“You Will Own Nothing and You Will be Happy.” WHAT!!!! By James Reed

That title sums up the Great Reset, fast coming our way, once the Dark lords dispatch Donald Trump. It will be the New World Order on steroids and growth hormone, open borders with no gates at all, passive white genocide everywhere, the Great Replacement from dawn to dusk, every damn thing that they can throw up, and at us. Makes one wish that past generations did a bit more to stop this, rather than enjoying their age of affluence and comfort, than just kicking the can down the road, until it hits us on the head.


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Covid Freak-Out, South Australian Style By James Reed

Being in Victoria, with a brother who deserted mighty Victoria and fled to south Australia, I have always found the ways of the crow eaters, as bizarre as their nick name. Take the recent lockdown where these folks were shut up at only a few hours’ notice so that there was little time to get panic shopping done. Then the lockdown was more intense than even herein Danisistan, once known as Melbourne, with no one hour exercise outside. Yes, even prisoners still get an hour exercise. And the SA police showed that they were ready to match our police going out and fining people who dared to venture out. And, there is a story involving some pizza bar worker who lied about the infection, or something important, making it all a false alarm, according to one shock jock I listened to. But, it was a good test run again for the next level of the New World Order.


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Scientists Splice Human and Monkey Brain to Create Leftist! By Brian Simpson

At long last, scientists have reversed engineered the average Leftist, by taking a used human brain, just put out in the hard rubbish collection, and grafting monkey parts to it. No, the other way around. That explains a lot.


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America Morphs into Venezuela By Chris Knight


Robert Spencer offers the grim prediction that the stolen 2020 election will place the US on the road to being another version of Venezuela, but that is a somewhat optimistic I think, because civil war never got going there due to gun confiscation. No, the US is going to go out with a bang, no, millions of bangs.

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Here Comes Global Grooming Jihad By Mrs Vera West

It is not just the West suffering from rape jihad, but India too, it seems. Here is a report from an Indian newspaper, reproduced in part for the interests of journalistic communication of information, not reported by the Australian press, who are just too politically correct, or gutless, or both. What to be done is a problem facing not just the West, but India as well.


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The Unconstitutional Electron, Eh, Election By Charles Taylor

This is worth noting for the future purposes of civil war, revolution and all that deadly serious stuff, when everything explodes. Trump said:


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How Long Must We Put Up with This Coviddy Nonsense? By Brian Simpson

Elsewhere on this blog James Reed, I think, discusses the South Australian Covid lock down, which was sprung upon the people of SA last week, giving them only a few hours to panic buy food before being locked in their kennels, without even being able to go outside for exercise, which even jail birds in solitary are permitted.

According to the globalist Fauci, whose name always reminds me of a water faucet, masks are forever:

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Worse than the Mafia By Chris Knight

The Left and Democrats are moving to the violence/murder threat mode, and no doubt they mean it:


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The Systematic Rapism of the System By Mrs Vera West

It troubles me deeply that according to some estimated, up to one million white British children, were, and probably still are groomed and raped, with the police, so ever-ready to bash people not Covid-politically correct, turned a blind eye because “muh racism.”


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Defund the Universities, Not the Police By James Reed

I have been running the line, for almost 15 years now about closing down the universities. I got this idea from visiting Sir Walter Crocker back in the 1990s in Adelaide, with my brother. Over a delightful English tea and muffins, we came to this conclusion. “You will have to come to grips with this monster.” Even then he saw that these institutions had been infiltered by the Left and irreparably corrupted. Now there is some movement, at long last among Dissent Right thinkers, to defund the universities, to cut the fangs from the serpent,  to starve this nest of killer hornets.


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Macron: “For Every European Country Demographically Disappearing, in the Same Period One African Country Appears.” By Richard Miller

The title is from French President Macron, and is an excellent quote to show that the lower level elites hold to the Great Replacement of the West, in one form or another.


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Antifa Violence at the MAGA March By Charles Taylor


After the Washington DC Million MAGA March, antifa decided to pick off families and anyone vulnerable, bashing one guy from behind, after he had resisted a frontal assault by a pack of these scumbags. The police, I think, deliberately herded people towards antifa. The Proud Boys responded to this violence, easily defending vulnerable people, and bingo, the legacy media then ran the line that they were the ones initiating violence! At this point, only their side will believe this. The footage from the scene shows the lies of the legacy media. About 25 of these black clad hyenas attacked one older guy, probably a returned vet, who fought them off. Not a bad effort at all for a lad.  Me, I had a heavy-duty olive walking stick I made.  Three antifa urban terrorists eyed me, saw the stick, then decided not to bash this semi-crippled ex-marine.

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Overturning the Crooked Election By Chris Knight

The demonic mainstream media is having heartburn from claims made by Rudy Giuliani, of Trump’s legal team, that the level of election fraud is so great that it has reached criminal levels, which is true by definition, of course.


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Bringing Democrat Cities to Their Knees? By Charles Taylor

This is more like it, getting down to fighting strategically. While antifa wants to bash and burn, the real thing to do is to teach the urban terrorists and the rest of the decadent Left, how dependent they are upon the working class people they despise. Here is where the truckers come in:

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AI to Process Covid-19 Vaccine Reactions By Richard Miller

Over the fetid, radioactive pond, Beijing Biden is throwing out the first testing of the bubbling green toxic political waters of the New World Order and running the line that the coming Covid-1984 vaccine will be mandatory. Boy, anyone voting for Biden, even the foolish dead, who should know better, is going to get their just deserts, not desserts.


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Will Gyms become “Churches’? By John Steele

Over in Poland, to deal with the Covid freak out, some enterprising lads who run gyms, all of which face closure and ruin, as the medical technocrats think that gym rats are super-spreaders, have turned to the church business instead:


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Restaurants Become Unsafe in an Age of Antifa/BLM By Charles Taylor

Here in the US, it is not really the Covid-19 virus to fear, but another type of threat, antifa/BLM, especially when taking your family to restaurants. These pests may strike without warning, as urban terrorists are prone to do. And, they go for the weak and vulnerable, being weak themselves.


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The Dominion of Deep State By Chris Knight

Dominion Voting Systems is Deep State, and is it is owned by Staple Street
Capital, with ties to Carlyle Group & Soros. This was easy to find out via just a wiki search of a few seconds. How could team Trump have miss this, and let it go by? I am beginning to think that the entire populist movement, while having good hearts, is really is lacking in IQ points.


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The Biden Vote Factory By Chris Knight

It looks like the Biden crowd were super busy on election night, manufacturing votes enough to impress even Santa’s helpers at the North Pole. Why, maybe some of these eager beavers could have joined Santa, but it looks like Christmas has been cancelled by Democrat states in the name of holy Covid.


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Inflating Covid By Brian Simpson

At long last, the CDC admits that there are few real Covid-19 deaths, and that everything has been tossed into the Covid box:


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