Our Lying False News Australian Mainstream Media By James Reed

On the radio, and in our press, I have heard constantly that Trump is claiming electoral fraud, but is offering no evidence. That means his legal team is just saying the words, with no other content, which is insane. In fact, Trump himself has mentioned all the aspects of fraud, from dead voters to the corrupt Dominion voting system. Anyway, for the local grubs and utter morons in our media, here is your work done for you, if you dare report on something that your globalist masters did not prescribe:


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Images of Beheaded Whites is the New Normal! By Richard Miller (London)

Here in Europe, beheadings are the new normal, our re-introduction into the Dark Ages, now coming up fast.


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To be Trendy, US Women Identify as LGBT By Mrs Vera West

It is not so surprising since women, much more than men are big on social conformity, wired into our sweet brains:


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So, Recessions are Good for Our Health!!! By James Reed

This piece puts the case that recessions have surprising health benefits!


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The Philosophical Foundations of Kellogg’s Cornflakes! By Mrs Vera West

In a nutshell, Americans were eating super-heavy meat laden breakfasts, that led to a national plague of indigestion, and probably hyper-constipation, so there was a market created for a lighter cereal breakfast, just to let things pass through a bit more gently.  But, for some, this was much more, and was the expression of a philosophy of organic health, that survives on today:


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Animal Crackers in Our Soup; Covid-19 Fragments, in Our Poop! By Brian Simpson

Ok, here comes the next wave of craziness as Covid fragments are discovered in our poop. Now who has the delightful job of wading through the sewage farm hunting for virus fragments? Some poor young science student, in rubber boots, with a magnifying glass?


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Covid, Like Diamonds, are Forever By Brian Simpson

Forget about Covid disappearing with the magic bullet vaccine which will return everything to the golden age of pre-2020; Covid may be here like the flu, forever:


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The Breakup of Australia By James Reed

Whenever I see an item on secessionism in Australia, or anywhere, I report. It seems that a quasi-secession movement has started up, to liberate north Queensland from the south, a great idea. Then there is the continuous agitation for people in Western Australia to break from Australia, and make a new country. Hopefully one with nuclear bombs, and no Leftist fools.


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Covidgate By James Reed

The excitement is being felt by the power elites, that a Covid vaccine is coming which will enable globalism to return to its former destructive self. But, for now, we have the Covid cult:


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Joe Biden, Communist Chinese Stooge Pseudo-President By James Reed

Here is Biden getting off on his commo foot, saying that the US should encourage China eclipsing the US, an open Chinese agent, I say:


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This is Why the Second Amendment and AR 15s are Needed By Charles Taylor


Antifa has Tweeted that if Trump does not concede the election by Sunday, they will begin to block roads in conservative areas, so people will not be able to go to work, or get groceries to feed families. They are armed and will respond to attempts of “vehicular manslaughter.” Tough talk indeed from a bunch of soy drinking low testosterone wankers, as you call them down under. Most vets I know are legally armed, and will fight back, in self-defence. Apart from the National Guard being called out, individuals, and communities of conservatives will handle these pieces of cultural Marxist refuge, very well, purely in self-defence of course. Let them go for it, and do their worst. To be a fighter requires more than just reading Karl Marx, and dragging around a gun, as cavemen dragged clubs.

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Masking Masks on Covid By Brian Simpson

The wearing of masks, any masks, even cheap dust masks, that do nothing much with particles larger than a brick, has become a new religion, with the elite, who do not wear the masks, wanting the plebs to wear them, even in the shower. But, such masks, beyond social conditioning, do little, or nothing. The ruling elites just like to see people jump, or suffocate.


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Hey Donnie, They are Coming for You! By Charles Taylor

Trump has a personal reason for not cucking, namely that if he fails, they will be coming after him, to put him in a can.


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Big Tech’s Role in Election Rigging By Chris Knight

Here is why Trump should have dealt with Big Tech, one of the forces of evil which helped steal the election.


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Hopefully, a Lot of people Go to Jail to Rot By Chris Knight

I am not optimistic, but it could happen; the bad guys, the Satanic paedophiles go to jail. People like lawyer Lin wood are working towards it:


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Covid Concentration Camps By James Reed

Looks like the Covid concentration camps are here, not to disappoint we, the hyper-paranoid. I imaged that such camps would be way out in the blistering desert interior, in some super-hot Mad Max region, but, maybe not:


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Britain to Go Back to Horse and Cart By Richard Miller

It is fortunate for Britain that I have invented the device that will allow Britain to make the peaceful transition back to the horse and cart, once, in the name of the god climate change, petrol and diesel cars are banned. It is called the bum bag, and is screwed into the horses’ rear end, like a bumper bar, collecting all waste products, and magically transforming them into vegetable rich humus, not, hummus.


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No Protests Outside Abortion Clinics By Mrs Vera West

Christian groups in Adelaide, many Catholic, mounted prayerful protests outside of abortion clinics for many years. The aim was not to be violent to women but to offer spiritual help and prayer, if that was wanted. But, we can’t have that.


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Do You Need to Spring Clean Your Colon? By Mrs Vera West

With Spring coming to an end, most people are getting their Spring cleaning over, so that during Summer the dirt can pile up, to begin the endless dirt cycle again. And speaking of piles, that raises the eternally debated topic, of whether of not one’s colon requires Spring cleaning too. Now, don’t be embarrassed, think of me as your grand mum, concerned with your health. According to these good folks, well up on the bowels issue, the answer is: no.


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War Will Come: China By James Reed

China says that war will come, and I believe China. We should be mighty grateful for the advanced warning of our doom. Consider:


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