Soros to Rule the World in 2020 By Charles Taylor (Florida)

     George Soros, the globalist who never sleeps, working 24/7, relentless pushing on to victory, in 2020 he believes:

“Progressive billionaire George Soros believes that the global surge in nationalism - from Brexit to Trump - is an aberration, and that globalism will make a resurgence after the 2020 US election. In a recent interview with the New York Times (in which he also endorsed Elizabeth Warren), the 89-year-old investor opined last week in a collection of essays called "In Defense of Open Society" that his brand of globalism - which he defines as an integrated, open society which abides by the law (which is easy to do when allied lawmakers are making them) - is out of favor. Instead, Trump's "America First" approach, debates over Brexit and trade wars have taken precedent. Looking out a window with expansive views of Central Park, Mr. Soros spoke about China, Mr. Trump and who he thinks will face off against the president in next year’s election. Notably, Mr. Soros is convinced that the arc of history may soon turn back his way, that Mr. Trump’s election and Brexit were the nadir of anti-globalism and that a backlash to that nationalism is coming. “Trump is still doing a tremendous amount of damage,” he said, lifting himself up a bit in his desk chair. “I mean, just the last week what he has done in the Middle East has been devastating for America’s influence in the world,” he said, referring to the withdrawal of American troops from Syria. -New York Times

Soros says Trump "is an aberration, and he is clearly putting his personal interests ahead of the national interests," adding "That's a fact." "I think it will contribute to his demise next year. So I am slightly predicting that things will turn around." Soros, of course, will be long gone by the time globalist policies of outsourcing labor and importing noncontributing foreigners bankrupts said "open societies" as waves of debt-laden generations hit retirement age.”

    To defeat Soros, to make one day of his fantastic life, the life of a living  demigod, miserable, would be more than enough reason for Americans like me, who have grown disillusioned with Trump, to turn out to vote for Trump in 2020. The reason is that however bad Trump is, the like of these people is infinitely worse:

“The left-liberal establishment is attacking Poland’s conservative government ahead of national elections on Sunday because its success “damages the Soros Plan”, according to Polish lawmaker Dominik Tarczynski. In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, the outspoken Polish parliamentarian said it was “obvious” that the international interest in his country’s elections is a result of “globalist” distaste for its conservative-populist Law and Justice Party (PiS) government and its pro-sovereignty, anti-mass migration agenda, which Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has described as “far from neoliberalism, and equally far from socialism”. “It’s the Soros Plan. He wants to be the master of puppets; he wants to rule the world. It might sound crazy, but it’s a fact, it’s true” Tarczynski insisted, referring to billionaire plutocrat George Soros, and Soros-endorsed efforts by the European Union to redistribute migrants throughout the continent via compulsory quotas — which Poland’s left-liberal opposition (Civic Platform, or PO, now Civic Coalition) signed up to in 2015 while it was still in government, only for PiS to sweep them out of office weeks later and refuse to implement them.”

     Soros is perhaps the smaller fish, and the whales that are behind him, they, we never see. Just consider one of Soros’ adventures, the sheer amount of money that he has available to splash around:

“The former national secretary of the Italian Radicals has confirmed his party received $298,000 in 2017 from George Soros’ Open Society foundations for the purpose of promoting international immigration. Riccardo Magi, former secretary of Emma Bonino’s globalist Radical party and now deputy of +Europa, said that the financing came from the multi-billionaire “to promote a wide-ranging reform of Italian immigration laws through initiatives aimed at providing aid to immigrants and advancing their social well-being.” In essence, Italian media reported, the funding was aimed at procuring the 90 thousand signatures necessary to guarantee the advance of an immigration bill titled “I was a stranger — humanity doing good.” “Bossi-Fini,” Magi said in reference to Italy’s current immigration law, “has produced half a billion irregular workers in Italy. With our law, filed at the end of the last legislature but not yet tabled, we ask that there be regular entry channels, we want to reconcile supply and demand for labor.” “It is urgent to regularize and integrate foreigners, I am not talking about amnesty, obviously,” Mr. Magi said. “People are chasing after the specter of Soros and do not see what the real anti-democratic forces in Italy are.”

“Salvini had said that in 5 years he would have repatriated 500,000 irregular immigrants: in fact, in just one year he repatriated only 5,000,” Magi added. “So what do we want to do? Why not regularize anybody who has an employer ready to hire him?” The MEP said he was proud to receive funding from Soros, insisting that it is much better than being friends with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. “Much better to receive support from Soros than to be friends with Orbán,” Magi said. “I fully acknowledge the financing received, it is a point of pride,” he said. “Others, like the League, seem to have benefited from clandestine funds from Russian emissaries. Ours was an operation in the light of the day; it’s all accounted for.” Despite the enormity of the sums received by the radicals, the financing represents just a fraction of Soros’ investments for immigration in Italy. In just one year (2017-2018), the leftist disrupter gave a total of $8.5 million to political parties, associations, and NGO’s operating in Italy to advance his immigration agenda, reports state.”

     No, I think Soros amounts to a code word for a much more powerful and challenging collective global force. Yet, the opposition has no billionaires donating money, and most of our fund raising is at the level of chook raffles. Add to this total control of the financial institutions, and domination of the nerve centres of society, such as the education section and media, and you can see what we are up against. And, like supervillains in some horrid comic book, they get more powerful by the day.



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Sunday, 21 July 2024

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