On the Great Slippery Slope to Hanson by James Reed

I imagine the local globalists, certainly from the Liberals, have nightmares something like being in a great nationalist amusement park, and sliding down a slippery slope into a giant Hanson-like face, with large engulfing mouth and big teeth. Or, thereabouts.

The Australian (February 27, 2017, p. 1), reports “Libs Slide as Voters Turn to Hanson.” The latest Newspoll is all bad news for hyper-capitalist globalist, Mal Turnbull, as the government, if it can be called that, trials Labor 45 to 55 percent in two part terms. People who have had enough have pushed One Nation to 10 percent of the primary vote. This is double the party’s support since November 2016, when, to rub it in their faces again, Donald J. Trump defeated globalist candidate, Hillary Clinton. Can I say it again: Hillary lost!

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The New Native Title Crisis by Ian Wilson LL.B.

The Full Bench of the Federal Court of Australia, has invalidated a series of native title land-use agreements across the country. (The Australian, February 8, 2017, p. 1).

The decision in McGlade v Native Title Registrar [2017] FCAFC 10, which overrules QGC Pty Ltd v Bygrave (No. 2) [2010] FCA 1019, threatens mines, gas fields, agricultural projects and other infrastructure projects, with thousands of jobs at stake by the invalidation of around 200 agreements. The decision is set to be used against the $ 16 billion Carmichael coalmine in central Queensland.

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Politically Correct Culture is “Muzzling” Free Speech (Whoever Would Have Thought That?) by Ian Wilson LL.B.

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price, the Alice Springs councillor and daughter of former Aboriginal MP Bess Price, recently had this to say about section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act and the culture of political correctness:

“Political correctness is a set of rules that governs the way in which we use language about, or towards, minority groups so as not to offend them. Oddly, people of Caucasian backgrounds are exempt from this protection. They are fair game... .
If a non-Aboriginal person attempts to address any of these issues [of Aboriginal poverty and dysfunction] and an Aboriginal person is offended, they can simply call out “racist” and the debate is shut down...
What, then, are the non-Aboriginal people to do in order to address any issues their Aboriginal or ethnic loved ones are facing? How are they supposed to deal with the issues causing incredible suffering to their fellow Australians who happen not to be white?
I believe 18C invalidates the idea that we are all human and hold differing opinions. It denies basic human nature that allows us critical thinking and the means to learn and grow. It is absurd that 18C ever became legislation...
The Racial Discrimination Act has made many who identify as indigenous believe they are exempt from its provisions. That they can’t be racist and therefore they feel free to insult, offend and humiliate whomever they please. They do it to white people and they do it to other Aboriginal people who refuse to follow the “party line”.
In Alice Springs a member of the public is far more likely to be randomly assaulted, physically or verbally, if they are perceived as “white” rather than “black”. Grossly offensive racist insults are used liberally in the streets of Alice Springs against white people. I have walked the streets of this town with my white friends to protect them from this sort of thing. But there have been no complaints under 18C, which is not seen as a protection of the rights of Australians generally. White Australians feel intimidated, not protected, by this act.
Both my mother (a senior Warlpiri woman and former minister of the crown) and I have been vilified in obscene sexist and racist terms by somebody who described themselves as an indigenous activist, because we refuse to be told what to think and say. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been called a coconut and much worse.
We have not once been insulted in racist terms by white people, not as far as we know. And if that happens we know how to defend ourselves. We aren’t victims, we aren’t afraid to stand up for our people and ourselves.
Our people are suffering and their problems are daunting and complex. We will not find the answers if we are denied the right to take part in an open and honest debate.
We can’t do that without offending those who are ideologically committed to the party line that has been laid down by the activists of the eastern cities and their white allies.
They are educated, speak English and know how to use the system against anybody with whom they disagree. We speak for the most marginalised, those whom the education system has failed, who are often illiterate and don’t speak standard English.
It is not just the white people who are closed down, it’s also the most marginalised and least powerful of the Aboriginal population who are denied a voice by the self-appointed spokespeople who know nothing of the circumstances in which they live. The agenda is controlled by an English-speaking Aboriginal middle class ignorant of the values and issues of those who live remotely.
The Racial Discrimination Act’s 18C treats us Aboriginal Australians as infants who can’t speak or stand up for ourselves. It treats non-Aboriginal people as if they have no right to hold an opinion about anything that relates to us, especially the problems of our own making that are killing us.
White people are not game to speak out. That should never be allowed to happen in a democracy.
The way to beat racism is through debate, not the closing down of debate.
We have an absolute right to find our own solutions, to find our own way forward out of this misery without being vilified by those who claim to be on our side and claim to speak for us.”

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Letter to The Editor

To The Age
The proposal for significant change to our marriage law is not just 'a straightforward reform about fairness', as Alex Greenwich claims ('Momentum builds for MP free vote', 6/2). There are subtle issues concerning religious liberty and the welfare of children which need to be carefully considered, so that the slogan 'marriage equality' is simplistic and misleading.

The Prime Minister is right that 'this issue should be determined by a vote of every Australian in a plebiscite.' It is too important to be decided by a so-called 'free vote' by MPs, most of whom hold their seats thanks to their party membership, not their personal views on marriage law. It will be a disgrace if the Government allows itself to be swayed by a poll organised by an interested group.
NJ, Belgrave, Vic

The Break-Up of Australia: Aboriginal Recognition, Treaties and Racial Separatism by Ian Wilson LL.B

Australia Day, January 26, is basically the Aussie equivalent of America’s Fourth of July. It is called “Invasion Day” by the usual university types, leftoids and radical Left Aboriginalists. In Sydney this year, a man tried to burn the Australian flag, and violence erupted with protestors duplicating Black Lives matter-style battles with police. See the action shots here: http://www.news.com.au/national/nsw-act/news/violence-at-invasion-day-protest-in-sydney/news-story/5501ab73659c57e2a2936cf24eaac591

The protestors see Australia as an illegitimate nation, founded on invasion (which makes most nations illegitimate), a “day of killing” and of “genocide” which is “still going on today.” It seems that the majority of the protestors were whites, as we have come to expect from the 1960s on, the offspring of those who committed genocide.
Should they therefore engage in acts of “self-punishment” as comfortable US academics have advised their students, while these academics sit back and feel morally superior? Should they emigrate from Australia, and to where? Should all of the infrastructure and buildings in Australia be levelled and an attempt made to return the land to what it might have been prior to European settlement? Or should the white liberals just wait for Australia to fall into communist China, so that a really good society is created, as they see it? It is hard to work out their demands beyond the baby elites’ desire for violence and assaulting police. And in a few years’ time, these folk will rule us, no doubt growing up and becoming globalists. Better to follow Trump and dish out 10-year gaol terms, to put the evil day off.

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