as part of a deal with a Chinese energy firm, which shows, if true, that he has been completely bought by the Chinese, with links, as with all such businesses, to the Chinese Communist Party. Now if Biden was running for president of China, that might not be such a problem. The rest of the mainstream media is blaming Russia for releasing the emails, but they have not discredited the emails, and the director of National Intelligence, Ratcliffe, has denied that the Hunter Biden laptop is part of a Russian disinformation campaign.


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Slaves of the “Native” Americans By Charles Taylor

         When one thinks of slavery in North America, of course the narrative is dominated by the Black slave trade, although there were more White slaves than Blacks over the course of American history, they were just called indentured labour or something like that. The Irish were treated particularly bad, as an article at your site has recently documented:


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Remember Fukushima? By Brian Simpson

         There has not been much in the media about what is going on with the Japanese nuclear disaster of Fukushima, which was pouring radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean. Well, that is still going on.


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Guess Who? Joe Biden of Course! By Chris Knight

         This is from am email I was sent:Story with a noteworthy ending:

Earlier this week, I finished reading Donald Rumsfeld’s wonderful biography of Gerald Ford, titled “When the Center Held.” It was written in 2018. 
The book clearly articulates that President Ford was a thoroughly good man, a special American, and a greatly underrated President. However, there was a story in the book that was startling.  

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Scrapping Cruise Ships By Bruce Bennett

         I have never been on a cruise ship and don’t really care too much about them, which is to say, I have never woken up in the middle of the night after having a nightmare that some cruise ship was being scrapped, but no doubt, after Covid-1984, anything is possible:


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The Deep State Getting Nasty By Chris Knight

         Here are the latest indications of how things are going to blow up in America, with Mr Global Warming, Al Gore proposing that the military will remove Trump from the White House. I imagine that what will happen is that Trump may win on election night, but the postal vote scam will be used to push Biden in. Then it is all going to explode, and it should.  Bring it on!


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The South Australian Termination of Pregnancy Bill By Mrs Vera West

         Here is a Bill before the South Australian Parliament, which will move Australia into the abortion territory seen in the US, where there can be very late term abortions:


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Christians for Biden and Abortion of the West By Charles Taylor

         Despite his pro-abortion stance, a super pac of Christians are working to put Joe Biden in the White House, even though it means the end of America, and probably them. Talk about social pathology:


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The Defence Legislation Amendment (Enhancement of Defence Force Response to Emergencies) Bill 2020 By Peter Ewer

         Here is the official gear in relation to this Bill, these sorts of “control the population” bills are popping up like mushrooms in the West, since the elites no doubt fear civil unrest.


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Sharpening the Guillotines By Chris Knight

         Is this a warning sign, or not? I am amazed that it is happening so quickly, but we all knew it was coming.


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Killing Seal Team Six By John Steele

         I found these claims fascinating, that Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden ended Seal Team Six, literally:


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Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac and the Abortion that Made All of the “Magic” Possible! By Mrs Vera West

         Reporting on the sayings of a rock star may not seem important, yet these people through their music, influence millions, even if unconsciously. The band Fleetwood Mac does not seem much of a harmful band compared to the rest out there. Still, their music, such as their classic album Rumours (1977), basically dealt with the broken relationships and affairs in the band, making music out of the emotional mess. And, then there is the Stevie Nicks abortion issue:


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Lying Liberals By Chris Knight

         I did not pay much attention to the liberal Steve Scully, since there are so many of these critters running around everywhere like the mice plagues I used to see from time to time, both here in the States, and Australia. But, here you go:


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The Question of Section 230 By Chris Knight

         This one is from the US, but it is fascinating, arising from big Tech using section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, to block links to the Post’s story on the Hunter Biden emails. Here is the material to bring you up to speed on it, then I comment.  


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